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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Please take your feet off....

"This is the interior of the Loew's Kings Theater, which opened in 1929, has been ravaged by time, vandals and pigeons. 
The theater, on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, last promoted a film in 1977. But a developer has made a down payment on a $70 million renovation and plans to turn the building back into a functioning entertainment site, this time presenting live performances."
(I hope that the New York Times shows the renovated movie house)

How many places like this 
have you seen completely torn down?
The old movie theaters were so fabulous. Most of the new ones are boring multi-plex's.
They are just ugly rooms that they stuff us into.
The old ones had beautiful draperies, super cushy seats, elegant lobbies, 
gilded gold fixtures, fountains, and they even had 'ushers'.
Does anybody remember  'movie ushers?'
They were the guys who would come around and 
tell us " Please take your feet off the back of the seats."
When we were kids they were the enemy.....
but how I long for the day that we had ushers telling us to 
'take your feet down off the seat in front of you!!"
Because that would mean the theater would be a fine and beautiful place again......

Hopefully the Loew's Kings Theater will be beautiful again someday soon.

When was the last time you witnessed a beautiful building

being torn down rather than being restored to it's glory days?

How did you feel?

go here to see a a restored theater at JULIENNE's blog "Mostly older than me"
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  1. There are so many historic buildings that have been demolished for so many crazy reasons (greed?) isn't there? What struck me was the Biltmore in Palm Springs. I first laid eyes on it while visiting one weekend and decided to jump a chain-linked fence to snap some photos. It basically was abandoned with some furnishing still in some of the bungalows. The next time I got back to PS, it was gone; bare dirt. I was so sad. They did save a small part of it but the rest now condo's exist. Nothing will ever replace those historic buildings, especially those fabulous old theater's. Do you ever remember when they had intermission during the movie's? We even had a pipe organ that performed while everyone was taking their seats!! Great post Renee, sure got me thinking. Hope you are well? xoxo

  2. I have witnessed enough of it to take pause. I hate it...It is such a huge loss physically and historically.

    The theatre in the town south of us has been restored to it's glory days...velvet seats and guilding. It is a joy!

  3. Your post today sent me straight to my favourite building of all time the Sydney State theatre. It is still there and I will post some piccies tonight and leave their details because it is truly amazing and still< I was relieved to see still in use. My Grandmother and I saw South Pacific there a million years ago! Love your site

  4. Hi Renee,
    Oh you have bought back some memories with this post. I think that, when I was a child, in the space of about 5 miles we had at least 8 cinemas. They were all plush red velvet, gold paint and beautiful painted ceilings. It was really something special when you went to the cinema. I can remember going to see 'Around the World in 80 Days ' and my Mum and Dad took my sister and I and we sat in one of the boxes. ...and do you remember, the ushers had torches and , in the interval, the lady walked down the front and sold ice-creams. ....and, like Deb, I can remember the organist coming up from under the stage !!Oh God, now everyone will think that I'm about 80 !!!!I can't think of any cinemas like that , that are left apart from a few in London. At least we've still got many old theatres left. XXXX

  5. dumbwit.

    we are certainly cut from the same cloth.


  6. jacqueline

    i don't remember the ice cream lady.
    was that an english thing ?


  7. I have not witnessed such a crime~ but am glad to know that this theatre will be brought back to it's original glory!!!

  8. oh renee, such a sore spot! i look upon historic structures as beautiful old souls. what history they have witnessed, what stories they could tell!
    the recent one that broke my heart, and i never saw in person, was 'la ronda' in philly. a 1920's masterpiece by addison mizner; the only architectural gem of his north of the mason-dixon line.
    it was recently demolished for the new owners to build a mega-mc mansion. they were offered their money back, offered to let the place be moved, salvaged....something. all denied. video can be seen at;

  9. Such a big loss to see them torn amazing being in Europe and seeing all the beautiful old buildings. Lovely to see these buildings brought back to life for all to enjoy! Ax



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