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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On My Way To....

A Much Needed Break From My Training Class
I saw this set up and thought to myself, oh PLEASE ...
A little nap would be just what the doctor ordered, my eyes are burning, and it is hard to keep the furniture ' reps' straight at this point.
But 2 collections from Lexington make it all worth while, Barclay, and Kingstown.
They both have zebra accents pieces, along with upholstered items. All of which, I adore.
Is the zebra pattern not one of our favorite accents? Yes, it is!

'Zebra' has been long been associated with sophistication, and exotic travel.
I know I have zebra print in my home, I know Joni from Cote de Texas has it too!
Who else of you have something 'zebra' in your home?
Do you go for zebra ?

If you want to know more about any pieces in this post let me know.
I will get back to you.

xx RF

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  1. Renee - I zebra! I read bloggers tell the tale of banning zebra from their interiors. Zebra'ed out they say. Well I say, "never". I believe everything great in moderation.

    Now nap time for you! Hope your Wed. & training will be good?

  2. I don't have Zebra in my home but I do like it....I have a cowhide rug in my family room though. Hang in there....only two more days!

  3. We have a zebra suitcase bought in a school auction. It's in our "jungle" office on our leopard rug. Where the suitcase came from, we'll never know.

  4. No zebra... I guess the equivalent for an everything coastal enthusiast like me is coral patterns (but don't have that either). Hope everything is going as smoothly..., take care.

  5. I do have a copy of Osa Johnson's book, I Married Adventure. It has a wonderful zebra cover. Does that count??

  6. I've got a Zebra on the livingroom floor.....on top of stained concrete. Odd combo, yes?

    Love all of your images...that sideboard is quite ducky!

  7. I am a leopard girl myself. While I love the pure graphics of zebra, leopard soothes my animal side better.

  8. Zebra in the entry hall, ottoman & pillows!
    Yes, I love the animals, but I am hopeful that sources are getting their skins from regulated hunting.
    I do love the zebra look!

  9. Are you spying on me? I've been looking for something zebra this summer, but a lot of it looks cheap. Haven't found the perfect thing...yet.

    Love the pic of you and CV. Gorgeous!!

  10. No matter how hard I try , I just can't get into the animal print thing...sorry would be a boring world if we all liked the same things , wouldn't it ?I don't even like wearing it...pehaps I was a zebra in a previous life !!!!....Hope you are feeling lots better Renee...take some time out in the first picture.!! Lots of love XXXX

  11. La Maison Fou

    i would NEVER use real ZEBRA silly !

    have you forgotten ?...we are BOTH horse woman.

    xx thank you for your comments. it is getting me through.

  12. willow,

    how did you know ???

  13. My sistah Renee....
    I hope you have been able to BREATHE a little bit. I have no zebra...does a leopard count?
    Love ya...

  14. No zebra here, but MOTH's always coveted Ardvark!! You are sounding good girl, have you taken over the class from the Trainers yet!
    Millie ^_^

  15. Oh la la! loving the zebra stools and the zebra armchair!! Yes..I do zebra too! I have a zebra floor cushion... came from World is in rich browns... everyone loves it!

  16. Zebras are such beautiful animals. They say that each animal has unique stripes.

  17. Anonymous02:12

    I love love love the jungle-feeling & your blog!

    Agneta from Sweden



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