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Monday, November 2, 2009

Practice Compassion ... Purple Orchids Work Well

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. 
If you want to be happy, practice compassion." 
Dalai Lama

On Halloween I wore my famous pirates costume to work.
It really is fabulous, even if I do say so myself . I look cute in it, with my make-up done in a  theatrical manor, the red jacket all the pearls and gold chains etc.
It looks like a real stage costume.
Now, my boss happens to be an owner of this HUGE business. She was so sweet on Halloween to everyone. But to me she said; " I have never seen anything so cute", "Renee, you look adorable in that costume!"
At the end of the day when things were winding down ....
(I will refer to my boss as 'Laura' - you may need to remind me later that I decided to call her 'Laura')
Laura came into the 'bull pin', (where sales people 
hang out waiting for their turn on the floor) which she never does -  and I was on the schedule to work until 8pm.
Laura said; "you really look so cute that you should go to your Halloween party earlier rather than later."
Such sweetness.
And today I did not write a sale, but I do have a few House Calls (design jobs) in the works,
and Laura knows that.
But YOU know...until they sign and buy -  it is only 'drawings and fabric swatches.'
And I need to write business to keep my job.
Today at the end of the day I was outside having an evil ciggie break and
Laura said to me; "Are your people coming in tomorrow to buy?"
" I don't want them trying to take advantage of you."
Did Laura say 'take advantage of me?'
That is so very much not the style I know her to have. That was sincere concern , and she meant it.
Awwww....really, (so nice) I thought she might say;
 "If you don't pick your numbers up this position will not work out"
You can imagine how relived I was. I felt all warm inside towards her.

So, it is a funny thing that it was just this morning that I brought Laura a purple orchid from my garden, and I put it in an old vintage silver creamer that I have just like the one in this post.
Laura works too hard, and she works ALL THE TIME.
I do not know how she deals with the stress.
Once in a while she loses her 'GRACE'...but she is entitled.
*Everyone needs someone sometime.
The gesture made her happy. Laura smiled and thanked me.


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  1. Oh photos of you in your pirates costume....I am very disappointed.
    You are so sweet take 'Laura' an orchid in a beautiful silver creamer....I want to work with you ! XXXX

  2. I was just thinking the same thing! We wanted to see photos of you! I love agree with random acts of kindness shown to melts their hearts.

    Renee would you do a post on the most fabulous beds or bed makers? I'm redoing our bedroom and on the search for a bed it seems there's no solid wood out there anymore? How much do you charge for online consultation? I saw that you do them? Hopefully I can afford your expertise? I have people coming to pick up/look at my dining room table (finally) and hutch so I'll have some money to spend. My email is Thanks, have a great day! Luanne

  3. Hey, I want to see you in the fabulous costume!! No piccies?

  4. Land ho!!!!arrr maitee...
    or something like that ..maybe it was pass the rum!!
    Love the pirate costume & what a great thing to say to you!
    There is a sweet side to everyone, it just takes time to find the good.



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