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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Millwork Heaven !

What could be better
than the ocean and loads of beautiful MILLWORK?

Oh yes....and shingles.

The window seat up on the landing....charming.
And more views of the ocean.

I could be blogging on on my laptop right there on that chair.

Do you like bead-board?
The cabinet door fronts have bead-board.

AND.....a fireplace!

More window seats.

Cafe and a croissant anyone??
This is sooooooooo New England-y. I love it.

If you don't play chess....would you attempt it here?

This is what you can do when you have a tight spot for a bathroom.
Custom cabinets that  'bow-out' around the sinks instead of having a deep counter straight across.

Can you believe this is in Jacksonville Florida?
Who Knew?

Credits:Interior Design Juliana Catlin and Karen Lukaszewski, Catlin Interiors, Jacksonville, FL
ARCHITECTURE Richard Skinner, David Case and Patricia Houlihan, Richard Skinner & Associates, P.L., Jacksonville, FL, Florida Design Magazine

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  1. Sweet heart!!
    You out did yourself. Fabulous house.
    I would love that view.
    Every room is for me. Except that bath sink. Would it be awkward
    if you are short? Brushing your teeth you have to lean over.??
    Every else is beautiful.Florida?

  2. Yes, I do love all of the rooms inside and out! I could definitely live there! Cozy and beautiful ocean that's my kind of home....can you tell I live inland? Only in my dreams I guess.

  3. Renee. You are posting like mad !! Sorry that I've missed a couple.
    Love this house with wonderful views and beautiful decoration.
    I wish that you wouldn't show me these wonderful houses. They put mine to shame. Hehe. XXXX

  4. What!? Be still my heart. JAX- who knew!!?? LOVE the house. Great millwork, love the beadboard, and the kitchen and the bath. Oh just delightful.

    Thank yo\u!!

  5. I am openly weeping at this moment. That would be the ultimate life's luxury, to have a home near the ocean such as that. I've loved the ocean since I was a 7. Shingles since I was 15, bead-board since I was 25, & so on. You always know how to pull @ my heartstrings Renee.
    Hope you are doing something wonderful for Thanksgiving. My wishes for a restful, happy day. Cheers my dear xx

  6. I'm SO in that window seat right now! What a great house. I don't know if I'd be on the porch more or in the kitchen. Delightful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. We'll be installing some bead-board in our new kitchen! I love window seats..., in my next home!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. love it,every single detail, and yes of course i got this mag,gotta love fla design,although i hate all the advertisement, i really wonder how much does it cost to advertise in that mag???a lot of $$$$$$$ problably...;o)
    anyway have a wonderful day my dear friend and enjoy the sunshine, its been awful over here..xxxx
    ohhhhhhhhhh i wish i lived in FLORIDA!!!!!!!LOL..


  10. silvia,

    i saw someone from toronto was on and i told my daughter
    ....i think it is my friend sylvia.

    and here you are...thank you

    love to you and yours XXXXs and a big hug.



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