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Friday, November 20, 2009

Magic Ass

I could have traveled the world far and wide looking for trouble...........
And NOT found something so small and simple that was supposed to be

Take my not touch M.J. ....BEWARE!!!!!
I installed this thing and suddenly all my wireless laptops no longer go online using my wireless.
So, needless to say, I am writing this post with just two fingers that I have managed to poke out through my straight jacket.
I was fine yesterday until approximately 2pm, when I installed my brand new MAGIC ASS into my desktop.
from that moment wireless. I am beyond frustrated and hostile right now.
Oh...does ' crankey' sound better?
(I might get out of this straight jacket sooner)
I have been on the online HELP chat for more than 10hrs, with 5 techs. They have a neat trick ....
when the going gets tough or complicated, the tech gets going. Suddenly  you are introduced to a supervisor, and the you are introduced to someone who REALLY CAN help you.
Finally after NO HELP (from the REAL 'GEEK SQUAD').....I will be emailed from the imaginary engineers. HA HA.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
(oh wait, I have to save the insane laughter which takes place while rocking in a corner till after my 'GRANNY.'chores)
It is my day between taking granny (94 and senile) to the potty ( no less that 12 times), bringing her breakfast, lunch , snacks , dinner, cleaning my bathroom, sorting laundry, then back to answering granny's wacko questions with a straight face.....I can commence with my hysterical laughter. Right?

Be 'patient' with me.
I need my laptop to really post.

Anybody out there have this problem????
(not the granny problem - the MJ issue?)

millions of hugs and XX's

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  1. Magic Jack Phone
    SMASH! Bash!Crunch! Blam! *#@*

    I almost bought one ...Am I glad I didn't. . Trying to get help on line is wishing for snowballs in Hell. I can never under their accents. My Texas accent is bad enough.
    Try and have a good Day.
    Love Mamma

  2. I'm glad that I don't even know what that thing (M.J.) is! Well, I do know now of course..., and what you're going through sucks..., make sure you don't destroy anything in the process that you later regret -this from someone who once took her frustration with technology out on her labtop, then had to buy a new labtop!

  3. I sometimes wish that I was more software saaavy, but then I would have no idea how to fix a problem.
    So sorry to hear the troubles, sending good karma your way for a speedy recovery on your keyboard / laptop!
    Try to have a good weekend!

  4. La Maison Fou

    have a good weekend HA HA HA
    this was my weekend!!
    (my days off are thurs & fri)
    no, tomorrow i will be released from this asylum, straight jacket and all.
    *only to be sent to the RETAIL SATURDAY asylum,
    where i work.

  5. I have one that works great most of the time. The most I have to do is sometimes unplug and restart the program because for some reason I'm not getting a dial tone.

    Anyways, Mac or PC? If you have a mac, there's a program called AppDelete that you can download and it will remove it from your computer.

  6. Okay, I had to come over to see what the butt was all about. I am so not computer savvy. Luckily, I have my personal computer tech, my youngest who is two hours away in school. Wish you were closer, I'd send him over. Hope things are back to normal soon!

  7. So frustrating when one thinks they are improving things only to find they are in a mess. I installed a new wireless keyboard (or tried to) to my computer last year which ended up with me having 2 rebuilds which cost lots of money and lost my software and documents.

    Has made me very wary now and still using the old keyboard.

  8. No experience...but might I add....your Ass is stunning.

  9. Geez mate - between my busted foot & your crazy Magic Ass, I reckon we're done for. I think it's time to chill out together & invoke that old hippy herself Shakti Garwan - 'Throw it up to the Universe.' & be rid of it all I say. You need to come to my place to chill though, 23 hrs. on various planes to get to Chez Renee would be the end of me & my stupid foot.
    Millie ^_^

  10. yes, the ass is quite lovely. And thanks for the Magic Jack phone as I wasn't sure about MJ. Used to be tech savy, but it's mostly way above me now! Best of luck to you though- I know how frustrating these can be!

  11. you are just toooo much. i see the photo and title and i think "now what is she up to"?
    then.... so sorry to hear about your computer... then laugh again with all of the goings on with bathroom breaks etc... i think i am moving in with you... i want someone to take care of me! he he
    take care of you... do something really special for yourself this weekend... you deserve it. x pam

  12. get this!!!!!
    Magic Ass has done such a number in things around here...
    that my laptop mfg. have offered to re-do whatever is wrong with my laptop (on their dime).

    stay away from Magic JCK.

  13. omg - did you ever get it all fixed? I never even heard of a that thing!!!! hope you had a great thanksgiving with your daughter.


  14. Renee - the photo of the ass was truly frightening. But the real crime here is your magical day-off was "jacked". For me computer issues are no laughing matter. My mouth spouts words that only waitresses working truck stops in the deep south hear. Don't mess with my laptop. I hope it did get all worked out but what an ordeal. Okay - all great that someone pays for the repair, but what about the loss of hours out of your day or hair loss from pulling & tugging? Wait a minute, I think I need a potty break, can you take me?
    That was just a horrible attempt to make you laugh. Thinking about you kiddo! xx



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