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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love And Time

 The value of life does not depend 
on the length of time on this Earth,
but rather on the amount of love given 
and shared with the people we care about. 

My mom took me ice skating here in 1974. 
She sat right inside, 
behind the glass ( at a rink side table) 
and watched me skate.
It was wonderful day and a wonderful time.
I will have this experience inside of me always.

Do you have a sweet moment with your mom 
that makes you smile when you think of her ?
And can you still see her face at 'that moment' in your minds eye?

Merry Christmas ( especially to you MOM!!)

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  1. What a lovely post in honor of your Mother. I lost my Mother when she was young and I miss her each day. I have some of the most beautiful memories of special times with just the two of us. I miss her most at this time of year-
    it was her favorite holiday.

  2. Well Pookie,
    That brought TEARS to my eyes.

    I remember the "Tavern on the Green". and the Russian Tea room
    I am trying to do a post on The White stag Inn ---Haunting
    eeak, Creeek squeek...I have such great photo?? can't use them.

  3. It makes me sad to say that No I do not have a memory like that. I'm doing everything I can to make sure my daughter does though! ;)

    Merry Christmas to you as well!!

  4. My mom is far, still battling with cancer in a french hospital and I speak to her everyday. My sweetest moments with my mom are the mornings....ever since i was a liitle girl, she brought me breakfast in bed, we would seat together in my bed and talk...I will carry with me forever the look in my mother's eyes, filled with tear of bliss as I returned to our house in Boston on a December night under a blinding snowstorm, and placed our newborn in a bassinet under the Christmas Tree.She was holding my dad's hand, and softly started to cry....

  5. Let's see if I can type through my tears - What a wonderful memory of your mom Renee. I struggle all the time as to why I don't seem to have memories as a child that I strongly remember. My mom has not ever been a sentimental person, or that she ever divulged that side. Even has she is dying & likely with only a few weeks left, she keeps things & memories to herself. I think that is very tough on me. My mom is (was) a very tall, stylish woman. Hardly ever let her guard down. Thanks for sharing this sweet Renee. I'm thinking of you xxoo

    P.S. - was Francine's memory not the most tender?

  6. I was always, always, a daddy's girl. My mother wanted the bond she had shared with her own mother and here I was the book-loving, smart-mouthed, more intellectually inclined than she knew what to do with. When she was in the nursing home during her last months, I was there doing everything I could to make her more comfortable. It was honoring my promise to my father that I would do so. A visitor came one day and the two of them started talking about my dad. The visitor said, "Well, he was an original. No one else like him." And my mother smiled and said, "Right there." as she pointed to me.

    Love the fact that your mom LPG calls you "pookie,"

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  8. francine,
    what a beautiful image you have created for me.

    an image from a sweet.

  9. Great image, I took that exact same shot on Sunday evening. Lots of people hustle & bustle.
    Love the thought that you 7 your mom did that together.
    I can think of many events, there were 4 of us though and time to just the two of us was limited. My wedding day does bring a memory, also when the kids were born.
    Thanks renee,

  10. What a lovely memory of time shared with your mum, Renee and something so special to share with us at Christmas time. I have many happy memories spent with my mum. Too many to mention. We had wonderful times as children with mum and dad and Christmas was a very special time for all of my family. They did their utmost to make it magical. Memories are what make our lives special, not how successful we have been or how much money we have, but how happy and special our lives have been. XXXX

  11. too many memories to share... it would take days.. i have the best mom ever.. i love this memory of yours... x pam

  12. How wonderful this post, I was at the nursing home last night watching my Mom, and crying, time is coming soon I am afraid. I tell her "go head Mom if your ready you go ahead" wishing to God she would not leave me. We have always been a team, Mom and me. What will I do without my Mom?



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