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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guess Where Marc Chagall's Grand Daughter Works?

Marc Chagall was born in Russia. 
He was involved in the Russian Revolution in 1917.
His work is awesome.
I love most his mostly unknown works that were painted on cardboard.
In the early part of this century in Paris most artist were starving and would paint on whatever they could find.
Including Picasso.
Marc Chagall in 1941
( grandpa )
His work reflects his life.
The revolution.
A Horsie!!!!
Bella Meyer is
the granddaughter of Marc Chagall.
Her Shop.
Fleurs Bella
(I absolutely love this entrance)
Born in Paris and raised in Switzerland, Bella Meyer grew up immersed in art.  As the granddaughter of Marc Chagall, Bella’s imagination and artistic expression were always valued at home, grooming her for a life of creativity.  On the academic side of life, Bella attained a Ph.D. in Medieval Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris, continuing all the while to paint and draw.  After moving to New York in her twenties, she found her bliss designing and building fantastical worlds of costumes, masks, and puppets for theatre, opera, and dance.

Her handmade pottery,
 in which she will artistically place each beautiful flower or orchid in.

This is an interesting little tidbit.
Don't you think ?

I love finding out stories like this!

If you want to know more...Marc Chagall

The Fleurs Bella studio is located at 55 East 11th Street, New York, NY.
Info on Bella Meyer from the N.Y.T. and her website.

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  1. Oh, I love stories like this too! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to be in NYC next week and will pop in to see this beautiful little shop.

  2. I wonder if she has similar dreams as her grandfather. Her shop is an amazing combination of the very grounded with the lofty and dream-like. Bella, indeed.

  3. VERY nice Sunday morning tidbit...even better than the NYTimes! Thanks!

  4. scott,
    that will be so cool.
    do a post on it.
    i would love to know more.

  5. This is a lovely thing to know, isn't it? So many times we wonder about the artist's family. It makes him seem much more real & touchable. Very very nice reading, Renee. xx's Marsha

  6. Renee...thanks for such a great post. I once drove 8 hours to his a restropective of hiw work.... I had no idea about his grand daughter having a shop in New York. I am on my way..... Francine

  7. Anonymous14:30

    great story. thanks for enlightening us. artists are so interesting. very good.

  8. Renee, I have sent this twice and it jumps off somewhere.
    I'd have to go into the shop if I passed it. She does great with
    the pottery, and nice silk work.
    As far as Chagall, never was moved by his work, stain glass windows were nice and I do like the horse.
    Nice post.

  9. She certainly has art running through her veins. I'm adding her shop to my bucket list. Her grandfather is one of my top faves.

  10. I'm still reeling from the article referring to her as a "spry" 50 year old. Who knew "spry" would last that long!

  11. Me too, I love stories like that! Fraumünster, a church in Zurich (where I grew up) is famous for its Chagall stained glass windows!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  12. Hi Renee
    Well I don't mind some of his work... very dreamy and perhaps what we think love should look like!! Fluers Bella looks incredible.. I love those doors at the entrance too...!! Oh how I wish I could visit NYC and then I'd be off to pay a visit... Well at least I have had my virtual visit via your blog [vvv!!!! haha]

    Have a great week Renee.. xx Julie

  13. renee, did not want your story to end. it inspired many questions. in particular how well did she know him and what are her memories? would make a great interview.

    crazy for those doors, what is the application, do you know?

  14. love Marc Chagall, how great to be his grand daughter.

  15. Chagall is an artist that I love today and hate tomorrow. Totally depends how I am feeling when I see one of his works, have no idea why!
    His Granddaughter is a stylish lady.

  16. julienne,
    funny you should say that.
    i was never a fan until i was in paris,
    and then again in DC and saw some small works of his that he had done on cardboard.
    they were of circus horses in the circus ring.
    they were soft, drawn first
    (i think)
    with pen & ink, and then painted.
    they looked nothing like the work most of us have seen at museums.

    xx i am with you totally

  17. debra ,
    they look to me like steel encased glass doors.
    i love them.
    they are very industrial!


  18. Sorry Renee can I reply to flwrjane here and just say that 'spry' lasts a lot longer than that!!!! or at least I hope it does!

  19. I think spry only starts at 60.

  20. LOVELY story... cannot wait to see the shop in person...happy monday xx

  21. You amaze me in finding such interesting tidbits!
    Well done Girlfriend.

  22. Renee, beautiful story, thank you and to answer your question, I love exsposed brick. Take care my friend.



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