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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1960's Classique

"Architect Richard Zingale and interior designer Sandra Chancey created a soothing retreat using a minimalist, geometric design and modernist influences."
Isn't this rich ? It takes me back to another time..........
I like it. I grew up with a girl who's parent's home was very similar to both the exterior, and interior of this place..
...And so dissimilar to my family home.
I was surrounded with everything traditional.
Everything that is done in this home reflects the 1960's.
All of the good from the 60's era, and the bad forgotten.
The light floors are refreshing, clean , and airy.
'Airy' is always good.
One thing though, is very important that your wood floor is finished in just the right color/shade. If you don't watch the staining process carefully you could end up with a pink hue in the floor.
No Good.
No Pinks.

"The client — philanthropist and art collector Norma Gene Lykes — first found a house to renovate in her own neighborhood, the Hyde Park historic district along Tampa Bay in Florida. But obstacles prevailed, and she decided to demolish that house and build a new one with a 1960s-inspired aesthetic. Both Zingale and Chancey had worked with Lykes previously, and the three tackled the project as a team."

I think this home is a knockout!
The architecture is 1960's style.
And today, it is truly a Classique!!
I would live here in heart beat.

I would like to know, do you like this home??
Could you live in it, or is it too modern and cold for you??

I know some of you have much different styles....
but can you appreciate it?
I think what I like about this home is that it reminds me of the homes in Miami Beach, from the 1960's when I was growing up.

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1960's Classique



  1. Amazing Eye Candy!!!!!

  2. As the '60's was my era, I was never that enthusiastic about architecture and design of that period BUT you have reminded me that there were some good designs around. That house looks stunning. XXXX

  3. No problems moving in here Renee - it's stunning! Do you remember the house The Brady Bunch 'lived' in? Now there's an example of the 60's you wouldn't want to revisit! Those cantilvered stairs & Mike & Carol's bedhead - oh just the memories have sent me into a catatonic coma! And wasn't dear ol' Mike supposed to be an Architect!
    Millie ^_^

  4. ...and it could be a home in southern California in the '60's as well...where I grew up! I really like the dining table in the last picture! Nice to reminisce.

  5. Anonymous23:32

    I would move into that house exactly as is. The late 50's through much of the 60's is a style I crave, but also never lived in. I was born in '59, so the movies, television programs, magazines and other influences of my first decade bore this style, or at least had elements of it. You're right, this home has all the very best of that hip era with just enough warmth to be truly timeless. I love it.

  6. This is a great home and I'll be very happy to call a house like this mine..., a little smaller perhaps, but other than that it's perfect, including the pool!

  7. Yes I DEFINITELY can appreciate this style! The floors are beautiful! The bathroom cabinets and flooring a wonderful mix. I could relax in there!

  8. Lovely house , clean lines, unclutered welcoming.

  9. Millie,
    you are so right !
    living in the Brady Bunch house has made sick just thinking about it.

  10. It's a great home... fab EVERYTHING... I could visit but it is soooooooo not my style.

  11. THE 60's were cool and I think a style that has endured well in many ways. Great house Renee, xv.

  12. Stunning bathroom! And everything else as well of course :)

  13. FABULOUS! I am a sucker for mid-century modern ... LOVE this post!



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