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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dish Dish Dish

You will never believe who lives here!!!
Have you ever seen such an exquisite kitchen?
(click on it and look at it closely)
Or Here.
Who knew Joan Rivers would have such a stunning escape from NYC?
Let's review...............
She has small least she is a dog person.
That scores high with me.
Makes a lot of mean and degrading remarks on the red carpet.
Uck...........I think she goes over board.
She is a genius when it comes to business.
Even I like some of her jewelry (the pearls).
"Because Joan and Melissa Rivers are no longer capable of expressing human emotion on their faces, they have to really get over-the-top to get their point across.

After she was fired by 
Donald Trump from Celebrity Apprentice, Melissa erupted in an emotional tirade before she and her mother both packed up their fur coats and left." 

But anyway...................she has a beautiful home,
and in good taste.

Do you have an opinion on this?

*She is like everyone in Boca Raton.

For the whole house click here.

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  1. Whoo hoo, I'm the first to finally comment. The suspense was killing me as I scrolled down. To even think that was Joan's home was a shocker even for me. I'm not a huge fan of hers (too crass) but I'm a fan of that kitchen. She had one heck of a designer, but nothing compared to you darling Renee. I must state, I could use a syringe or two of Restylane about now. Going to be now knowing my kitchen really sucks. Love you x

  2. ...that last little teensy sentence... Oh *snap*.


    Lovely place though!

  3. Joan lives with intention, and direction, and has taste with a bite.'s her daughter that gives me a bit of a fright.

  4. well I love her home too - and her doggies!

  5. Agree with you on one positive point about Joan Rivers....she has dogs...wonder how often she send them to the beauty parlor....At least she has shown great sense of style when she picked her for the rest, to each their own, she has had her share of suffering and she is one tough lady.

  6. Well Renee
    Too bad she didn't use the same sense of style to renovate her face! Gorgeous home... I love all the finer details... and accents... and the chandelier is fab
    Have a great weekend Renee xxx Julie

  7. Pretty Clever post.
    There should be lots of controversary about that Gal.
    I know she has suffered, who hasn't. Joan has always been the
    kind of person I would stay away from. That's why I have my remote.
    Too bad we can't use it in real life. Some House. Who was the
    designer or was it a job like
    QUEEN OF MEAN (Leona) Hummm.

  8. The kitchen is lovely, but perhaps never used, or the oil potraits are not masterpieces, because if it was and they were, they'd be ruined pretty quickly with grease and smoke from serious cooking.

  9. I posted about this dream of a kitchen a few weeks ago. Isn't it something? She has to ditch the trash can- but other than that...pretty much perfection in my eyes. A couple of great 'masters' on the wall doesn't hurt either. This space has all the right lines-Joan Rivers... not so much! I hope you had an amazing birthday Renee.

  10. Good thing it's Joan Rivers- she can afford a maid to take care of dusting all those dishes! It looks gorgeous but with my maid no longer on my payroll I wouldn't want to take care of all that myself! ;)

  11. Well Renee! Was really surprised at the owner. (I cannot bear to watch either of them.)
    Love the kitchen but the rest, while in good taste, does give me that WOW factor the kitchen does. That woman's got a LOT of pewter plates. (or that's what it looks like)
    Now....about that teeny, weeny sentence at the end?
    I live in Boca and I am perfectly normal. All my friends are normal too. It's regrettable Boca has such a reputation. I know it does, but there are quite a few of us who just aren't like that.
    Keep dishing, I'll be reading!

  12. Oh dear Renee,
    Looks as if I'm in a minority here, as I find Joan Rivers rather amusing. Admittedly , I loved her in her early career, but she really used to make me laugh !! Sorry, everyone but, she did !
    I haven't seen much of her lately so, I bow to your better judgement.
    .... as for her house, I think that it is pretty stylish and has a lot of sophistication....something lacking in the celebrity circuit !! haha. |I'm afraid that a lot of celebrities don't have very good taste..... you're needed out there in celebrity land, Renee.
    Money certainly doesn't give you good taste, does it Renee ?
    Joan has done really well and I think that we all have to admit that she has done a lovely job (or should I say, a designer has done a good job )on her home.
    Joan hasn't really done a good job bigging up plastic surgeons though. She has certainly confirmed my descision of never having plastic surgery, fillers, botox or anything to do with making me look a little younger. It NEVER works and looks awful. Grow old gracefully everybody. That's what I'm doing but I'm afaid that it is happening at an alarmingly fast rate !! !! XXXX

  13. jackie

    i betcha' she bought it furnished!!


  14. she must be a lot classier than she
    pretends to own a home that sumptuous.

    i have never seen museum quality
    paintings above the cabinets in a
    kitchen. it took my breath away.

    thanks for sharing.

  15. I actually don't mind viper tongue Joan, I sort of get her humour. However, never have I seen such a walking testimonial for bad & shoddy Plastics work. Time for a name & shame of the Surgeons involved.
    Millie ^_^

  16. WOW!
    a shockingly beautiful kitchen and a shocker...joan rivers?!
    fun post renee

  17. I pictured a more over the top Hollywood Glam home. It really is exquisite!! I really hope she does not have anymore cosmetic surgery!




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