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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feelings Are Not Facts, And Facts Are Not Feelings

After a day of recover from my 'Lousy Tuesday' with my 
 lousy boss, I am back!!!!
I have been toying with some cartoons in my head.
Millie from the Laurel Hedge suggested bringing her cupcakes just to throw her off......
(  I'd like to throw her off alright! )
But, I immediately got this image in my head.....
...and of course this approach is out of the question.

So I tried  to get into the cupcake idea.
But once again ....with my brain full of twisted cartoons, 
I thought of Dr. Timothy Leary P.H.D.......
and how he might help my boss lady and her poor people skills.
"Here you go Boss Lady...I have made you some yummy cupcakes"
"Try One"
.....her mind a few moments later.........
then I thought of having at least 20 people show up on the sidewalk 
outside the store carrying these signs.
( This would occur on a Retail Saturday at about 2pm 
when the store is busy and all of  Boca Raton is driving by the store.)
...And little ole' me just watching 
from inside the store 
while the owner/boss lady trips out!!!!!
I can have evil little fantasies, I just can't act out on them. 
But alas................
the best revenge is looking good,
...and working hard.
I think that just 'suiting up' and 'showing up' is half the battle.

And I should smile... a lot!
( I have have been told it makes people wonder)

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  1. Oh Dear Renee!!
    Sometimes careers can suck!! I know this personally! Sorry I had to go back and check your Tuesday post which I had missed.. been a little lax this week with blogging!! Well I know the crazy boss situation all too well.. last year i was working 80hr weeks and being frowned upon for coming in a little late one morning!! Yes ,.. can't wait to go back to that job!!

    Ok.. chin up! I imagine you always look impeccable and your pride in your work shows!! don't let the crazy lady get you down... One day you will move on to greener pastures.. and well she will be stuck with that face she wears. xx Julie

  2. Dear Renee,
    I can see that you're back on track. I knew you would be after a couple of days grace.
    Oh, the bitchy place that is the workplace. One just has to battle through it, but it is hard. I've been there, done that and it doesn't matter how many people tell you not to take any notice, it still hurts.
    I'm so pleased that you have got your battle armour on and are fighting through. XXXX

  3. One day....I will reveal the true horror of my worst boss...Perhaps just not at the moment...I think I will wait until I can look back and laugh! So I can so sympathise. Good luck with it all. Just stick it out>

  4. I believe it's happy birthday to you. Have a wonderful one and a great weekend.... Don't they say, 'Dress to kill'!! xv

  5. Renee,
    on your POST about Tuesday
    (2posts ago) You had a message From MY NOTTING HILL I think you should re-read it. She gave you some excellent advice.

    Cheer up and you won't get wrinkles. Smile and do something to get you happy.
    Happy Birthday. Mamma

  6. Renee -You're so smart and sooooo damn funny! Enjoy your weekend!


  7. Happy Birthday Renee! A little birdie named Jackie told us...
    Sorry about work...know how that feels!
    Hope your day is a happy one!
    :) Laura...

  8. Uh..are you hoping your boss does or doesn't read this? You seem too amazing to put up with too much. Happy Birthday!!

  9. Renée - I feel that cupcakes are far too small to plaster over your boss. A HUGE cream cake with lots of blueberry sauce would be far more becoming - just make sure she's wearing white. Well, I don't know you but am pleased I do now. Have a wonderful birthday (found you through Millie, Julie and Jackie ;-)) and 'Strive to soar with the eagles, even though you may be surrounded by turkeys!!). She's obviously jealous of you so you won't get out of her clutches too easily. Try to live it up on your birthday anyway and don't forget the cupcakes...

