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Saturday, February 20, 2010


"Acceptance is the answer to ALL my problems. today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing or situation, some fact of my life, unacceptable to me, and I can find no peace until I accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in G-d's world by mistake..."

What is your opinion?
Do You Think This Is True?

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  1. I do. I've been reading, hearing, being told to read this particular nugget of information for 23 years now. Doesn't always make the immediate situation more palatable though, does it? But I can tell, by reading your blog, you are chock full of courage and wisdom will surely follow. We are a rebellious bunch of people though, aren't we. don't forget to breathe.

  2. Sometimes, change is necessary. It is impossible to change people and sometimes, we have limited powers of change depending on the circumstances. We should not give up, however. Acceptance should not mean "capitulation". I know you do not mean it that way, Renee. Until recently, I was in a very poor professional/business arrangement and I found the courage to change it rather than accept it. This decision has meant much more happiness and contentment for me....great blog, Renee, will come back to it often. AJ

  3. I don't have an answer, been
    in those spot's before myself.
    Somehow it all works out in time.
    Mama xxx

  4. hey Renee? does your boss ever read your blog? lol I don't think you have to accept certain people and certain situations. Caustic people only serve to hurt and what is the point in that? or being around that? Distance yourself from these situations, you are a really cool woman that needs to understand how valid you are.

  5. I am a chaos theory girl myself. I don't things happen for a reason. I think we "reason" our way out. I've given up on trying to change people. I not even sure I can change myself! I understand trying to get to acceptance. Sometimes, most times, I just move on. Which, I suppose, is acceptance with action. I do, however, believe in grace in all its forms. Good wishes your way.

  6. Renee, I do agree, sometimes the place we are at in life is preparing us for something great to come. Plus wouldn't it be boring if we were all alike!!

  7. You have no idea how much I needed this post, meaning the message. Yes. I believe it, at least on most levels, and needed to hear it, especially now. Thanks.

  8. Hmmm, I guess I don't think it's true. Or I hope it's not, as it's a bit too deterministic to suit me. I'd often rather resist than accept.

  9. One thing the years have taught me, is encapsulated in the Serenity prayers "God grants me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference"
    What is most important to me is finding that place or moment of peace...

  10. Gosh, don't know if my brain will function yet this morning. My first thought is run, run like hell. I hate to see your caustic boss get the best of someone that is obviously talented, personable, and well, just a lovely person. I too understand what you mean about acceptance, & we are in times that don't allow us to be as flexible. But, I do think I see small signs of things picking up & I'm holding out great hope that you can march into her office SOON & calmly tell the nasty bitch just what you think of her & bid her 'a due' and march your beautiful ass right out of there. Leaving all that nasty, harmful, soul destroying 'crap' behind. Market the heck out of yourself, your great at social networking and one of these days it's going to pay-off. When it does, remember me please.
    Love you, hold chin up high xx

  11. Just read on Debbi's blog your Birthday tribute...
    Happy belated birthday! Francine

  12. My dear, departed Mother always told me I should try to accept people as they are. As we more than likely aren't going to really change for others-so we can't expect others to change to suit us. Now with situations, I believe we can strive to bring about some change. You are a wise woman Renee. You'll know when enough is ENOUGH!

  13. Acceptance sure is a tough one though isn't it?!

  14. Renee, gorgeous & lovely woman...
    in order to go forward,
    we must leave something behind.
    If you can "make believe" your situation is transitory, the universe, Deepak Chopra, and all your blogger buddies, will lift you up & carry you over this hurdle. Maybe write your life story, it could be a best-seller !
    xxooxx's Marsha

  15. Anonymous14:48

    I have my own version of your concept. One can only change their personal perspective, not others. you do not have to accept anything you just need to wrap your head around it and move on in your loving way. Accept nothing! Be proactive. Move boldly forward!

    Her are my 3 things, I remind myself of lately:
    1. Be open to possibilities
    2. Love to all
    3. Trust in myself (trust in self to do my best, that I will know what the right thing is to do...)

    Good luck nice lady on your journey.

  16. mise,
    it is just so much less frustrating to accept things , that to focus on all the negatives.
    my head goes right to the negatives..........and it makes me sick.
    so, if i accept things .....just for today, it is easier....and less painful.

  17. girlfriends,
    thank you .
    you have given me much to think about.

  18. In the past 27 years I've learned that "acceptance" doesn't mean "agreement" and that sometimes all I have to be is adapt, to move on, to wait patiently (not my strong suit). So my mantra has become, "All you have to be is willing, Sunny." And often, coming to that place, however rebelliously, means I either become at peace with what is, or what is "mysteriously" changes. I knew I related to your blog!

  19. Some times acceptance is just not acceptable. We may have to acknowledge that certain things, situations, or people will not change, and maybe even tolerate them... but we don't have to accept them.

  20. I love this advice. I think it isn't either accept or change. First, you have to accept what is the current situation in order to formulate a plan for change. Otherwise, you just keep hitting your head against a wall and get nowhere. And, some situations you can't change to make better. In those cases, I try to focus on what I can take from the situation that is positive and move forward with that in mind. Love your blog. Hope you are well.

  21. everything happens for a reason... and God will never give us anything we can not handle... He is always there... always... love you friend xx pam

  22. i believe to accept things which you cannot change as they are and try to move on. however, i do NOT believe that things happen for a reason. I'm with Home Before Dark -- just random chaos, no balance, no fairness. but as time goes on i fear the more unfortunate situations that come into our lives which we cannot control just prepares us for worse ones to come...

  23. Easy to say that 'Acceptance' word but bloody hard to actually do! Underneath this sweet, pliable little Millie lies a stubborn unaccepting broad who holds not just one or two grudges, but bucket loads of them!! If you're successful with the Acceptance challenge I reckon I'll have to rename you Saint Renee of Boca Raton. You're a better gal than I am.
    M ^_^



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