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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leather And Lace

Ralph Lauren's 
Heiress Collection is featured at 
Designers Guild Showrooms.
I have put links at the bottom of this post
R.L. has had and still does have a brilliant career.
Who else could come up with a marketing strategy 
that makes you think of leather saddles,
and the finest crystal, silver and luxurious fabrics all at once?
Whether it is related to your clothing or to your home-
I think it amazing.
He is amazing.
I am by no means a R.L. addict.
Nor do I even shop his clothes and home stores on a regular basis.
But, when ever I do.....
I always know it guaranteed to be tasteful and timeless. 
And what a wonderful thing that is.
In this day and age, 
or let's just say in our economy today,
anything you do purchase will be a wise purchase.

Like I said.....
He makes me think of  'Leather & Lace.'
....and cashmere, and black watch plaid, and crock loafers, etc, etc.
How about you?
Do you still go for his look / lifestyle?

His Site
Designer's Guild - The Heiress Collection By Ralph Laren

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  1. There is a classicism about Ralph Lauren that is yet to be captured by anyone else. Top wears his shirts and polo shirts all the time (as does every other country bloke in Oz. I think it's our national dress!!!!)
    UK daughter sent me the link to the heiress collection with the image of the heiress and the two borzois. She decided that that was her with our Maggie...when we win the lottery!!!xx

  2. He is a brilliant merchandiser...I love to walk in his stores and look at all the details. His store in Paris is completely over the top! He also opened one near me in Greenwhich , Connecticut. The store is just perfect but the price point unreal....We see him often with his wife walking down the avenue. he is Martha' Stewart neighbor after all, living in Bedford.His display teams are brilliant, one you enter the space, you just don't want to leave...

  3. jules....

    did someone say ' LOTTERY?'

    oh, please please please!!!!


  4. I do like just about all his
    merchandise. Well, most of it.
    Beautiful Displays.


  5. Renee small problem.....I think I might actually have to buy a ticket to win though!!!!!!!!xx

  6. Francine said it best, he IS a master @ merchandising. He is timeless & he just oozes class in every pore. I wouldn't want to live exactly like that (too perfect) but taking bits & pieces and the vibe would be ideal. That dressing table would be fabulous to re-create. I am a huge fan of RL, he is a rock star of design.

    Hope all is well Renee & wishing you a great week ahead! xo

  7. I think RL's designs are timeless. My brother used to work for him and said he was a genuinely nice guy as well and always remembered his name. Have a great week, Renee! xo

  8. annechovie,

    it is nice to here that.
    imagine.....he is in a position where he could be a pompous ass....
    and he is nice.


  9. deb

    yes -
    there are certainly pieces that can make a room.
    you don't want to over-dose on his look.


  10. He is such a master. RL forever.

  11. I love love love the style of RL.. but my opinion may not count.. you see - I live above a barn and my favorite room is my tack room. It does have a 13' ceiling though.. surely that must count for something?? snicker snicker..

  12. julie

    you sound frighteningly like me.
    you are living my dream.



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