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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mama Just Got A New Pair of Shoes

Today I was at Nordstrom's Rack Room.
The Rack Room is a clothes horse's dream come true.
I felt like I was high in the place.
I found these shoes...
tried them on....
and they were wide enough up by my toes.
They felt like 'BUTTA'.
So.....they now belong to me,
and they will be worn to death.

I wear black and white, black and grey, black and brown almost everyday.
I need a punch in my attire sometimes.
Although I am the queen of accessories 
a 'wow -designer lady' pair of shoes is a must in my industry-
and for my work look in general.
I know they may be over the top for most parts of the country
but here in Palm Beach & Boca Raton
they are the cats ass.
The heel is just right too.
They best part about the Rack Room is that these shoes normally go for $175.00.
I payed $59.00/
And actually they are priceless to me.
I am on my feet all day.

Tomorrow they will go for a test drive.
I can't wait.
I must say one of the best things 
of going to work for me is getting dressed to the 9's everyday. only get one shot at a first impression.
Right? you likie????

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  1. Renee absolutely first impression is it!! The shoes are gorgeous and I miss Nordstrom's Rack, we had one in San Diego!


    Art by Karena

  2. God help me! I am MADLY in love!
    You are one lucky girl!!! I know you will be rockin' those shoes, come Saturday!!!

  3. i am sooooooo glad they are receiving rave reviews.

    i love them

    thank youxxxx

  4. da da da da da I'm loving em!

    xo Jane

  5. I looooove them!! They're me, me, me! Lucky Duck and you got them for a song!

  6. AWESOME! sassy :-) It all starts with building up your own confidence first and these will clearly do that!

  7. You will look fabulous, the shoes are just accessories to YOU.

  8. Renee....Love Them! They remind me of something that the actress Kay Thompson would wear with a cinched dress...or perhaps Tipi Hedren with cropped pants and a swingy car coat!....and don't forget the attitude!...K

  9. Hey Girlfriend!
    I would wear those in a heartbeat! Luv 'em!
    You be stylin' girlie!

  10. I DO!! Don't leave them unattended in a public place Renee, they'll be gone in a flash. I still reckon Nordstrom's do cashmere like no-one else. I feel a 'buying' trip to the Excited States of Amercia coming on. The Aussie dollar is almost at parity with yours for the first time in 27 years - hooray!
    Millie ^_^

  11. millie.
    trust me....
    i have hired a security guard to watch over them!!


  12. Renee,

    These's shoes are the cat's meow and every designer should expose the tiger in her tank every now and again.
    It will affirm the phase happy feet! I love dressing to the 9's as well add a bra in the same print and many days will be puurr-fect!


  13. I likie....there is nothing better than sexy shoes to make a gal feel good......Have a wonderful weekend Renee, xv.

  14. Actually I think the red bow and the rhinestones are just a wee bit over the top so I think you should take them off and send them to me, I will look after them so you won't be tempted to replace them! And Renee I certainly wouldn't put them on my black patent leather shoes no I absolutely would never do that!!!!
    Well maybe I could just try it once.....xx

  15. Those shoes are all kinds of fabulousity! (Yes, I've decided that's a word!) And, even better that you got such a great deal. Have fun wearing them!

  16. Wow Renee you'll have to model the whole look for us sometime. I'm sure they look great on you.
    I could use the height with heels but I seem to be staying away from them.....can't stand the foot aches after.
    happy wearing!!!

  17. jules....
    i love you girl !!!
    i am cutting them off as right now and sending them over night.


  18. Hey Renee
    Love your newest find.. you did well to score such a bargain...

    Well... I am in LOVE with the house in your last post... I need to go back and take a good look through.. but first impressions there were perfect!!!

    have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  19. Such totally neutral choice! LOVE THEM!

  20. you are very lucky that someone did not spot those lovelies at the same time you did!! I think I would wrestle someone down for those babies!!! great shoes!! and for $59 bucks..a steal!!

    Enjoy!!! and have an awesome week!

  21. home before dark

    the are terribly neutral!!!


  22. Oh me likie!!!! ;) Btw, I've never heard the "cats ass" before, I'm going to have to give that one a try! ;)

  23. Glad they are comfortable.

  24. angie

    it's my own expression.
    it makes me think of something that they would say in the roaring 20's.


  25. ooooh FUN shoes!!!! J'adore them!!!



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