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Saturday, December 12, 2009

There's A Party Going On Across From Bloomies

Designer Richard Keith Langham hosts a holiday dinner.
Location: NYC across from Bloomies.
" It is adorned in foil icicles, lights and balls — from the inside out and the top down — a job that requires scaffolding and a cherry picker. Allowing the twenty-foot tree to dominate the space
Langham simplifies his festive formula for the rest of the interior: loads of fresh balsam, fir and pine, and everything else drenched in red.

I am definitely up for a Christmas Party.
Especially If I could just drop in after shopping at Bloomies.

"The thrust of the whole room is its verticality," he says. About a decade ago, Langham fell in love at first sight with the space, a freestanding former savings-and-loan institution across the street from Bloomingdale's."

The soaring space is uniquely suited to elegant Christmas partying, and 
drop-by guests are always welcome
With native Southern charm and a nod to his stint at the University of Alabama, 

Langham sums up his delight in the season: "Let the yuletide roll."

His design tip:
"Anytime you have lots of people in, 
it is important 
to have decorations up above everybody's heads
As the room fills up, anything at eye level is lost."

He says that his ornaments are all dime store ornaments.
But he has thousands, and the tree takes 5 days to decorate.

Would you have a tree this big if your space would allow it ?
I say " hell no."
But I would if I had a staff to do the work....
I mean what could be prettier than a huge Christmas Tree?

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  1. Swoon! Langham's interiors are amazing and the tree, well, STUNNING.

    To answer your question--YES, I'd have a tree that big! I think there is something about Southerners. Sometimes, bigger is better! Certain occasions, like Christmas, allow us to be over-the-top.

  2. I'm clicking to read more as I am in total awe of Richards Christmas decor. Damn right I'd have one that big. The spouse said a cycling chap/friend of his has a two-story tree in their home with ornaments the size of a soccer ball. Needless to say I doubt that I will be posting any of my Christmas tree photos. Do wish I could 'drop-in' for a toddy with Richard and you too of course my love.
    Sell lots today xoxo

  3. i have never seen a more beautiful tree, gorgeous!.
    have a great weekend my friend and thank you for stopping by, glad you liked my foyer table,lol..

  4. * Renee, YOU BET I WOULD!!

    Even our 12 footer "COULD grow", if our CEILING HEIGHTH would!!! That FIRST pic??? Well, it's BREATHTAKING~~~ am sure THAT word will be used many times in describing it... how could it NOT???

    I saw something like this/similar last year in a designer's store, w/ a GLORIOUSLY over-the-top- table set for lunch, & I remember thinking "O... M... G... I thought I'd see it ALL!!!"... But NO, I hadn't~~~!!!

    WOW-O-WOW-O-WOW~~~ Suuuuch a visual feast this morning!!! THANKS so much!

    Warmest blessings,
    Linda in AZ *

  5. Love it Renee .......
    Looks fabulous! I would love to trim that tree!! What a fun job!
    Happy Holidays,

  6. I don't think I would... At least not with all those ornaments, a little ott for my Scandinavian taste :)

    But his home sure a LOT of Christmas, and in my opinion you can never have too much Christmas. Would have loved to visit, but not take any of it home :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Oh my goodness....that's what you call a Christmas tree. I love it. .... and the trick is to smother it in decorations. It is dripping in them, isn't it ? If I had 25 foot ceilings I'd have one. I don't think that anyone has 25 foot ceilings, do they ?
    I loved the opulence of it. XXXX

  8. Granny Smith Green,

    over the top is 'ALL GOOD!!!'


  9. i just donated my 12 foot tree! however, if i had someone to put it up, decorate it and take it all down, you BETCHA! fantastic blog!

  10. The ONLY way I would have a tree that big would be if SOMEONE ELSE put it up AND took it down, carefully wrapping each ornament and storing properly!!!
    Nope, too much for me BUT it is perfect for the room it is in and ALL the decor is FAB!

  11. i think it is amazing.. maybe a mini one... hope you are doing well sweetie... i am great... xo

  12. Magnificent.
    Have a great weekend, Renee.

  13. Ooooo it is a beauty! The time invested seems a bit crazy...for moi...but boy would I love to be invited to that party to drool...just a bit!

  14. Well...I was about to tackle my Christmas tree today....I do not think that i will be quite as ambitious as Richard and i have no elves to help me either. Nevertheless, this is a spectacular treat for the eyes and would I have such a tree? i would jump in joy if by some miracle, this tree appeared all decked up in my living room.The actual space is beautiful, he has left it since, and I was looking at it with a realtor as a potential uptown location for an Interieurs showroom.It has beautiful molding details, soaring ceilings, mezzanine...

  15. The tree is nice, but the interior is as well :-)

    If i had the place and the people i would do it.

    Never enough christmas if you ask me.


  16. TOO much is NEVER enough!
    Millie ^_^



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