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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Talk About Doing It On A Shoe String...

(This hallway is the bomb. I love it!!)
They Live In NYC
This is Ms. Salway (26 year old interior designer) and Mr. Moskowitz (television script coordinator) and they plan on being married in this house. They will rent a huge tent and have 150 guests, after all the renovations are completed.

"Christina Salway and John Moskowitz spent weekends from October to May renovating their 700-square-foot 1920s cottage in Sparrow Bush, N.Y., their first home purchase. A converted garage on the left is now a living room that has been enclosed with salvaged windows and glass-paned doors."
Last September this couple paid $95,000.00 for this 2 bedroom cottage in the Catskills.
"The coffee table, made of wood crates, was found on the street."
With a budget of $10,000.00 they did almost everything them selves.
Everything in this house is either off the street or from craigs list.
...and just add a dash of paint!
Lots of charm.
This adorable couple installed retro appliances in the kitchen, including this Philco refrigerator.
Antique wheel - from the street

I can see the tent now , with all the guests at their wedding..
I wish these two all the happiness, and it seems to me that they can do anything together.

When you are young and in love, is there anything that you can't do?
images : NYT

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  1. So true Renee.....It is a love is blind thing, accompanied with lots of energy and gumption! Oh too be young & in love!!! Trying to keep that alive myself!

  2. Oh, this reminds me so much of our first little house in Kansas City. Yes, young love is invincible. Love it.

  3. It all goes to show that money isn't fact I'm sure they have got so much more out of this than someone with millions .....and, of course,there is that other important factor....... the love !!!!

  4. Their colors do the trick for me. This is just the sort of thing a young design should do to make a name. They have a lot better stuff on their streets than we do.

  5. Oh what a cute story -and that house is adorable! It's all so perfect and charming I just want to gag (out of jealousy of course!).

  6. What a cute cottage and the garden.!? Heaven.
    Have a great weekend, Renee.

  7. Such a charming open lovely house.
    I came over via Willow
    I don't have eyebrows either........

  8. I love this story- she has the hand and the eye for sure. I still remember all the little things I thought were fabulous about my 1st singles apt-no love story-but still loved it. Now my mother who is 80 has always loved houses- she still reminisces about the first house that she and my dad built and all the specifics of it-a love that lasts- maybe it's the Love she remembers more that the Flamingo pink walls! la

  9. Love makes everything better, no?

  10. This sounds all too familiar! Love it! People always say to me...."you always find the coolest stuff or you always have neatest stuff for pennies" and I always say to them "it's out of necessity...when you HAVE to look for you FIND it! Amazing what can be done with little resource!

  11. little augury

    wouldn't that be great if love is what she remembered !

    your mom is lucky then.

  12. Yep...oh the energy of youth.

    Maybe it's the heat...but a whole lotta nuttin' is going on around here.


  13. Love this because their dreams & goals were so achievable. They didn't aim for a McMansion with all the accompanying bells & whistles for their first house. They have a charming, warm & inviting home as the end result of some frugal behaviour, sensible repurposing & elbow grease. Bravo to them, I hope many will find their experience worthy of emulating.
    Millie ^_^

  14. Love the house, love what they've done and that they did it themselves!
    I love being young & in love!!
    Okay, I'm not young (but remember it well!)but am in love!!



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