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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Kinda' Town

I am feeling like this!
And I am feeling like this because of my friends....
and I mean my friends in 'Bloggieville'.
The best built town in our little (international) World
Every one of you who left a message for me....
filled my heart with one more smile.
Because of 'the collective YOU ', 
I know that I am not alone.
I know that none of us are alone, unless we choose to be alone.
And today I choose YOU. 
And because I have chosen to be 'a  part  of ' this community
the rewards are beyond anything I could have imagined.
And believe me....I have some imagination!
I have finally found people that I fit in with....
people that have similar interest,
people that have heart and good manners.
And unbelievably smart people
 that have embraced me too.
Thanks for letting me in.
I love you.
Even though I have a sh--ty job,
because of you....
it's okay for today.
Below are the remarkably kind Birthday Posts that I received this year.
 The time and effort that went into them amazes me.
These sweet posts just make me want to chant ;
" I am worthy"
" I am worthy"
"I am worthy"
Check them out below. 
Click on the highlighted blog names and you will be 
transported to Nirvana and served 
chicken Masala. 
Debbie from her brilliant blog 
did an absolutely hilarious Happy Birthday post for me.
Talk about someone who 'get's me'. Debbie does.
Jackie from her beautiful blog with unreal images 
sent me Love and a Happy Birthday on her blog;
Julie at Being Ruby gets my humor.
And I love her because of that.
After all, all I really want is to be understood, and accepted.
*And Julie is has beautiful blog with a great message every time.
One of my first pals in design blogging would be the super divine
Miss Valerie Hart from Visual Vamp
Left me a Happy Birthday note for all the world to see.
Love you Valerie!!!
And then there is MY FRIEND....
Renae Moore of Renae Moore Designs ,who I talk to on the phone, and who I love and adore.
*She keeps me updated on the goings on in our Bloggieville, 
and what I may have missed while working.
I love you Renae.
Millie and Moth from The Laurel Hedge had 
Sir Paul McCartney
sing me Happy Birthday to me.
How about that ?

And all this was started from my dear mom.
(Who never could keep a secret!)
Yvonne at her new blog ( as of Nov.2009)
So thanks Mom!

What do you think of 
our little town Bloggieville?

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
Interior Design, Palm Beach, Boca Raton,Ft.Lauderdale,Design Service, 
Window Treatments, TurnKey Interior Design Service,
Paint selection, Floor-Plans,Online Interior Design,
Design Center of The Americas, D.C.O.T.A.,
Thank You ALL for my sweet birthday wishes 2010


  1. Yes, they are lovely people. And it's a great blogtown, full of cafés and cupcakes and manners and smiles. I might give up real work and become a fulltime commentator.

  2. Even though I'm totally late..., and totally missed your birthday..., I still say "Happy Birthday!" And I enjoyed the party (all the blog posts...) very much.


  3. You summed it up perfectly (as you always have a knack of doing) - we all want to fit in, we all want to find people we connect with and we all want to be accepted and yes, loved. I have never had the typical large group of close girlfriend. I felt a bit of an outsider most of the time and I didn't feel like women "got me". Because of blogging, I've finally found people that 'get me'. For this too I am blessed. I am blessed for my Bloggieville with you in it. I am SO glad I made you laugh. xxoo deb

  4. Count me in as a citizen of your community. Held hostage north of the Mason-Dixon which has greater appreciation of eccentrics, I have often felt like a shirt that comes back from the laundry, forced into perfect folds and banded to get in space alloted. The blog world offers more space.Hugs to you dear one for being braver than you know, for being honest, for being kind with sass. You're my kind of friend.

  5. Wow!
    Happy Happy all day every day, I dare you!

    It is also my Mams's Birthday today and she is the year of the Horse.

    ...are you?

  6. Can you get dual city citizenship? If so, I am in!

  7. Have to agree with Dumbwit- You have a great way of summing everything up! I'm sure glad to be apart of your "community" ;) Hope your Birthday was great!

  8. I'm here via wish you a Happy Birthday and tell you what a great friend you have in her. The blog post she did in your honor was so much fun to read!
    Cheers, Renee!

  9. Dear Renee,
    You mustn't forget how you have been so kind, friendly and supportive since you started blogging. You were one of the first people to comment on my blog and suggested that I made my photographs bigger !! haha. I think that I was posting them medium. That's how niave I was !!
    We all love you out here for your honesty and how down to earth you are so :

  10. You are so welcome!
    Hope you saw my little post on VV on the 15th, and the one Renae Moore did too.
    Girl everyone was turning it out for your birthday because you are loved!!!!
    xo xo

  11. dear renee... you are sooo loved and appreciated for being YOU! and i love our blog world... everyone is so funny and kind and supportive... xx

  12. Happy belated Birthday!

  13. Girlie Girlie Girlie...truly we do live in a fabulous international little world don't we. We do find those that are like US, and the bond with those we have never seen is unbelievably warm and loving. And as you said, some very smart creative peeps.


  14. wow, i go out of town and fall so quickly out of touch.
    happy belated birthday renee!
    yes, we are so fortunate in blogtown aren't we?
    you are so special and very giving no wonder you are so loved oh and funny too!

  15. Dear Renee
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your Birthday Blog Party. It was a pleasure to be part of the fun and I hope your birthday was just as special...

    Both you and Deb have summed up Bloggieville perfectly... Finding like minded people who always welcome you and cheer you along is a wonderful new world! Thanks to Yvonne too who started the ball rolling... what a great mum!!

    Hope your week has continued to raise your spirits.. xxx Julie

  16. I've just moved into Bloggieville and am still feeling my way, but, I have to say, I don't think I'll be moving out in a hurry as those I meet are just lovely and I hope to meet more and more of you in the future. I enjoy my visits with you Renee.

  17. Bloggieville's a great little town & best of all there's NO SHERIFF!!
    Millie ^_^



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