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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wanna' Feel 'Waspy' ?

I do.
When people come over to your you want to look well traveled?
Like a woman or man who has been on a safari?
Would you at least like to pretend ?

Remember OUT OF AFRICA ?
The following rooms are not like the home in OUT OF AFRICA, but if you want a taste...
I have found a source for you.
Additionally, I have selected what I feel is the best of their line.
The company is called Bauer International.
There are some incredible finds. Some of my favorites are below.

I adore this safari chair. Fold it up and on to your next location.
These are chic... for sure.

It may just be me, but I need these! How great would they be for those pesky kids and all their stuff in a mud room ? Or in a bathroom for your guest's towels, robe, and other personal items. I am thinking....brilliant!
They are just stunning, and practical. How often does that happen?? Hmmm??

This is a bed.

They have NAUTICAL too!
I love anything that is Nautically inspired, and far removed from Gilligan Island. I am NOT A TIKI HUT kinda gal. Nope. No Tiki Huts for me.
You can keep Margarita Ville decor far, far away from me. Please!

But for a coastal home or a condo on a marina these are just fun, and tasteful at the same time.

I think this an adorable bar for a small space. I get requests for bars, and when you need one you can never find it.

Their home page. The web address is right above on the bottom.
They sell hardware as well. So, if you are thinking of doing a room or bath, and already have a chest or are working with existing cabinetry just change the hardware. It is truly amazing. Great hardware is worth every penny that you spend. Trust me!!

More Love.
Here is something they carry that I am, well, completely nutty for...
Bamboo, Brighton or Pavillion style accent pieces, They are finished (it looks like in) tortoise.
Just dreamy.

This piece, to me is better than.......ok, we are PG rated... fudge cake with loads of icing.
(and let's not forget the ice cold milk)

Is this not FABOO ?
Their art work themes are hard to find. I give them 2 thumbs up on art work.

How is this for accessorizing? Just sooooooo La Di Da. I Love it !
Sign me up !!
I am a life long Wasp In Training anyway !!!

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  1. FAB items!!! I'm ready to hop into that second photo... there's a second seat... join moi!

  2. Renee , you're back... have you been having a good ,long, lie down after your exertions of last week ?I hope so.
    Well, you've cetainly made up for it with this post....I feel as if I have been on a great expedition !!!
    What fabulous pieces and in all price brackets.... but I want the leather chair in the first picture....don't you just love that worn leather look ?

  3. Love their stuff. Luckily they have a representation in Aus.
    Bamboo and rattan is just fabulous.

  4. Great pieces! Ax

  5. My favorite of course is the first photo...I have one very similar with cowhide on the back and sides! Love it! Great post! I'll check it out...I need accessories! Thanks Renee! Luanne

  6. I have just re-watched 'Out of Africa' - you have found everything we need to recreate the scene. What about the Robert Redford look alike??? Love this post Renee, xv.

  7. Love out of Africa! And my favorites are the trunks..., especially the coffee table. Also they seem to have neat nautical items. Then, I just did a post on old ship photographs. You might want to check it out, here is the link:

    Love out of Africa! And my favorites are the trunks..., especially the coffee table. Also they seem to have neat nautical items. Then, I just did a post on old ship photographs. You might want to check it out, here is the link:

  8. Sorry about that (double thing)!

  9. Hey R!

    Love love love these things...the leather, the bamboo, both together...yummy. Yep Girl, we could do some fab decorating together...our (great) minds DO think alike!

  10. R-
    yes we do think alike !
    wouldn't a project together be fun ?


  11. Vicki,

    if only they offered a robert redford clone.
    my life would be complete!


  12. HI. I love all this leather and could while away a few hours with the deck & steamer chairs. The sailboats and vintage photos sealed the deal. Thanks.



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