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Friday, November 13, 2009

If It Isn't Fabulous, It's Meaningless

Letting go........
This is an example of the freedom in Design

Hutton Wilkinson
experiences everyday of his life.

*check out the conch shell wall planters, I have never seen anything more faboo!
Have you?

Click on these images and look closely at his every little detail.
It is not home design, 
it's a 'living stage design.'

What could be better?

I am not sure there is anything better than beauty.
My life is so incredibly stressfull......
(I haven't shared with you yet but I take care of my ex-mother-in law.
She is 94 yrs. old and is suffering from severe dementia. Need I say more?)

So, to me this break at the design center was just what I needed.
And that Hutton Wilkinson over there on that sofa?
Yes it is.
I will just get a 'Glam Shot' for my design blog with him.
How do we look ?

I asked Hutton Wilkinson if he had one sentence that best describes how he feels about Design,
he said; " If it isn't FABULOUS, it's MEANINGLESS!"

Don't you love that ?
(I am smiling)
Read & See More at Style Compass

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  1. Renee - happy to read you had a great day as we all know you deserve it tremendously. The pic of you & Hutton is hauuut.. I so appreciate Hut's (can I call him that?)design philosophy. I hope that does not apply to ones life, or I'm done for. You are a good woman to care for your ex-mother in law. A truly kind heart.

    Thinking of you xx

  2. My one and only Renee, You look so fabulous. You really need to nourish you soul and Design is your
    intravenous feed. You are always up
    after a trip to your Candy Store.
    I am so PROUD of you Darling Girl.
    I love you to the Sky.
    Mamma XXX

    So very PROUD of you..XXX

  3. Dumwit,
    you can call him Hut.i don't mind(hee hee)
    and i too appreciate his design philosophy.
    too bad we couldn't just delete everything that wasn't fabulous out our line of vision.
    ha ha
    i might start with the ex-mother in-law. HA HA i am just kidding.
    but sometimes i think it.

  4. He's pretty fabulous all right!
    Glad you had a glam break.
    xo xo

  5. oh how fun!.You look beautiful,i'm so glad to hear you had fun...
    and i hope you had a great day off:o)).
    have a great weekend dear friend.

  6. Renee, I really like the third photo... that angle of the room really captures everything! Of course the photo of you and Hutton is fab. Glad that made your day....and deleting the not so fab...genius!
    Taking care of an elderly person is hard. I visit an 83 yr. young lady with Alzheimers weekly and take her fresh flowers every time. She was an avid gardener in her younger days. My grandparents are gone. Acting as if you've heard her stories for the first time is not easy....and the same questions over and over again....."now who are you honey"...."now who am I" sad.

  7. Oh Renee, you celebrity stalker you !! You always look so gorgeous as well. I think that his designs are fabulous and we all need a bit of fabulousness in our lives.
    It must be pretty difficult, looking after your ex mother-in-law. I admire and respect you, Renee and hope that it doesn't put too much of a strain on you. XXXX

  8. I think that'll be my new sales pitch! wonder how that'll go over!
    Love the shell wall thingies too.

  9. I DO LOVE THAT and you look FAB darling! I do think we could be Jewish Princess and the Goya Princess!

  10. Well, Fab photo opp!
    Love that quote, doesn't it sum it all up?

  11. jac,

    it is a tough one. believe me.
    somedays i just want to pull out the last hair on my head.

    i think i have been' pushing it' a bit too much lately.
    i have to pace myself. xxx

  12. Great philosophy. And I do love the conch shells on the walls!

  13. I just realized..., the giant shell planters aren't on the wall -it's a curtain! They're on tall stands. Awesome!

  14. Best one-liner of the year goes to....HUTTON! Don't you look fab in the pic with the great man, very glam & gorgeous my dear!
    Millie ^_^

  15. Renee, what fantastic photographs. I love these fantasy can dream of exotic far away places after a grueling day at work. you trulu looked great and happy on this photo...nothing like a little escape



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