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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Dogs Life

I want to be this dog!
...certainly a simpler life.

Published October 2009 in Architectural Digest
For the making of their new family residence on Chicago’s North Shore, a couple worked with architect Robert A. M. Stern and his partner Randy Correll. Victoria Hagan decorated the interiors.Landscape architect Douglas Hoerr handled the grounds. The front elevation of the 16,000-square-foot Georgian Revival-style house.

Everything in this home is smooth and subtle.
The greens & blues just work. I don't think this home is over done in the least.

The traditional and the contemporary are blended beautifully.

I love the floor.
I have the same materials and pattern on my bedroom's terrace deck.

The comforter is so comfy.
*Note the covered buttons.

Great pool and a tiered lawn....I love that!

Did you see the movie ' Road to Perdition?'
I have never seen the shores of Lake Michigan, and was blown away by the sand and the water (in the movie scenes).
I never knew about the beautiful sand on the lake's shore.
It is just as if it were along an ocean shore.
This shot (below) made me think of the ending of the movie, and the sandy beach where the father
(Tom Hanks) and the son walk on the sand while heading to their hide-out.
A friend of the family's home.
I have watched this 3 times. The cinematography is outstanding.

mahogany sun-deck
*Do you think I am too old to get adopted?

Do you like this home?
Could you live there?

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  1. 16,000 square feet? I think that's enough house for both of us! I think I'd live in the dining room and kitchen. The views weren't bad either, were they?

  2. * Renee, I think my husband & I SHOULD be living there, as we ALREADY have the dog~~~ a wonnnderful German Shorthaired Pointer just like the one on their lawn!!! (And she "plays well with others!!!)~~~

    We could live in their "guest house", just so the dogs could play together everyday!!! I LIKE that idea!! I LOVE THIS HOME, altho in all truthfulness, would not want something so biggggg.... the land & views, yes, but the magnificent home is just soooo big!!!

    THANKS! This was FUN!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  3. Renee,
    That's an Estate pretty big..
    love the landscape, and location.
    There was a lot of thought,
    and the money was well spent.
    Not at all ostentatious.

    We watched that movie together
    up here.

  4. Linda in AZ *.

    that's my line!!!
    i also 'play well with others.'


  5. The view out the bedroom, to the herringbone brick floor (jealous of you bye the bye), to the fabulous pool house - insanely gorgeous. Do you think people that own a home such as that, all 16,000sq.ft, truly know how fortunate they are? I hope so. If you get adopted, can we be twins & they have to take the set?!! Restful Sunday to you & thanks for the message yesterday. Your the bestest xo

  6. I love this house, Renee. It's so stylish and has a lovely cool feel about it..... and that kitchen. Gorgeous. XXXX

  7. A house by the water? Yes, please.

  8. Gorgeous home Renee! Yes, you're forgiven...hope granny hasn't been too hard on you! This 16,000 sq. ft. home is so unpretentious I truly do hope they know and "give thanks" for it every day! It's not too far from northern Indiana! I'll have to watch the movie too!

  9. Dumbwit Tellher

    i was thinking the same thing....
    we could be 'the twins' the adopt!


  10. I would not mind coming back as a dog...such a dog's life that is. Well....16,000 square feet....that means a lot of time spent vacuuming....if you twist my arm, i think that I could live there..what is the water temperature? Truly a spectavular house, I dream of terraced lawn...



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