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Monday, July 13, 2009

"A man is never so proud as when striking an attitude of humility." C.S. Lewis

When you read this I will be in training at a new job. It's not really a 'new' job , I worked for this company briefly 4 years ago.
My town, which by most peoples standards is a very pretty town, has a problem. It's the store fronts. They are emptying out....quickly. The downtown area , on the main street is not good.

As you might imagine, clients are not chasing me down the street. Nor are they throwing money at me for this spectacularly brilliant design brain of mine. I am going to work for a big family furniture business in South Florida. They have a lovely design department too.
So..........if it's Monday, I am in training.
Training to be a better me.... Am I humble? Humility allows me to remain teachable.

I am not the 'boss of me' anymore.
Was I ever ? Even when I worked for myself....I still really worked for who ever was writing the checks for the furniture and fabrics.
I have promised myself that I will have an attitude of gratitude for this opportunity. A good attitude is the only thing that will make me a success.
I think a lot of what went wrong with this country (myself included) is a lack of gratitude for what we had. We fell into the trap of thinking what we had was not enough. There was always something bigger and better right around the corner. We all know (especially a designer)...that bigger is not always better.

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  1. Best to you Renee in your new endeavor! I love C.S. Lewis! You're so right, humility is the key, putting others first and contentment. It's such a "me me me" oriented world today. We're merely stewards of what we've been given for a short while and it's not ours to keep. Our talents, possessions, relationships and even our children belong to God. Hope your day is going well.

  2. All the best to you in your new adventure, Renee.

    Our downtown has sort of come back from the brink of extinction. Many businesses are now in the old Main Street buildings. It's looking lovely, these days.

  3. Good luck with your new job - I know how it goes. You have the right attitude - no question! And I agree, we (all) forgot to be grateful for the bounty we have and now we're paying. But, we learn, grow and bounce back!

  4. Good luck to you Renee!

    And yes, you are right, it is the slice of humble pie that keeps us in perspective!

    Enjoy the experience, it is what life is all about!Learning and doing.


  5. I agree. We have lost our selves in the wanting (more) mind.

  6. lulo ,

    thank you my dear.

    i am on break, i ran to a free wifi place so i could check my comments and check on everybody else's posts too.


  7. Good luck Renee - enjoy the job and how wise your thoughts are today, xv.

  8. Wishing you all the best. New challenges keeps us young, humble maybe, I prefer to think young! Have fun and enjoy this new opportunity. You never know where it will lead.

  9. Best of luck on your new venture Renee. Please give us updates on how it's all going.....also , thanks so much for commenting on my post today , which , quite honestly was rubbish !!!!......I lost my photos ( don't know how !! ) then they all seemed to end up in the wrong positions , then I was late so couldn't redo it so , not a good day. Please come back....I will try to do better !!!

  10. Hey Girl! You must be home...and maybe tucked in bed after your training.

    Sometimes we just do what we gotta do. Nothing more or less than that.

    And kudos to you for picking up the reins and moving forward!

  11. linda @ lime,
    i am home and in bed.....i still have 'homework'.
    i will have to do it very early tomorrow.

    your words mean a great deal to me.
    hugs and xx's to you

  12. Hey girl, the biggest high five to you from across the Great Divide! You will of course succeed beautifully in your new role because of your skill, tenacity, positive attitude & huge, open heart! I took a somewhat shaky plunge out of my comfort zone into a brave new world 20 years ago & every day I thank that Higher Being that I did - it's been a joy!
    Millie ^_^

  13. Hey Sweet Friend....I am in DC working and just saw your post (Tues morn) and I KNOW you will do a fab job...kudos and BIG HUGS to you. They will not know what hit them and will be wondering why it took so long to find you!

  14. You do not need luck but I will say it anyway "Good Luck Renee", bring your talent and passion for design... clients will love will see it in their eyes!
    I work design through a store and clients come to me... it is great, 3 new ones last friday...and 2 old clients want another room done... I am so busy right now I'm trying to work out how I will fit in a vacation...
    You are going to love your new job...I can feel it in the air!
    Love Carol Ann x

  15. Renae-
    back at you (kisses and hugs)
    i will call you when things settle down.


  16. Wishing all the best in this new phase of your life. I admire your attitude & your thoughts on how we all showed a lack of gratitude. I see it every day in the young adults that we raise. We expect so much and truly believe we deserve it; sometimes we do & often we do not. I think back to what my grandparents & parents endured & it puts life back into some sort of perspective. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new experiences.
    Deb Xx



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