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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1896 :: First Known Use of the term 'CHEAPSKATE'

I rolled into work on Saturday morning
and finished up organizing  what I had to
on the presentation for Sidney and Rebecca.. they come......
for the record; 
(and that is not saying much)
Sidney proceeds to tell me that he can no longer do business with the company that I work for because he found a price discrepancy on two of the pieces that I had specified for their new (winter) home 
at 'FURNITURE-LAND' in N.C..   

I said;
" It is our company's policy to price match anything that you find for less money."
He told me that he couldn't check each piece that he was going to purchase.
I am wondering WHY 
would he drive all the way down (30 minutes) to tell me this????
I asked him to please speak with Laura Berger, 
my boss and the owner of the store.
So.... we all marched into Laura's office, I put their folder on Laura's desk.

He started off by telling Laura that my work was magnificent 
And that I had been wonderful....
then he proceeded to tell Laura the same thing, 
that he had found some price differences.
She and he (with his wife by his side and silent) went on and on....
blah blah blah.
about the free interior design services that we offer to our customers,
 and overhead, and the fact that we are right here if anything should go wrong with an item that is purchased... etc, etc.
You can be sure FURNITURE LAND will not be there to hold their hands if anything should go wrong.
Laura was  wonderful and gracious as one could be with an anus like this.
He proceeded to tell her to cancel what he ordered.
Laura tried to shame him into keeping some of it 
because of all my work...but, to no avail.
I felt sick and depressed.
What is wrong with people???
I was so blown away by this jerk and his wife.
Is it possible 
that I am an ASS MAGNET ?
Or is it my Karma?
I ran around all day saying;
"I need a karma cleansing!!!"

Needless to say...
I have enrolled in a class. 
I will be away from my blog 
for a 3 day crash course on
'karma cleansing.'

XXX's & love to my buds.
i certainly need you, don't i?

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  1. I ask you, "is it something in the air lately"? I came home last night bitching & moaning like every other day lately. Poor husband hearing me rant & rave. I have an interview for a seasonal job & the interview process what a joke. So, I hear you loud & clear. Every darn stinkin' day I wonder where common decency, good graces, and common sense has gone. Not to forget manners. It is gone...gone...gone. I feel like moving to an island to live out my remaining days.

    So, just maybe I should go to karma cleansing with you. Those people should be ashamed of themselves but they never will. They are out for only them. No regard for all you've already done for them.

    I'm sad for you my pal & disgusted.

    xo xo hugs

  2. Don't take it personally (easy for me to say, huh?) - people like that are going to be that way with anyone. It's really pathetic, isn't it? Look on the bright side: you no longer have to deal with them and you can wipe your hands of them. I know it's frustrating, though, to have spent all of that time and effort and to have them pull out. Hope you have a better week!

  3. Yes, Life is a bitch, and then you die. I agree with Dumbwit Telher

  4. JMW,

    i could just die.....
    when i walked them to the door to say goodbye,
    (i wanted to give'em the boot)
    the wife had the nerve to say to me;
    "don't throw out our floor plans!!!"
    "we are coming back down in january"

    shameless shameless shameless

    xxx thanks for your input.
    i am beginning to feel better.

  5. Renee,
    There are lots of "deception" in the world. Let it roll off your back. Nailing someone's style and presenting it to them was intimidating and over their head. You win some you lose others and you move forward and yell "next".


  6. Some people just ain't got any class!!!

    Its amazing how unpleasant people get when they are pulling a swift one on you. I think their guilt is trying to cut in and they are fighting it off.

    I can almost feel sorry for Sidney and Rachel except they wouldn't understand so it is a wasted emotion.

    Have a classy and stylish week my pet and see you soon sending big hugs you way xxx

  7. Gawd such a deal .......although after your first installment the conclusion is no real surprise.... Be thankful they didn't drag it out any longer.....feeling your pain..... concentrate on the majority of successful it was said before easier said than did make me smile with the venting and pics! Hang in....h

  8. So sorry to is frustrating.

    I am trying to complete a job.....dream job? Well, it started off that way,
    the next thing you know more minds became involved and my vision was shall we say "clouded" and decisions were made without my knowledge, it is hard to see the light when people keep breaking the bulbs!!

    Feel for you dear;
    good luvk on the KC........
    I will say a karma C prayer for you!


  9. Geez, what a nightmare. It's not a car dealership afterall!!!

    When they said they were coming back in January, don't you wish you could have just said "No, thanks."

