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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Semi-Permanent Tents

An alternative to a traditional home.

"Glen Lajeski spied a newspaper ad listing acreage for sale. Intrigued, the Disney executive asked his host if they could look at the land on their way to the airport. Lajeski’s friend hesitated. “I know when you see this property,” he cautioned, “it’s going to change your life.”

"Strolling the 160-acre parcel the following day, Lajeski found babbling brooks and Technicolor hillsides flush with wildflowers. Gauzy strands of moss hung from the oak trees overhead, while verdant vineyards sprawled across the valley below."

So he built a compound of 3 buildings for his family and occasional guests.
This is a TENT. The walls are canvas. This , to me, is brilliant.
What a fabulous idea!
First you can find a beautiful piece of property and if you can not afford to build a home now, or can't wait to enjoy the one of these.
Or one of these......
This is another tent style called a Resort/Mughal Tent. You can see (at the sources I have provided below) all the styles and price ranges that they come in.

In Case You Are Curious About Mughal Tents.....

"The Mughal Emperor Akbar, is said to have lavishly patronized art during his era, his style was a mixture of Persian and Indian motifs, which gets reflected in the magnificent Tents, Carpets, Furniture, captured by the Ottoman army in the seventeenth century. The Sultan had his court in a huge encampment of hundreds, even thousands of Tents, at the center of which was the 'Tented Palace' called the 'Imperial Tent Complex'. The imperial tents were pavilions, walled in by a symbolic rampart of cloth and recognized by their size and the splendor of their decoration, both inside and out. Around the royal enclosure were grouped other imposing Tents of diminishing size belonging to high-ranking officers and officials. Within the royal enclosure is a great variety of Tents of differing size and function, including a Kitchen Tent, Dining Tent, Women's Tent, Bath Tents, Toilet Tents and Stable Tents."
These sites have all kinds of fabulous Indian Decor as well.
Go. Take a peek. You will not be disappointed
Below are your sources.
source for exotic tents:

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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Semi-Permanent Tents, Mughal Tents



  1. These tents are so cool, Renee! I am always drawn to tents.

  2. That first little place is the cutest thing ever!!

  3. I know, isn't this just awesome. I've seen a few tent homes around the blogshpere lateley..., it's taking "camping" to a new level.

  4. I really love these tents Renee, but NOT the two man variety that my husband and brother-in-law sleep in when they go to Le Mans. I prefer a nice hotel. !! My neice got maarried last year and had the reception in massive Teepees, very similar to the mughal tents. It was fantastic. Have a look at my post today. You might like it ( or you might not ) It is an acquired taste.

  5. Makes me think I could take up "camping"!!!

  6. Isn't semi-permanent an oxymoron? Lovely idea, but would have to be in land where no bugs and snakes dwell!

  7. I am forever repeating the dream of living the Summer in a tent, teepee, tree house, tea house, or Yurt!

    ..These look like some very traditional-western-archetypal-versions of a Yurt.

  8. I Love the idea...a friend was talking about it seriously once...and a colleague bought land in Colorado and erected a yurt until they could build!


  9. Anonymous16:14

    Beautiful site:) I found you on "HOME" I would love to add one another as followers to help increase traffic to both of our sites and to network! Just let me know OR add me and I will then add you as well! Have a lovely day!:)xoxo

  10. Anonymous19:36

    Thank you for networking with me:) Please let me know if I can ever help you with your blog in any way:)

  11. It's a place for a party as well that's for sure!! Love the feeling that tents create!

  12. I did a post like this last year- your images are so pretty. Who wouldn't love to stay in a tent? It's so romantic!!

  13. so it!

  14. Terrific post Renee. Could you not sit in one of those butterfly chairs & just look at all that beauty. Count me in for living in any one of those tents.

  15. Tent as a guest house ? Why not!

  16. Anonymous07:27

    Nice Mughal tent, I must say every tent on is a piece of art :))

  17. Sorry, I'm late visiting...things have been crazy with the horses around here. The tents are fascinating! My niece went to Mongolia on a missions trip a few years ago and stay

  18. All I gotta say is these are amazing. I have pictures in my mind of a cocktail party with "midnight at the oasis" playing in the background. Very chic.

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