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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who Really Cares About the Bond Boy Rejects?

Well I care about most things from the 60's.
And BOND is a big part of it.

(daanemartina) Play the song to feel the campy mood we are working on here

These are the BOND REJECTS
Who Would Be James Bond?In the early '60s, movie producers adapting Ian Fleming's novels about a suave British spy named James Bond plucked a relative unknown, Sean Connery, out of obscurity and offered him the role of a lifetime. And when Connery left the franchise after five movies, the hunt for Bond was on again. 

Is it any wonder how this guy didn't cut the mustard?
I think is chest is hairy enough, it is just CONCAVE.
Not very sexy.

What would YOU say he is trying to say in his
Head Shot here?

Then there was this hottie.
Yes. I think he could have pulled it off.
You will see in the next few stills of him in action.


I might let him kiss me.
Would you?

Yes, he would have worked just fine.

Definitely not this guy.
No way, with those shifty eyes!!
I think this one might have given
Captain Kangaroo a run for his money.
There is one more shot of this guy that I thought was amusing
Yes. This is the one.
I don't know why but I get a kick out of it.
Maybe because he is just so ' striking a pose.'
(my brother will like this post and be giggling along with me)

I can't really do a post without discussing 
a little bit of design. Right?
So, what do you think 
about a mirror, on an angle above the bed ?
*As shown here 
with Sean Connery in bed with a sexy spy girl.
In a million years I would NEVER EVER 
have a mirror over my bed 
unless it was a skinny mirror!!!
And any of you ladies who have tried on a 
bathing suit in a dressing room 
and looked fabulous?.....
...that was one of those special magic skinny mirrors.
I have been searching for the source all my life.
My lady clients would adore me 
if I could supply them with skinny mirrors.
Don't you think?
You know you want one.

With the famous Pussy Galore character.

The first crush that I had on a movie star was Sean Connery.
I was in elementary school, I didn't know I had a crush on him.
All I knew was that I wanted to change my name to Sean.
He did set the style
of man I would be drawn to for the rest of my life.

I thought he was darling from every angle.

How did you feel about him?
Who was your favorite Bond and why?
XXXX's rf  
Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. That Sean is Sexy, the best Bond ever.
    You are funny Renee.
    I got some giggles ..


  2. Yep Sean did it for me too. It must be my penchant for older men -look at MOTH! Although I was not enamoured by the huge amount of flurry black stuff Sean had happening on his chest & back - yuk. That George Lazenby was dodgy, I think Pam Shriver found that out pretty quickly. Not all Aussie blokes are like him though. You've won the Award for the best non-Christmasy post of the week mate, more please!
    Millie ^_^

  3. millie
    it is a funny thing ....
    when i was writing the 'mirror' bit,
    i was thinking of some of your funnier post!
    love you and merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Dear Sean..I mean Renee: I love how your mind works. Love it. No one will ever replace Sean as Bond. Daniel Craig gets the engines running no doubt but Sean is "the" man. I recognized the last two photos of Bond rejects & I believe that was George Lazenby who made the Bond movie 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service" filmed in 69. It was first & last Bond movie. It was obviously that stance which was responsible killing that career. In regards to the mirror; not in a N.Y. mile. Captain Kangaroo? I haven't thought about him for You kill me. Which may be a good thing right about now!! Have a glorious Friday and this post was stellar. hugs & kisses xx

  5. dumbwit

    boy oh boy....
    i can't believe you knew that guys name!!
    i am glad you liked this is getting lonely over here.
    thank you for the comment .
    ya' think everybody is shopping???

    love ya xxx

  6. I'm still laughing about the poor guy with the sunken chest...

  7. those Bond rejects are hilarious...I guess I never saw Sean in any of the bond films...Have a great weekend, Renee! xo

  8. Sean was a great Bond and, as I think was Roger Moore who hasn't been mentioned but, for me it's Daniel Craig all the way. I don't know if it's because the others look rather old fashioned but he is really good in the part ( that's code for Corrrr...he's gorgeous. !!!!)
    On the subject of mirrors, I have them all over the house but not above the bed, much to my husbands distane !!!! hoho. XXXX

  9. Oh yeah. Sean baby is my fave! And it would have to be an ULTRA skinny mirror for me.

    Cute post, Renee.

    Thanks for the nicest comment in the world you left at the manor today! ~xx

  10. Ooooh la laaaaaaaaaaaa... that Sean Connery is YUMMY at all ages... definitely the BEST Bond!!!
    Hope all is well with you!

  11. You're right--I was laughing right along with you:)



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