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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Things I Saw At The DCOTA Market / July & August 2009

I wanted to get your feelings on a few things I saw.
I think the skirts on these pieces feels fresh as a slipcover. I think it is a step above ordinary outdoor cushions. Imagine how much you could do with fabrics and this style of cushion.

This is Italian, made of Venetian Crystal/Glass. (17" x 41"H) The frame is made by hand of iron, and then is antiqued gilded.
This chandelier is part of the 2009 Summer Lighting Collection and should be available now. Decorative Crafts is located in Dania Beach Florida (to the trade).
I personally love this style. I don't is simple and elegant. What is better than that?

Magni – Colette

The "Colette" table, is a limited edition series of (50) and signed by James Magni. Each table is hand-crafted in Southern California, is made of solid hand-cast bronze with a natural finish.

The table is petite. The glass top is 12", so you get the idea. And the price is less than small...I promise you.
This table would be FABOO between 2 chairs in an sophisticated /eclectic setting. To me, this tiny table is art.
I was drawn to the piece because if you glance at it has an Art Nouveau-ish feel.
I think this table could be an incredible finishing touch to a room. It is art, and you use it.
It Functions.
(BTW - That's why I love watches...they are jewelry, yet you use them, they have a function)

Canasta by Patricia Urquiola

The (my) jury is out on this collection. I love the 'caning' effect, but it is just soooo big.
One thing I have learned is this; I may not love a certain piece, but you can never judge 'a chair' or 'a table,' or anything by itself. The room must be complete and tweaked. That means with the area rugs , art, window treatments, lighting, the paint, and all other accessories.
I mean these lounges are wild. Aren't they? In the right setting....they could be just perfect.
I have seen many products from this company. They really look like glass. Or shall I say 'lead crystal.' The pedestals are really, really beautiful. And if you are trying to achieve 'The Hollywood Regency Glamour' look. This is a winner!

La Fete Commode ( A Louis XV-style two-drawer chest covered in our iconic La Fete Taupe/Noir toile. Constructed from solid mahogany with a hand-rubbed, antiqued finish. The fabric is polyurethane-coated for lasting beauty. Undulating carved apron and graceful cabriole legs.

41''W x 191/4''D x 35''H

I know all my traditional bloggy pals will like this. It was the color that grabbed me.
I have started my new job, and all seems to be going smoothly. Just have patience with me while I find my way with my schedule and getting my post up.
I adore all my bloggy friends. And here is something that will blow your mind...I can not access any blogs from work. They have some crazy filter on the internet. Aparently they had a disaster with a bug that shut the company down for 7 days.
Needless to say, I am 'jonesing' to comment and visit with my favorite Design Blogs.

jonesing (definition) the act of needing something badly.and associated with an addiction or craving. Not affiliated with 'keeping up with the jones'.

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  1. Firstly sound much calmer so things must be less hectic for you now so that's good....I love the blue and white striped material but I've never been that impressed with the skirt thing !! I always think it's a bt fussy...... but the colette table... that's a whole different ball game... I love it but KNOW it's going to be big bucks !!!!!
    Take care and look after yourself. XXXX

  2. Renee...interesting stuff! I DO like the caning and the chairs would be fab for outdoor entertaining.
    All of your bloggy friends are still here and love you! Can't wait to hear what all you are up to!

  3. I love the striped cushions with skirts, Renee! Have a terrific wknd.

  4. Murray's Iron strip-skirt-loungers
    + the Portofino dining table = some major stay-cation items!

  5. R-
    oh , i am blushing. that makes me so happy to hear those words.
    thank you friend,

  6. Ooooooh...someone has been out shopping! Or Looking, at least.

    Love the slipped outdoor stuff...and the glass table!!

  7. love the ticking covers! you seem to have come up for air... so glad... i have been thinking of you ....stay well and rest this weekend.... take time for you!
    x pam

  8. Anonymous12:32

    Just clear out my house and move in those Athena chairs and benches! I LOVE THEM.

  9. There isn't one piece you showed that I wouldn't put to thought selling one of my children

    The 'Collette' table took my breath away. The skirted outdoor furniture is such a classic twist on OD wrought iron furniture. Then the dining table..I must stop now! Renee I hope things are a bit calmer & you can have that laid back weekend you deserve. Cheers, Deb Xx

  10. I'm smitten with the skirts on the chairs & sofa - in fact it made me want to lift up the fabric & take a peek underneath! And that clear glass table - definitely not for the faint-hearted. You'd have to remind your guests 'No playing footsies under this baby!' So glad to hear you are wowing them at work - when do you get the Boss's job?
    Millie ^_^

  11. So sorry I'm a bit late Renee! I've been MIA. Love your interview with Carlton Varney, Magni Colette and Portofina dining table. Good to hear you cheerful! I agree you cannot judge a single piece of furniture alone. You have to look at the entire package...finished room as a whole. Have a great week! Luanne



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