  10. LSD laced cupcakes!!! I absolutely LOVE how your brain works, My dear friend! You are a one of a perfect kind!

    Happiest of Birthdays...have a cupcake. Life is short!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Renee. And, remember, you have your beauty, your wit, your style, your talent, your heart & your head, all of which are really really good things. xx's Marsha

  12. Happy birthday and wishing you a much better year.

  13. Happy Birthday Renee! I hope you have a fabulous day and don't have to work! Or at least that person is off sick with a 10 week flu. Keeping dressing to kill and that probably is what is bugging her in the first are gorgeous and that can do it. XO

  14. Oh yes Darling....dressed to kill...and what a fabulous way to kill! The cupcake idea is hmmmmmm....thought provoking!

    A verrrrrrry HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Monday. Wish we could celebrate.


  15. Happy Birthday Renee, have a wonderful romantic weekend. We have all had bosses like that. I can't stand being micro-managed! Look at my art and it will cheer you up!

  16. ♪♪♫♫ Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear Renee, Happy Birthday to you...and many more! ♫♪♫♪

  17. Hi Renee
    Nice to meet you! Heard from Linda, at Line in the Coconut, that you have had a rough week...then read your posts. Yep...sometimes careers can suck...and bosses too!

    I also hear that it was your, "Happy Birthday to you!" Hope your day is special...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  18. Wouldn't that be hilarious??!! Hope your having a great weekend!

  19. HEY is your Bday today?? Just stopped by Lime in the Coconut and she said to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ;)

  20. Happy Birthday Renee!!!
    Drink plenty of champagne and eat tons of your favorite food... crawl fish I believe! and go dancing!!!
    You're the best!

  21. Thought I would come across from Julies blog @ being Ruby & say Happy Birthday,Oh dear Renee, is she like the devil wears prada character, chin up you are a better person by the sounds of it, on woulds & up as they say!! :)

  22. Poor thing. Rise above it. Bullying is not on.

    I can only hope that you had a lovely birthday (saw Jacquie's post).

  23. Happy Birthday Renee!
    Try to laugh and feel bad for your horrible boss. Perhaps she will read the blog and change her evil ways! Hang in there!

  24. I just dropped by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET RENEE!!!!
    I hope you got over your lousy day and had a wonderful birthday without a thought about your boss.

    Ness xx

  25. Happy birthday Renée, and congratulations on the calibre of your lovely friends. I bet they'd out-weigh a mere boss in style any day. And nice to meet you via Julie and Jacqueline!

  26. Once again, Renee, you made me laugh..In the worst situation, I also try to find humor to make it bearable. I am facing tough clients and manufacturers situations that are taking my business in a downward spiral, and some days i just want to scream outloud...THIS IS JUST FURNITURE!!!! not life and death. But i have been in your situation. While in the fashion business, i have had abusive bosses (women with NO life) and am familiar with the anger, the agony, the sleepless nights, feeling powerless. I had a business partner who demonstrated, let's call it, lack of people skills and got an ulcer as a result. I have had my business for 7 years and as the boss, I try really hard to be fair,and make our work environment a team effort. My senior designer was married in my house, I am planning an engagement party for my project manager.. i love the people who work for me and try to balance the demand that you make of an employee and the personal . It is not easy and I know that I can be very demanding and tough especially now with such little financial reward. So my advise, Renee, Keep your head high, your are talented and a brilliant writer, connect with people, always on a look out for an opportunity, how about free lance writing on the side...

  27. So right, facts are not feelings and feelings are not facts.
    Great cupcake. Having just popped over from your Mum's I hope you had a good bithday.

  28. So sorry Renee ...I think everyone has had a boss from H__L in their lifetime, so we can all sympathize.

    Hope the situation can change for you soon,

    Came by to wish you a very happy birthday! Your Mom is so sweet!

  29. wow... some reason that my comment did not make it...??? i wrote you a nice note the other day and still thinking about you so i wanted to tag on... where is my 1st comment?? weird...
    well, let me begin again...first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet darling... you deserve the best... (now belated) and i will make as many cream cakes (boston cream real fluffy) and toss them down your way into the office.... etc.... you hang in there sweetie... it will get better. promise. xx pam

  30. oh and btw.. i think we should all go work for francine! here we come ready or not!! xoxo



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