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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Accept It Or Walk Away

Ernest Hemingway once said
 “If something is wrong, fix it if you can.

But train yourself not to worry:
Worry never fixes anything.” 

I can worry and worry about this house being a wreck..........
nothing will change it's condition 

if all I am doing is obsessing 
about it's shabby broken down state..

I need to accept it 
 the way it is and get geared up for the long challenging road ahead, 
or walk away and accept the loss.
That is if I want peace in my head and in my life.
But If I want to change it... I will have to do it.
When I say change it , I mean the ' house.' 

We really can not change very much in our lives.
We can change ourselves....if that. 
And if you have tried to change any core personality traits of your own 
you know how difficuly it is.
Not impossible.
I just need to decide where I want to be......
or here!!

....Needless to say I am reflecting on things in my own life.
How hard is it for you to accept situations that upset you?
I know it is simple in concept, but it is not always easy.

p.s. Hemingway's words do not lend too much encouragement for me 
considering how his own personal story ended..
I know he suffered from depression....
and worry and negative thinking is how it takes it's first baby steps in to your head.
Or, at least MINE.

hugs & xxx's

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  1. Such a truth, had a group of about 35 kids last night for a young life session at my house, you know you clean, cook & spot paint or touch up for it; then you hear one of the leaders talk about "things happen" out of your takes the pressure off and gives a new perspective on things! I heard of how this young girl copes with her cronic condition and the worries of the world seem smaller to me in the big picture!
    Enjoy the day & your time here, it is so short.
    My New Year resolution is to focus on one day at a time & not to sweat the small stuff ......a big challenge for me!
    Have a good day,

  2. Such a great post!

  3. Renee, I've been following your blog and had to comment on this one. I'm a Hemingway fan, and like him, lived in Paris as a young man. I'm currently living in a my own wreck of a house, and documenting its renovation on my blog Garvinweasel. I hope you will visit. I'm giving away a copy of 'Axel Vervoordt:Timeless Interiors' next Sunday.

    Thank you for this great post!


  4. Wise words there from Hemingway..., shows that intellectual wisdom doesn't lead to peace and happiness!

  5. Do you sometimes think that you think too much about things, Renee ? I think that ones first reaction to a problem is the right one...... if you follow this advice you have a much easier and happier time of it !!!! XXXX

  6. Girlfriend,
    Be sad for as long as it takes.
    But then wash your face, and love the life you have been given.
    A wreck of a house is better than a tent or a card board box under a bridge.
    Wrecked things can be beautiful in their faded beauty and decrepitude (at least that's what I say to myself when I look into the mirror every morning).
    You are loved.
    Laugh at the falling down house. It has it's charm - at least in the photo ha ha.
    xo xo

  7. Such words of truth and inspiration, who would have thought that just a picture could spark such profound thought. Thank you for giving us the choice to just accept it for what it is or walk away from something that is out of your control. Exceptional read thank you...

  8. San Francisco Interior Design
    thank you,
    today was especially hard at work....
    and i was just thinking.....walking away? hmmmmmm....

  9. valerie ,
    you are so dear to me.
    you can make tear up and roll with laughter all at the same time.
    it is YOU that is loved.

  10. Sweet Friend,
    Life is a gift, we are not guaranteed tomorrow, make the best of today. Don't sweat the small stuff, 'cause remember it's all small stuff. You are bigger than "things"...hold your head high and do what is right for you. I like what Valorie said, "be sad, then wash your face"...I like that, will remember that for myself.
    love you...

  11. hi darling... i am back in the saddle again and here to cheeeeer you... life can be hard at times but remember... every day is truly a gift. live life to the fullest... every day as if it were your last... (please remind me of this when i need it) xxxx pam

  12. The deciding is the hard part. Making a life that is in sync with your soul is a much easier task. I think it's like that idea that to sculpt a lion is easy. You just take away everything that doesn't like a lion. You deserve to be your happiest self. Or we all could posse up and come down and drive away all those buggers!

  13. i hope you had a better day today my dear friend,go for a nice walk on the beach and breath....take care Renee...



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