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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miles And Miles Of Miles

Miles Redd
Let's peek through the window into his world.

I will start with this.
Firstly, I love ' redd '  mixed with zebra.
I mean... love it!

Miles Redd understands space...color, patterns, display.....
let's just say the man has it!
The gift.
Take this sectional, most people do not understand that a sectional is the way to go for a small space if you need more than seating for 2 - 4.
Not to mention the 'cozy factor'.
You always have the corner to lay down in as if it were a chaise.
I love the cozy corner.
See the wall mounted lamps?
I do the same thing for my clients when there is very little room for end pieces next to the sofa.
Floor lamps are so predictable.

And here I am in that same old outfit with Mr. Redd .
Next time I go to market at the DCOTA, I will have to have my make-up and wardrobe trailer brought along. lol

Could you DIE ?

Are those Hermes Boxes?
I hope so.

Palm Beach

Before I spoke to Miles Redd, I was watching him with some young design students.
They were all 'goo goo' over him ( and rightly so), giggling and asking him for advice, and telling him that they would be sending him their resumes....blah, blah, blah.
And all the while Mr. Redd was so kind, encouraging and attentive to each one of them.
I am sure a few of them will never forget the experience.

It was sweet to watch.

                                            Did you know that he has quite the southern accent?
*He is Living and working in the heart of Manhattan
It is just another thing that is special about him.
I would think it must be like having a very gentle, yet exotic creature design your home.
What a gift that would be.
Do you agree ?

go here to see and know more:  NYSD
click on : Miles Redd to see his site

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  1. thanks for your darling comment on my blog... whats mine is yours.... and miles... yes, love it all...

  2. Lucky you!! Miles really is fabulous, am definitely a fan!! :D

  3. What fantastic interiors, Renee. I love the hallway and the fourposter bed. I would never think of using that tangerine/red colour, but it works beautifully. XXXX

  4. Oh lucky you...and a southern accent...who would' guessed??!

  5. jacqueline,
    he is pure genius.

  6. Who cares about the same outfit you look fab no matter.....and all the rooms are his style!

  7. Love the red rooms. I couldn't live with it. Maybe a few touches of red, or one red wall. The Palm Beach rooms are lovely. Really do Like the horizantal stripe. You look Radiant. Love you to the Sky.
    May you have a very productive day
    and happy one.

    Mama XXX

  8. la petite

    i look radiant?
    more like i stuck my tongue in a plug.

    thanks anyway mom

  9. I liked Rachel Ashwell very much. She was wonderful to meet.

    Wow! you selected my favorite Redds and beating me to it:) That zebra is to die!

  10. Oh Renee, I am still swimming with the article in ED .. I was trying to get caught up last night with some of his rooms (red)...... great insight i am sure, luv his style.

  11. Your Mum sent me over to your interior design blog. So beautiful I enlarged them all to look at the detail. Loved the study. Have stayed in some beautiful and well designed (some professionlly) homes in the US so found this interesting.

    Then I found my way to your blog. Will ocme back and check all of your posts.

  12. I have been a fan of Miles Redd from the git-go. He gets it! My vision of him is as Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Love the fact this genius, and I do think of him as the one to don Tony Duquette's shamen's robe, speaks Southern, ya'll. Any by the way, love your mama writing to you on your blog.

  13. Renee this post needed to come with a warning label. I DIE every time I set eyes on his designs. To have actually met him & been photographed with him, well let's just say I would be very much like those young designers but with wrinkles, & a walking testament to gravity. Just remember, you don't need a make-up & wardrobe trailer next time, I will happily bring my brushes and kit and tag along.

    Thanks for the thrill to start my day. Love you as always!
    P.S.- you looked gorgeous.

  14. home before dark

    i have missed you, where have you been.
    do you have a blog?
    your profile doesn't come up.
    any way...

    Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice....i couldn't have said it better.
    you are right!
    xx and hugs

  15. Deb -
    well....keep your eyes to the sky.
    i will be in a big paisley-ed balloon.

  16. gasp! these are all STUNNING! especially the red mixed with zebra! and to know that he's a sweet man who's down to makes his work all the more amazing. great post renee!

  17. Oh girl I was soooo in need of a red fix today! And of course it just had to be from the gorgeous Miles, King of all things Redd. I had the good taste to give birth to a Miles too - except spelt with a Y. Great name, great boys.
    Millie ^_^

  18. Love his style Renee....xv

  19. He is adorable....and you know the picture that you asked, "could you just die?" Well, yes I could...just love it. You have had quite a week, wish I was with you...I need a boost!

  20. Whenever I decorate with red and white at X-mas I'm always wanting to add just makes it more interesting and if it's stripes all the better.
    Also you've got to read the Adventures of Elizabeth blog....all about shopping in the garment district....having lived in NYC I think you'll enjoy it. It's on my sidebar but in a separate section.
    Hope you have time to read it!

  21. He is fantastic.

  22. what a great set of images...the first set would likely be my favourite...

    he seems very funky, yet some of his o ther images seem more subdued...

    i guess he is also very adaptable to his clients needs...which i guess is what makes a great designer sometimes...

    but then thats the argument between designer taste and client brief...

  23. custard by design

    i know.....
    pleasing the clients....
    the painful part LOL



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