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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ever Have One Of Those Days.....

that turned into three ?
I just finished a long complicated post , 
with pictures, lotza' typed words and explanations.....
and my computer BURPED!
Everything disappeared. 
I can't get it back. It is lost in the blogosphere.
In the black hole of all knowing and all not knowing ....
words and pictures out there just floating for eternity.

I am just trying to breath.....
In with the good ....out with the bad.
In with the good ....out with the bad.
In with the good ....out with the bad.

When I got to work yesterday, it was the same thing only different.
It was 'people' who were malfunctioning/burping.
Emotional Moods, and other unpleasant vibes and words.

I am getting ready for work and will reload the entire post tomorrow.
But now... I am reloading my mind set for today.

I am just trying to breath.....
In with the good ....out with the bad.
In with the good ....out with the bad.
In with the good ....out with the bad.

I am envisioning all good.
Surrounding myself with love and protection.
I am surrounding all I encounter today (including you) with love and protection.
:)  XX's

I am off tomorrow and am going to the DCOTA to see Miles Redd at the Century Showroom.
AND.....Play with and listen to Claudi Strasser's schtick at Pierre Deux.
And that should feel good.
Don't you think?

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....

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  1. Now that's positive thinking!I'm the same way as you, when things disappear I get strange mystical vibes and think about a cyber-Otherworld. With all the good things you have coming up...I'm sure your bio-rhythmes are going right back up, will soar even! (great illustration!)

  2. I've been there. It's incredibly frustrating. I can never get my mind around the fact that what I've spent so much time working on is just...lost...vanished. Doesn't seem right somehow.

    Yes, forget about it and go have some fun!

  3. Happened to me as well,
    Now all better!
    Better luck tomorrow!

  4. Anonymous12:54

    Sending you a big hug and kisses.
    This too shall pass. What a wonderful day to go to the DACOTA.
    Something good is on the way maybe not today but it's coming.
    Quess Who??? XXXX

  5. Well I am sorry to hear that
    Metropolitian Home Magazine
    has gone into the tank. As
    lot's of Good American companys.
    Ijust ran across some of REDDS
    work he did a red, white and blue
    hall way. Fantastic. I did a whole hotel floor in Miami and the owner wanted the entire floor in those colors, Remenber
    M. Glick Miami Bch.

  6. You're practicing "the right stuff"!

  7. Could it be dear Renee, that we were separated @ birth? I've got to tell you one more time, your sense of humor is fabulous even when you have something horrendous happen; and I mean horrendous. Computers are fabulous, when all is right. And when it's not, they are worse than ex-husbands.

    Can't tell you how jealous that #1 you get to meet, actually meet - Miles Redd and you will be seeing the wonderful Claudia Stasser. Did you know her cousin is or was Dorian Lord on ABC's 'One Life to Live'? I just knew you'd like to know that. Have fun Renee, girlfriend you deserve this one.

  8. Losing a blog into the blogusphere is so annoying. Happened to me the other day too, so I have started "saving" along the way!

    In with the good....out with the bad. Good motto, hope your day shaped up!

    (I chickened out on doing burnt orange linen on 2 wings) ((so far out of my comfort zone, was a wreck and just scrapped the whole idea))


  9. dumwit,

    that is crazy !!!
    i will have to ask her about him HAHA

    and is my sense of humor that has kept me alive all these years. :)
    XX's to you my friend

  10. Playin' with for me ;)

    Now would not be the time to remnind you it is Friday the 13th...would it?

    In with the good....out with the bad.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I am waiting with such high anxiety. Hello!!!! What happened Yesterday??? I know you are busy, but take a look at my site I goofed it up. There is a big empty space under the post.. Love you
    to the Sky M



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