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Friday, February 26, 2010

Serenity For Miss Hawn In N.Y.C.

This Burmese Buddha is in the entrance hall of the Manhattan apartment 
that she shares with actor Kurt Russell.
Indian teak arch from ABC Carpet & Home.
Hawn’s “favorite meditation spot” is the living room’s circa 1920 Chinese opium bed. A Burmese reclining Buddha is at the window in the dining room, whose table is set with Tiffany’s crystal and china. ABC Carpet & Home bed and carved chairs. Designs for Leisure slipcover fabric.
Hawn said; 
"“The living room is the area in my apartment that most reminds me of India, my second home."
Does she mean she has a home in India? 
Or that she considers India her home after the U.S. ?
Strangely I was dreaming about India last night and I hadn't planned this post.
Their ' TV Room.'
“The master bedroom is peaceful and muted—the perfect place for me to surrender to sleep,” says Hawn. “We used restful hues and covered the bed with fabric that Goldie brought back from India,” adds Specter. Kravet drapery fabric. Patterson, Flynn & Martin carpet.

This was in Architectural Digest in 2002.

What do you think needs updating 

in this apartment, if anything?

Don't be shy.


credit: Architectural Digest 
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  1. I guess it's colonial bling. I don't think I could live with the Buddha. Perhaps it couldn't live with me.

  2. OK..since you are always so brutally honest...I will try the same. The media room....definitely dated....too many pillows with the expected swags and stone pillar glass table. May I also add too much of everything. i find that if I try to find peace and serenity in my life, I need to unclutter all the material stuff. The Buddha is absolutely beautiful but it looks just as part of an overdone decors and though lost its spiritual meaning.
    Hope I was not too mean....but you asked... francine

  3. The sheer swags definitely have to go!!! I'm with Francine... it all needs to be simplified...

    A FEW of the better pieces mixed with some really nice contemporary pieces would work wonders for this space...

  4. It is interesting that this was circe 2002, when I was in NYC, there was in big display of Indian inspired decor and design in ABC. actually an entire section devoted to it. Interestingly not trendy? Although I do see a lot of buddah heads and bodies at TJ Maxx these days.
    Thanks for sharing Renee,

  5. Excuse me while I get a towel to wipe my MOUTH. SO that's how the other half lives, what a place.
    The elephant table is my favorite.
    To each his own. Some people sit in a closet for peice of mind.
    I hate contemporary. I have gone into so many Decorated homes that look like no one lives there. l It looks like a CEO's office or a clinic. I won't name the designer. I am in another world, I like Romance and elegance. I an not vanilla.

  6. Dear Renee,
    I was reading and scrolling down thinking, 'does Renee like this?'
    I don't personally like the over the top luxuriousness of it all. It's ostentatious and very Hollywood. I think that it would be like living in a film set and, whenever I see celebrities homes, I always think that it must be like living in an hotel. Money doesn't always bring taste and originality..... and, Goldie, call your interior designer !! XXXX

  7. well, francine , countrypolitan and i would throwing out most of the same stuff.
    but the first thing i would burn is the swag in the master, scrapping the tv room for sure.
    sorry yvonne (mom), the white elephant base on that cocktail must be removed,and removed quickly.
    hmmmm....i wonder if they have a fireplace. hahahahaha

    and jackie, i do love movie set-interiors.
    that is one of the things i actually do for my clients if the wish their home design to be carried out that far.
    it is in the details, detail, details.
    it is just there are too many BIG DETAILS in this apertment.

  8. Actually, I do like the place, for the most part. I love the movie-set look and wish I could accomplish that in my own home (feel like sharing any tips, Renee?). What I don't care for are the sheer swags or the rocking chairs. Both things remind me of Victoriana, which is my least favorite style of all, along with pared down contemporary.

  9. OK What are you talking about??
    I love that elepahnt Table and the Opium Bed and I love that luscious
    Bedroom with that fabulous table.
    I do hate the chairs, OK toss them.
    what about that fabulous teak
    arch.??? Touch it and I'll send ya to the Moon.

  10. Sorry to be a wet blanket but the thing I'd like to change most is Goldie's hair! I know it's her trademark, but I'm so over that '70's long look with those flicko things on the sides of her bangs. She's in a time warp, a bit like the decor in this abode. I bet Kurt's not allowed to put his feet up on ANYTHING!!
    Millie ^_^

  11. Anonymous21:03

    new drapes throughout

    throw in some color, texture, pattern

    it is kinda boring looking

  12. i am scrolling thru thinking hmmmm....could take the opium bed, and.....that is it

    love goldie but yikes.....burn every window treatment!

  13. Hey Renee
    Decisions decisions.. well I think it looks a bit too much like a department store... Like you've just walked into a shop we have here called Bayswiss! [strange name for a store that sells Idian/Oriental homewares & furnishings] .. Some of the individual pieces are lovely.. but all together it is too much... all a little frou frou for me.. I like some sort of happy medium.. not sterile.. but not so much going on you cannot appreciate any one thing!! I'd be exhausted trying to find me keys!! haha... Have fun xx Julie

    PS I've just remembered I have Buddha under my spare bed... oops must decide what to do with him!! purchase from a past life.. hahaha

  14. oh my... i am speechless. if this is tranquil ... wow. francine... can you run over and save this???

  15. Goldie Hawn! ha ha -just kidding. It's a little too much for me, but DAMN the view in the bedroom is amazing! I'd take it, Buddha statues, wacky Hawn and all!

  16. I think needs new window treatments they make the space a bit 80's - The rest of the space is stunning!

  17. Renee,

    I'm sorry but that place makes me a wreck. I agree with Fracine...simplify, simplify, simplify.

    But, I love Goldie & Kate, not so much. Only liked her in Almost Famous....everything else, Blah!



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