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Friday, December 4, 2009

overcoming one small fear

The important thing is to take that first step. 
Bravely overcoming one small fear gives you
the courage to take on the next. 
By Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda
*I want to be like the person who
wears ‘LIFE’  life like a loose garment.
Lately my garment feels like a lined  with lead full-body motorcycle suit.

I am grateful that my job isn't long distance swimming. Right? this economy it is beginning to feel that way.
I do suit up and show up everyday for life.
I often have to ‘fake it’until I make it.
I mean I fake feeling happy ….until I do feel happy.
Wednesday night I did a presentation/design job on a home 
for an older newly married couple.

Everything was beautiful, and so we ordered everything.

Don't you know, in the morning my client called and was scared, 
she said "it all happened too quickly."
So everything was put on hold. Of which I had to explain to my boss Laura.
I understand her feelings..........
and if I were still designing for myself at my own company, 
I would have gone more slowly with them.

It does feel like rejection, and there is that one small detail....
I do have 'numbers' to make every month.

I did FINALLY get her to go online and view my portfolio, she was comforted.
She then said:"do it like one of these rooms."
I said "no problem,I design like that in my sleep."
But here is my point, people assume that 
if the design service is free, it must be worthless.
Often ( and in this case), the fear is from having worked previously 
with designers that screwed things up (furniture store designers)
And if you are a designer, you know how the wreckage 
from BAD DESIGNERS on the public can affect your livelihood.
*the very real truth of this matter is that if I were working for myself.....
they couldn't afford me.
I could not sell them the same goods at the same discounted prices, much less do everything that I have done for them for no additional fees.
That includes measuring every inch of the interior of their home, and drawing it to scale.
In other words, making them a new blue print of their home for the purpose of the interior design. 
...and no...i never let it out of my hands until the job is done.

...sometimes i wonder, "how will i ever get through these days?"

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  1. I'm at a loss for words, can you believe it? These folks remind me of every older couple I've met who are faced with a decision no matter how big or small. But I have to say, I do have trouble now making up my mind on even what type of toilet paper to buy. I was never like that.
    It must be horribly, morally, frustrating when someone passes themselves off as a designer & they clearly are not. Well I have to say, you look pretty killa in that armored suit. You my bestie are a Super Woman to me xx kisses

  2. Girl, I feel your pain. Another designer friend of mine was conversing about this yesterday, and Lord knows I have dealt with in, fee paying clients included. However, clients do tend to vacillate less when paying hourly fees. Hang in there sweets, I so related to your entry.

    Btw, the photo was hysterical;)


  3. If they are like the couple pictured they best do it soon... as the end is coming "too fast" they enjoy new design for as long as possible, DO IT NOW OLD FOLKS!

  4. Dear God!

    It can't be sooooo bad.

    You have lost it.

    Are you MAD??

    I can't stop Laughing.

  5. Anonymous15:27

    I just get so mad thinking of the times I went to a great design
    job and all they wanted was
    to pick my brain.
    This turkey asked if I
    knew the difference between louie 15th and 16 th. I think my answer was, if I told you then you wouldn't need me. Life is hard no matter what you do.

  6. Anonymous15:34

    Did you read where

    Wyeth had a painting sell for

    6.9 million in New york?????

    I am still Gasping for air.

  7. It's a bit like art, Renee. If an artist puts thousands of pounds on their piece, people think it is wonderful. If they sell it for £50 nobody wants it. the Emperor's new clothes. Hang in there, Renee. It's the weekend. XXXX

  8. just remember... you are so awesome and one day you will not have to deal with any of this... i get it...

  9. Amen sister.
    If it's free they think it's worthless.
    No truer words are these.
    Since I started working at a home furnishings store, I am always asked by customers to "stop by" and tell them what I think they should do with their house. I smile and say, sure, but there's a charge. Some folks pay and some folks don't get personal advice.
    It's the same way with teaching tango. Ballroom dancing has been an expensive cash cow for 50 years. But Argentine tango is sold cheap, and it has really been a corrupting and negative influence.
    Making the numbers or else just sucks. Especially in this economy.
    But remember darling even if they are cheap, you certainly are not :-)
    xo xo

  10. Toally with you on this girl. I heard almost the same from my sweet ID friend just this week. So it's the same all over the world. She finds the running around sourcing things for demanding clients the toughest, they get angsty when she charges her normal hrly. rate. She says they almost expect that part of the service to be free!!!
    Millie ^_^

  11. doxa home

    i am very, very happy that you like my crazy photo!!!
    i had to make myself laugh.
    and what could be better than laughing at myself ?

    xx 's

  12. renee you sure know how to tell a story and provide a dash of humour...tough out there isnt it...i get you though, and you'll get there too...

  13. Ah, my heart goes out to you, Renee! You are a trooper and a true professional - they are so lucky to have someone of your caliber working for them. Wishing you all the best, my friend. You're in my prayers! xox

  14. Renee, people hate paying for design but cannot do it themselves, however they will pay out the nose for junk, and do everyday. You have to charge what you are worth or they think you are worth nothing. It all has nothing to do with you, although it hits you in the wallet. Keep your chin up, smile and let them know your worth it, cause YOU ARE.

  15. Ps. hate those annon. comments too. Glad you took it off, I had a guy that was stalking me, jerk!

  16. Whoa. I feel for you. Hate that ths happened. They have
    no idea what talent they had in you. Glad you directed them to your web site. Good luck and I hope they come around.

  17. Wow Girl,
    I am jut getting caught up reading some blogs...I hope all of this has worked out for you by now. This biz is hard. I have done work for a gal in Buckhead and NOTHING has been right in her eyes. I have never worked for anyone like her, usually people like what I do and trust my judgement. This gal is a nightmare, and I just quit calling and trying to pull anything together.



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