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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Extraordinary Swimming Pools

This image reminds me of when I would use the rooftop pools in NYC.
I believe this is taken in Singapore.

The odor of chlorine in an enclosed swimming pool 
has always bothered me.
I see here that you can open the doors.....
....I might give it a go in this pool.
It is fabulous.


A 'Dexter' pool

The above two images are taken from a hotel you must see 

I have provided the link below to the left.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Yes, the top photo is from the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. I think I might be a bit terrified. Actually, I think somebody did throw themselves off from here late last year, quite soon after it was opened.

  2. Gorgeous, Renee! I am in love with infinity pools. These images are the epitome of pool design.
    Happy Saturday.

  3. Seriously amazing... especially the first one... and your 'Dexter' comment... very cute! Happy weekend Renee... xv

  4. OMG, that first one is mind blowing! The one with the red lights kind of creeps me out. All sensational though......have a good weekend!

  5. I love pools and pool environments! The red is not my thing. Blue is so relaxing and spacious why mess with it.

  6. I wish my pool looked as ethereal and fantastic as those images. But all in all, it boils down to the beautiful turquoise water and being able to loose oneself in it. Right now mine is full of debris and worms from last night's storm! so they're not so glamourous at times! Enjoy your weekend Renee.
    Any word about jobs that you interviewed for? best of luck.
    xo Nancy

    1. nancy
      there is so much going on with me.
      COMPLETE change!!

      will write more soon.
      most of all thank you for asking.

  7. Renee a fabulous group of pools, excepting the red that looks like blood to me! The indoor pool is gorgeous, I have been in several homes with them; do agree about the chlorine scent; I think you do have to be able to open it up, a huge sliding door or many french doors.

    Art by Karena

  8. Wow! those were all fantastic!!!!!!! I am dying to go to the Amalfi coast. I love the first shot........ Amazing....... Very well done....... Red? I don't think so.......

  9. Every post you do is stunning and whimsical so I always always enjoy them. Of course, for me there no place as beautiful as the Amalfi coast of truly is where I should be. I didn't know of this hotel, but I do know the drive all the way around and Ravello is magnificent.
    What's happening in your life other than going to Mom's? Email me. Or, call me 713.679.1181

  10. NIIIIIICE!!! I want to take a dip in most of those pools! You are right about the smell of indoor putting. Going to check out the hotel--love that area.

  11. Think the red pool is on Koh Samui at a resort called The library...they tried the red here in Phuket as well at a resort on Cape Yamu that Phillipe Stark and the YOO team worked on....they changed after the show home...hehehe...I think most of us will agree with Karena....funny when tiling and patterns are so effective and not that expensive to accomplish here in Thailand that these design teams chose crimson....just saying hahaha....anyway can't wait to hear the latest on your life and times! Hugs h

  12. I LOVE those vanishing pools!
    Never been to the Amalfi coast...heading there now!

  13. Hi Renée,

    How controversial is that red pool! So unexpected. It certainly stands out. I wonder if the red has the opposite effect of the soothing blue and serves to reenergize.

    Hope you had a great week-end. (Hey, guess what, I posted, lol!)

    1. you can bet that i will be right over to see it!!!


  14. Hi dear! Woyld love to know where the ehite house/huge riund columm is located ( image 3) tkssss F



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