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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Want An ARM Chair

Let ME remind ME that I said this:

" I am not the 'boss of me' anymore.
Was I ever ? Even when I worked for myself....I still really worked for who ever was writing the checks for the furniture and fabrics.
I have promised myself that I will have an attitude of gratitude for this opportunity. A good attitude is the only thing that will make me a success."
I really said that, right?
How quickly I deteriorate when uncomfortable.
Well, it is day 2, and my back and neck are killing me. I am sitting in a side chair for hours. Sometimes going for 2 and 1/2 hours at a stretch without a break.
I have A.D.D.
Need I say more???
There is so much company information to retain, new people,(and you know how stressfull meeting new people is , right ?) ,and then there is homework at night too. When I finally get home after fighting the traffic at 6:30...all I want to do is shower, eat, and sleep. That's all I can handle.
I want to be alone, and VEG OUT. I am on ' information overload'. I am crashing like a computer.
I want to sleep so I can re-boot properly.
Even if I were to sit in this beautiful chair all day....I still need ARMS. My elbows are raw from leaning on the table for support. Yes, I am that sensitive...everywhere!
Okay, now I know I am sounding like a spoiled 'PRINCESS', and even though I am a princess (even if it is only my head)....stick with me here.....
I still must work my way back to REALITY. The reality is that I am grateful for the opportunity to WORK for this wonderful company, and go through their training program.

But, I can complain to you.
Right ?
Here's another reminder to myself....I don't know EVERYTHING.
I have to remain teachable. Humility is a bitch my friends. But oh so necessary if you want to be a likable sort of person. No?
Not to mention, humility is a must when working with and for others.
See...I am getting it back. I feel like I am sounding better already.

I started this post really feeling sorry for myself. I feel better now.
Do I sound better ????

Support me here. I need you.
xx Renee

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  1. Hang in there girl! You will make it! Just 3 small days until the weekend! RR&R...... Recoop, readjust, reboot!

  2. I agree... the arms need to rest.
    I love sitting in armchairs too.

  3. I'm THAT sensitive, too, with a dash of ADD thrown in. I recently bought a new computer chair and now I hate it. It hurts my legs of all things. Oy. Can we be princesses together?

  4. You are just too funny--raw elbows and all! Bless your heart. It's going to get better! You can do it, Princess Renee!

  5. you guys............
    i am getting ready to battle traffic on the way to work, and sit in an SIDE chair ALL DAY long.....and listen without GLAZING OVER.

    i needed your words this morning.
    thank you, kisses and huggs

  6. We are all here for you Renee,you complain away....if you can;t moan at us , who can you let of steam too ? Starting a new job is really hard. Keep going....,you'll be fine. XXXX

  7. Repeat after me Renee 'This too will pass.' & again, 'This too will pass.' & 'Soon I'll be able to put all that knowledge & new stuff that's been crammed into my head into practice & then I can be my own self again - hooray!!'
    Millie ^_^

  8. Your post made me laugh this morning! You have not lost your sense of humor! You'll get there! Hope your drive wasn't too bad this morning! Sometimes when driving, I'll think about all the things I'm thankful for such as being ABLE to drive, ABLE to speak, ABLE to think fluid appreciation for all of these gifts as I've started volunteering at a mentally & physically disabled riding stable! We all take so many things for granted. At least you're getting paid for being uncomfortable! "This princess had to choose to discard the pea".

  9. You do sound better toward the end there! Just think of it (gratitude) as a mind training..., because I think it is. You'll get sucked into complaining and seeing the negative (especially when you experience physical pain)..., then you go back to focusing on what's positive and what you can be grateful for.

  10. Anonymous16:54

    you are truly a little Trooper

  11. you are AMAZING... i know we would be good friends if we lived in the same city... i adore your humor can do anything... remember that... x pam

  12. Hey Sistah Renee...I am SO proud of is HARD starting a new job and having to be in one place ALL day. I don't have ADD, but my butt-ox killw when I sit in my chair at my desk all day. Hang in there'll get your work stamina back in no time!

  13. Hey you guys, i am reading this before i get dressed for work and make the drive TO WORK.

    this is helping me.....
    thank you for your sweet words.
    i need a hug and this is as good as a hug to me!!!


  14. I loved this post and the previous one.
    You will be fine. You sound like a strong person (only strong people can withstand humility) and you will rise above all of this. Your new company sounds like a nice place to work for.
    We should all have gratitude for what we have. I don't think it was only in the US that people forgot to be grateful. I think we all forgot all over the world.
    And you can complain anytime :)

  15. That was beautiful! Lovely world, here, dear! Blessings.



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