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Monday, December 28, 2009

Do You Hang High or Do You Hang Low?

One great idea in design is
a writing desk on one side
of the bed instead of a coordinating nightstand.
Who really needs 'matchie-matchie' anyway?
Matching is for the 'anybodies' of this world.
Because anybody can do it.
And besides it gives you more room for more 'stuff.'
I have a writing desk next to my bed that doubles as a night stand.
Now I would never do it any other way.

Everything to me is super.
the hanging pendant shade
over the middle of the bed.
It disturbs me.

Just wait till next week... 
and I might show you what really disturbs me.

I would rather see a contemporary swing arm lamp
peeking out through the draped wall
on the readers side of the bed..
This room is really nice.
I guess it is the black.
I love black.
The greek key, the zebra, it is all very sharp.
Grrrrrreat settee and console.

What do you think of these actual windows???
I would have loved to see the home.

This wild white chair ( I believe) is from
Century Furniture's Oscar de la Renta Collection.

Look behind the curtains 
next to the mirrored mantel.
* I did a post on the two chairs in the forefront.
This designer has featured designer shoes
in designer boxes
with designer labels behind these designer draperies.
I think......?
I hope this is the sitting room in a bedroom.


Love these dining ( wing ) chairs.
The velvet is one of my all time favorite colors.
A sable taupe.

( i say this room is truly DIVINE )
Would you hang your art as low as this?
If not why?
*What do you 'likie' in this post?

It is almost our NEW YEAR.
tic toc tic toc tic toc
What will you be doing?

*My design tip regarding this post;
If you do use a writing desk for a night stand
remember that it will be desk or dining height, approx 29-30 " high.
It you use a different height for your night stand
and you are using matching lamps in the room,
they will still be different heights when you look at the room.
That bothers me, so make sure to get the pieces to be very close in height.
Stay within an inch or two (at the very most) as I have done in my own home. can use a task lamp on the desk ( there are some gorgeous ones),
and a lamp that makes a statement on the night stand.
This is a sharp and sophisticated look.

*as featured in Traditional Home Magazine
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  1. Love the art hung over the whole wall like that. And I am soooo-o craving a new writing desk. Hmm, when will these kids ever be finished with college??

  2. oooh love these images! Don't like the shoe boxes in full view (even if it's in a bdrm), love the divine LR!
    I DO like TOO art hung in this way. I actually helped a client do this in New Orleans several years ago. So much it!
    Have a good day Sweets!

  3. after seeing the last photo i want to hand high AND low....gorgeous!

  4. Def love it hung low!

  5. Great snaps! I love art hung high and low. Some staircase walls are perfect due to lighting and temperature situations needed for some art pieces.

    Writing desks are perfect now that most clients have a laptop or iPhone/Blackberry. It keeps rooms clear and tranquil.

    I love taupe in just about every fabric texture.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Love these creamy, taupe/white interiors. Totally agree with you on swing arm lamps instead of pendants in the MBR and a desk on one side of the bed is one of my favorite tips. In general, I prefer to see art hung with the center at eye level.

    I am grateful to have met you this year, Renee. Love your last post too. Happy New Year!

  7. That's a whole lot of Butter cream frosting on that wedding cake of a Home.

    It was made to viewed but, was it also made to be lived in?..part time?

  8. Love art hung over the whole wall. It becomes like wallpaper. Like the idea of a writing desk, no matchie matchie endtables. However, as empty nesters we chose to make the smallest bedroom our bedroom and there is no room at the end. Can you believe I am using square bar stools to hold lamps? They were the only things that would fit and that were tall enough for our new bed. If beds keep getting taller, a hoist may be needed!

  9. I hang it like the last photo if I do a whole wall. And low if it's just one piece.
    xo xo

  10. I like art hung at eye level & sometimes a little above that. I would like lower levels, maybe once my kiddos are out of the nest!

  11. Those look like my twin beds. I like the desk idea, those wing chairs at the dinning room table are???? Different to say the least. Very wonderful post.

    The Sccot Fitz & zelda was great..

  12. I DO have an 1800's desk as my side of the bed. he gets the wood file cabinet. OH!

    I am a TRUE believer in art all the way to the ground (and go ahead, stack while you are at it)and all the way to the ceiling line.

    Fun provacative stuff ms. R!

  13. Much of this post is sublime Renee...I think I am a hang low kind of girl, xv.

  14. home before dark

    use swing arm lamps
    and mount a 1/2 moon piece of glass on a bracket under the lamp.

    this works great


  15. Oh, Renee... it was SO nice to wake up and peruse this beautiful post today. I love every single photo that you shared. I love art hung low, and gallery style. In my old apartment I had a wall set up just like that. Also, I dig writing tables as night stands. Again, in my old, and much larger, apartment I used two white West Elm parsons desks on either side of my bed and absolutely loved it! Thanks for another gorgeous and inspiring post!

  16. Renee Finberg where we you when I needed you? I forgot to mention that I have upholstered (deeply walls to help baffle sound) and then the entire wall is covered in drapery. I would have to be put in a straight jacket before I could bear to see an electrician muck that wall up. I am using swing arms on my "bar stools"! You are so very clever about lighting, a lesson or two or more from that lovely design mind of yours?

  17. scott
    i am thrilled you stopped by.
    i bet the 'parsons' looked great as night stands.

    xxx happy new year to you



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