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Monday, July 20, 2009

What Is Your Issue With A Two Cushion Sofa?

Clients often say , "What will I do when if I have several guest?", "I need each person to have their own cushion... nobody wants to sit on the crack" "So I need 3 cushions, one for each person.
I say " but you sit on a crack everyday, and it doesn't seem to be an issue!"
The client after a moment, laughs. But , it's true.
Did you know that 3 cushion sofa's were created to utilize all the scap and wasted fabrics.
The bigger the seat cushions, the larger the piece of fabric that is needed.

When you have many guests (for most working people it is not all that frequent, about 3 holidays a year) they most often do not want to be the person squeezed in the middle anyway. I don't.
This sofa to me looks more will never find a cheapo sofa with a bench seat cushion as seen in the last image in this post.

To me this is the most formal look.
Remember, the seat cushion fabric on the top of the cushion may not always stay tight and smooth as the day your sofa was delivered.
Just know, that's all right. Really.
It may have down in the cushion, or be very soft with very special foams...and that's good. That's what it ' says.'
I am soft, I am comfy, come and get cozy on me, read a book, fall asleep...have a dream.
This cushion if it isn't looking really smooth and tight across the top is probably an upgrade. Often a soft down insert in a sofa seat cushion is an upgrade. But not always, there are several companies that have seat cushions that are just as comfy as a down cushion. These have been developed because so many people request 'NO DOWN' because of allergies.

Which sofa seat style do you prefer?? Tell me.
3 cushion, 2 cushion, or 1 cushion (bench seat) ?

PS I am back in training today.
I will be done on Friday this week.

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  1. I totally agree with you about often do we have loads of people to visit? Christmas and the odd special birthday , anniversary or special occasion and , if your lucky , you get invited out on Christmas Day !!! He He. ( not really , Christmas is my favourite time of year. ) My favourite is the bench but not many styles come like that so , if not bench then two seater.
    How are you feeling Renee ? I guess that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. XXXX

  2. I don't even own a proper sofa.
    I lay out day beds, and a chaise longue and club chairs. On holiday, when it is our very casual, barefoot family over, I pull out layers of futons in the center, and frame it by pulling everything in around it closer. We end up with one big family play pen. It works for us.

    Sofas are a challenge.
    Beige sofas throw me over the edge.

  3. You cracked me up with that crack! . I have a two cushion sofa in my living room and a three cushion in the sitting room..., and no crack issues. Although I do prefer the two cushion look.

  4. Very,very interesting post! I have been thinking about this ever since the Skirted Roundtable (and Architecture Tourist too) about kitchen design. I think it is so interesting that people design such major spaces based on 6-10 hours of their year - versus the hundreds of hours the rest of the year. Your sofa example is an excellent case in point.

    After I read this, I turned around and looked at my favorite sofa - in my family room - which is a 2 cushion sofa. I love it - long enough to take a nap on, yet very comfortable for sitting.

    I just read something - maybe in a Bunny Williams book? About opinions on sofas. How it does not make sense to have too long of a sofa - not sure if it mentioned number of cushions - because rarely, rarely does anyone sit in the center of the sofa. They just don't feel comfortable doing it.

    As far as looks - I adore that one cushion sofa, but I do like things to look tailored. If it starts to sag, it might bother me.

  5. Three people NEVer squeeze into a regular size sofa. They just don't. One person sits on each enc with no one in the center, on the crack. We bought a new leather sectional for the family room last fall, and that's a different story. Several can comfortably sit together and not be touching, if you know what I mean.

  6. bench seat!!! hang in there... it is almost over!!!

  7. For me it is down all the way!! 0-, and either three or one cushions!

  8. Very interesting....I reconstructed my FR sofa from 3 bottom/3 back cushions and skirt, TO one long bottom cushion, and 7 pillows across the top and not skirt. The hubs and my Dad both said it was just don't know how to handle all those pillows. So, I will be adding two back cushions like in your last photo..with a couple of throw pillows.
    It LOOKS good though! heehee
    good luck in training this week.

  9. I finally chose right with a two cushioned sofa! The one I had before when the kids were home had three and I had to CONSTANTLY straighten them...hated it. I do prefer the look of one cushion, however, I'll save that one for when I'm old and my eyes dim....then I won't see the wrinkles in it! The one I really wanted this time was a double sided sofa (2 cushioned on each) for our long narrow family room to create two conversation areas. I only found one in this area and it was WAY more than I wanted to spend because it was a custom job. Have you ever seen one? It would have been the bomb, oh well, my husband wants a pool table, we'll see about that. Hope your week is going well for you! Luanne

  10. love this post...and your wit...

  11. Excellent post, I like the 2 cushion thing although certainly on the style you've shown the one cushion looks the best.

    Interesting because just last week a client of mine and I were looking at a bench sofa and it looked very contemporary (not formal at all) because of the style. She loved the look!!

  12. I prefer the bench seat and firm. Not too deep (I am short). I have hideous allergies to down both the feathers and the mites that are often in them. So unglam but foam doesn't require that I use steroids! Hope this tedious training is over and you can spread your wings.

  13. Great reminder. I always think of the "middle" for a small child only. Notice how only two people will ever sit on a matter how many cushions?


  14. Love this post! You are so right. I laugh sometimes in my head, over what clients come up with as a reason for having things a certain way. Good thing they have someone like you to set them straight, in such a creative fashion.



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