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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The 7100 Club.....The Pits

This is a BIG BOY with the armless pieces measuring -
45 d x 36 h x 40.5 w
the corner piece is 45 x 45...................but OMG, it is comfy and cozy.

This big boy is not cheap. A good part of the cost is in the labor and fabric.
Remember every single piece has to be upholstered with 54" goods (fabric)
and it is manufactured by hand in North Carolina, USA.
yippee!!!! i mean it
Be prepared, as far as retail sofa's go, this one can be quite pricy.
Just pick the lowest grade fabric that you can work with for the body.

Seriously, if you are looking for a huge, deep sectional ....this might be the one.
The advantage of 'pit' style sectionals (this one is the 7100 series from Huntington House)
is that you can re-figure them if you should need to.
Maybe for a room change or a whole new house and floor plan.
Once you get into this sectional it is hard to ever leave it.
I promise.
Huntington House has fantastic fabrics. The selection is endless.
I think they may have more than any other company.
There is no extra cost for the bells and whistles either.
The sofa is priced on the body fabric grade. You can choose ANY GRADE fabric for the pillows and then you can add any trims at no charge. This is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
Check it out here.
Click on 'dealer locater' if you would like to find out more about the company and their product.

Could you see yourself in this sectional ??
I definitely could!!

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  1. I love this sectional Renee. Oh yea cozy up!!

  2. That's some awesome sectional Renee,I just wish I had the room and the wallet for it!!!lol, who knows maybe Santa will bring it!!!haha...
    have a wonderful day dear friend..xx

  3. That is one big sofa, Renee. I could really spead out on that whilst watching T.V......but you would have to have one heck of a big room to put it in. Gorgeous though. XXXX

  4. I grew up on a cream-cotton-channel-weave-chenille sectional just like that one. It was one big, warm, soft marshmallow of a sofa. Everyone sunk in and instantly fell asleep. We could be lost in there for days, buried happily in our day dreams.

  5. Anonymous14:30


    Quess I am just old.
    In the fifty's there were
    big corner sectional sofas.

    Not for me then and not in 2009. Still feel the same.

    Everything old is new again.

  6. We invested in a leather sectional pit last year and I adore it. I call it my nest.

  7. I don't have a corner for that big fellow....but FUN...It looks like FUN!

  8. TERI REES WANG, and Willow

    that's what i am talking about!!

    a special worm and cozy NEST to get LOST in.

  9. HI Renee
    This is exactly what I need to enjoy my down time. If I get bored with one section I'll just move to another. Great lounge.

    Sorry It's been a while since I visited. Been working round the clock for all of November so soon will be off work and ready to lull on that lounge of yours for all of January.. hehe Take care x Julie

  10. Now that's a party pad. The 7100 could seriously fill up some empty space in this cavernous Texan home of ours.I'm afraid though that I'd never leave. with my laptop, electric tea kettle, menu and phone @ hand, I'd be good to go for years. I guess I would need some adult depends too. Thanks for your sweet♥ comment today. I hope you saw that I "granted" you an award besides that lovely horse! Make millions today Renee. Luv Ya

  11. How much are you seeing this from your retailer? My retailer is asking $8500. Please advise. I've tried negotiating, but they are sticking pretty firm.

  12. I just purchased the 7100 and I am looking forward to sinking into it. The sofa is pricey but it looks great and it's a very solid piece of furniture.
    Thanks for the review. It really help me make the purchase easier.

    Jordan - if you can get the sofa for $8.5k that's pretty good :)

  13. Dona

    thank you ....
    the huntinhg-house!!

    thank you again



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