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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Paris Apartment's Claudia Strasser @ Pierre Deux

She is and looks absolutely adorable.
What a big and beautiful smile she has.
But I thought.....isn't that what you are expected to do when your groopies show up to listen to you while you attempt to teach them about living  the French Flea Market lifestyle?.
And how to incorporate something fabulous from a flea market (that you picked up while in Paris) to just finish off your cocktail table, or that special room.
There are so many special touches that so many shoppers do not know about,
or understand the way Claudia Strasser does.

 This is what Claudia Strasser does.
And she did it with words, props and a slide show.
*And of course she signed her book, 'The Paris Apartment' at the end of her presentation.

The Event for Claudia Strasser of 'The Paris Apartment' was held in the Pierre Deux Showroom at the D.C.O.T.A. in Dania Beach, Florida

While Claudia was doing her Q + A's , 
an older woman went into her life story ( I do mean a mini series)
about shopping for antiques in Germany in her young married life, and
I was sitting there what did you buy over there in Germany?
A COO KOO clock perhaps????

Here we are talking about Paris.....and that ties right into Germany how?
German antiques?
Am I missing something? an old ginger bread house or  Hansel and Gretal dolls maybe?
It was like a TV moment on Seinfeld.
Do I sound a bit tightly wound?
Well, you know I am. And I needed this fun day.
And it was.
It was very entertaining for moi.
And educational for some. LOL

The time I spent with with Claudia.... well...
I was smiling all the time.
Except when the lady went on about her German antiquing memories.
I was hysterical in my head, while in my chair...thinking that I wanted to blurt out
Coo Koo, Coo Koo, what did you buy?
Let me guess, An old Coo Koo clock maybe?
No worries. I behaved,
but I am sure glad that my thought bubbles weren't read.
Claudia and I had a good laugh in the parking lot as we were saying our goodbyes.
Needless to say... I did pick up some new material for my blog and you.

I love you guys

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  1. Pretty reading your blog....I smile a lot!

  2. That was so funny, Renee and so typical .... there's always one, isn't there.
    Glad you had a good day and looking great as always.
    ....... AND you have learned so much about German antiques !!

  3. you crack me up!!!!
    and you both look too beautiful - wish I was there!

  4. joni,
    it was a hoot.
    i definitely am working too hard,
    that something so simple would send me into hysterics.
    i was sitting there trying not to laugh out loud...biting my cheeks.


  5. Now come on....straighten up girls....she was so serious about her German COO...LOL! ....meow meow! Funny stuff Renee! Glad you got so tickled....and enlightened the rest of us who really cannot believe people are so into "their" finds! For real?

  6. Kinda wish you had your video cam! You look tres cute. Merci! Trish

  7. Hi Renee! This looks like a fabulous time! I wish I wasn't so far away or I would have been :) You two look great! So funny!

  8. Did they bring a bus load of Geriatrics to the lecture?
    like the coo?

  9. You are so funny.
    I love your thought bubbles.
    xo xo

  10. Ah, so funny..., "older people" seem to talk about their memories all the time..., on and on. My mother in law is like that..., anything you say will trigger another long story from like 35 years ago.

  11. Anonymous10:41

    Interesting story as for me. I'd like to read something more about this topic.
    By the way check the design I've made myself High class escorts

  12. what fun Renee.......
    great little story.

  13. Renee, it was so nice to meet you at Pierre Deux. I am enjoying your blog.

  14. Loved the coo coo story. Thanks for the giggles! Gosh, you are gorgeous, Renee!!

  15. Thanks Renee! Will do now too. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

  16. funny Renee, I can just imagine you trying to keep it all together. Fun post, xv.

  17. YOU look FABULOUS!!! Sounds like a FAB time and INTERESTING!!! LOL!

  18. i love the way you dress Renee,soo stylish...great post,wish i was there.
    have a great week my very elegant friend.

  19. Wow HAVE been having some fun lately! I love this and cracked up at your story. I have a woman in my life that tells old stories and it gets OLD!!!
    You look beautiful as always.




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