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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let John Saladino Transport You Too!

It is in the details.

I tore this room's picture out of a magazine, and have had it for years and years.
It is as timeless today as it was stunning, when it was first published.
I would still love to live in it.
His work transports me to another place and time.

Look at the fabulous dutch door.
Perfect for your horse. He can peek his head in to wake you.
A personal dream of mine.

The work around the fireplace mantle is divine.

I have attempted to recreate these sheer shades here in Florida to no avail.
I have shown pictures, every workroom tells me they can do it.
(and they are the top workrooms)
They can not.

Yes John Saladino  has his own line as well.

How can a sophisticated eye not love this chair?
And Yes....he has his own line of furniture.

John Saladino is highly educated and a gifted Interior Designer, Architect, and Landscape Architect.

Mr.Saladino does Corporate work as well.
Like Residential......
from the 'dirt up.'
The Architecture, the Landscape, and finally the blank canvas that is your new home's interior.


So, what do you think? 
Could you live in any of these spaces?
Does any space in particular speak to you?
Will you take something from this post and add it to your home?
XXX's Have a great day!

His Philosophy.

Want to know more about him? Click Here

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  1. Wonderful blog I love the landscape with stream.La Petite

  2. hello Renee..
    i loved every picture, i could live in any of the spaces,truly beautiful...
    have a great day my friend.

  3. Well, when do I leave?? I could go to any of these, I love the kitchen with the metal and rough beams!!
    AAAhhhhhh ........
    Just lovely!

  4. Yes, I could definitely live in any of these!! Love his work! Thanks for sharing it! Have a great day Renee!

  5. Love his work,,,,those curtains are too die for, xv.

  6. Saladino always shows off strikingly with a soft and subtle hand.

    It is as much about the outside space as the inside, and so strongly about the space that runs between the two.

  7. how are you miss??? how was your trip... email me. x pam

  8. I love his work. He lives his vision. How perfect.

  9. mmmm some pictures are really so nice i could eat them :-)

    no serious, thanks for sharing


  10. I could live in each and every one of those places, Renee.....don't you think that the best tribute to a designer is when an old design is still viable today, like the one you tore out of the magazine ? XXXX

  11. Eh...I guess he has a little talent.


    I could live in ALL of them. Slurp!

  12. Renee you are killing me here. As someone that has wanted to be an architect since I was about 13, this puts me into design attack. His work is too incredible to put into words. John's philosophy towards design & architecture ring so true. It is remarkably obvious that he is a schooled landscape designer, interior designer, & architect. Talented human being. Thanks for the thrill today Renee. Almost like porn! xx
    p.s.- how cool to have french doors so your beloved horse(s) can pop in to say hello?!

  13. Renee,
    If I could live in any of these? Easy!
    ...he is fantastic.

  14. That bathroom with the open fire, sob, sob - how could you do this to me, I thought we were the best of Blog chums Renee!
    Millie ^_^

  15. Nobody is better than John Saladino. He is a master of scale.
    I want his kitchen. How did he make a modern kitchen feel so at home in his Villa? I swear he is channeling a higher design power!


  16. There are many other amazing buildings out there made by fusing nature and modern design you can check some out at



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