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Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Likie ???

It is not always easy to come up with something new and creative for places that you would normally use tile.
Well, I saw this and thought...hmmmmmm.
I like it.
You can use any water based paint color. 
You can mix the paint with water if you want to have a color stain. 
Or paint it on straight away , brush  on the color and let it dry for days. 
Then seal it with marine varnish.
It will stand up to water.
Boats and Sailboats use it, so it is tried and true.
I think this is really nice idea. I would do it in my own home.
There is texture, color, and durability coupled with 
being inexpensive and a 'DIY' project!!!
How great is that?

Do you like this idea?

The Back Splash:

Planking from Home Depot that looks like bead-board,  
stained with Minwax's "green tea," a water-based wood stain, and sealed it with 
two coats of high-gloss marine varnish.

For the paint recipe, go here. And to see this clever studio in nyc.

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  1. i LOVE it... can i rent it for the weekend? xx

  2. I never thought about using it in the kitchen before but your right- it covers all the basis!

  3. Hey Renee
    I quite like it too.. and love the colour ..It almost looks like stained bamboo!! Love the laid back shack in the article ... looks like somewhere to really unwind.. xx Julie

  4. Yes Yes Yes I love it....I love beadboard though strangely don't have any in my home. Not so sure I like the green. I was into that color for a while but lately not so much. I keep seeing in it in the shop and at home it just doesn't work for me anymore. On the other hand I love it in foliage and finally customers are embarrassing it too.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. likey!

    That marine varnish is amazing on woood counters too. Impervious.

    Says the sis of a brother that lives on a vintage sailboat.

  7. Opps still spelled it wrong!haha
    ok one more time "embraced"

  8. I really like. You are right, it works on boats and works well. Anything to add some life & color. My fugly kitchen has Corian as a back splash. Although I personally think it's a good product, the woman before me chose beige. Therefor I have beige counter tops, back splash, floors and cabinets. To make it worse, there is zero natural light. It's like cooking in a bowling alley. Where are you when I need you Renee. Have a great day off tomorrow. xx

  9. Oh yah...I really likie! Great idea and would be fun to do!

  10. I do like it, especially the high gloss finish! I thought it was bamboo at first!

  11. renae

    yes.......i need to do a project like this.
    my brain need to anyway.....

  12. linda,

    right about now i would love to live on a sail boat,
    so that i could sail off into the sunset.

  13. I once painted a bright orange counter (old laminate) that I was too 'economically challenged' to replace. Sealed it with marine varnish. It worked for years. That color on the backsplash is so rich. Is it really that deep a shade?

  14. I like the concept, the color and the courage. Although when I gut my kitchen I'm going to "panel" the walls in sheet mirror and use metro chrome shelves on one wall and gladiator tool boxes on big hunking wheels for my cabinets. I think making spaces you enjoy being in and working within your budget is a creative constraint that is often productive. I would break out in hives in beige.

  15. I likey, Renee,
    I think it says, Batchelors pad !!
    Quite masculine although, having said that, I would like it so it's unisex !!
    .... and as long as it doesn't get ruined by water, which you said it wouldn't. I like the rustic look of it.I'm not really into pristine and clinical kitchens.They have no soul. XXXX

  16. I'm living this post dear Renee - our entire original 1972 kitchen is made out of marine ply. It was varnished when we arrived here, but I made MOTH give it a quick coat of pain as I hated the look so much, I couldn't actually physically enter the room it was so horrid. The day when he takes a sledge hammer to those hideous cupboards can't come soon enough!
    Millie ^_^

  17. I love it! I just spent a few months living in a tiny cottage on an island, and that would have looked perfect in the kitchen there.

    I just found you via the lovely Jackie, and I'm so glad I did! Happy Birthday, and have a lovely Valentine's Day! xo Gigi

  18. Wasn't this the best little apartment ever?! I was enthralled by what this fellow was able to do in such a tiny space. Well done!



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