  10. My thoughts pick up where Acanthus & Acorn left off. I think you and your manager should end the relationships with these clients - politely say that their needs and your services are not a good match and you wish them well as they decorate their home. It cost you both in terms of real time and opportunity costs.As Oprah says, people show you who they are. It will be a cost in January if you work w/them again. While doing this will not transform their personalities it does set limits. As a society, most bad behavior continues because we allow it to, with no limit or consequence. There is no magic cure but our unwillingness to call people on this only aids it.

    Here's a positive example. Two men were behind me in the security line at National airport. There was only 1 line, usually there is 2, but there weren't that many of us so we all lined up in 1 line. The man behind me said to his friend, "Come on, lets go up there to the front." The friend said, "No it's not that long of a wait." The other man said, Come on people do it! The friend replied, "Let's not be those guys." The other friend stopped talking and waited his turn.

  11. concrete

    if i had written this right when it happened (saturday) it would have been a truly tasteless post.
    trust me at this.
    i went to such a dark place.
    i lost 3 days off the selling floor-
    i am in a commission only job.
    and this post at least helped me work through it in a funny way.
    this is how i deal with negative crap.
    make it all into a big joke....
    and then i am okay.

    xxx thank you for your comment

  12. Notting

    i would have loved to have seen and heard that!

    it does give us some hope doesn't it?
    i mean there are decent people out there.....
    aren't there?

    thank you for taking the time to comment xxx

  13. acanthus....
    that is not exactly what i was thinking..
    i wanted to say something much harsher,
    as you can imagine.

    i will flip out if they actually come back in january
    and ask for me! !@#&&%!!!

    thank you for commenting xxx

  14. Renee, I have been in your shoes.
    There are people out there that are so ignorant of the work a furniture sales presentation involves... You go out to the home, measure etc.......Your firm should charge for a consultation and them credit it back to the purchase. It indicates the sincerity of the buyer wich is a win win on both sides. I seriously doubt Furniture world will benefit either. BETCHA they'll high tail it down to Rooms to Go so HE can get a free Big Screen TV!!!!!!!!They he can sit on his big kiester and watch the superbowl while spilling his Budweiser all over the new furniture...... Just be comforted by the fact these jerks are offset, in this business, by the customers with real class who appreciate your hard work and feel it is worth something...Hang in there.....Maryanne xo

  15. i will fly down and we will have a bonfire with the plans... then drive to their house and egg it like we used to do in high school! we have to laugh about some of this or we will all go nuts... and believe me... i have stories for days... but cant tell them here. i have whopper after whopper... and we will end up rolling...
    i think my sweet darling employee carole and i will write the red ticking diaries ... one day.

    lots of love sweet friend... and please look forward and try your best to let it go. some people just simply DONT GET IT. time wasters...

    xxxxxxxxx big hugs...

  16. Oh, Renee, I am SO sorry you had to endure this. I completely agree your company should charge for consultation when you go off-site. This is only good business practice. Nothing is free these days is it? I think they go around entertaining themselves with a big story, get lots of opinions on design work and NEVER spend a penny. They deserve Furniture Land, not you. The ownership of your store made a huge mistake telling them they got free design services without making it clear it was only free if they purchased a minimum amount. There are jerks everywhere it seems. I get upset with the mishmosh of people in Florida, as it seems like a 3rd world country in some places. Sad for us Americans because, culturally, we are all so different. They live & work here but don't understand our customs & politeness of attitude, so we are presented with people who are truly clueless, mostly in service businesses. I'M GOING WITH DEB!!

  17. splenderosa,

    i was thinking of you when i was just waking.....
    and here you are!!!

    weird huh.

    anyway that is a great idea about
    "The ownership of your store made a huge mistake telling them they got free design services without making it clear it was only free if they purchased a minimum amount."

    they need to do SOMETHING!
    i never in my life worked without a retainer.


  18. red ticking

    i am ready.
    when do you arrive????

    i have 3 dozen eggs and have a pair of black yoga pants and black hoodie waiting.
    ...or shall we just drive by and egg 'em???

    i love you girl.
    this is what friends are for!

  19. Dear sweet child, I saw your crazy comment on my post..I was going to paste your picture on it.
    But our bloggig buddies might think it was true..
    Hope you rest on your day, so you don't have to be in that bed.
    Love Mamma xx

  20. Renee you were right from the first meeting....they were jerks!!!
    Too bad you had done all that work.
    That's why I don't do any consultations for free anymore.
    Burned too many times.

  21. Yep I feel a drive-by coming on. Next time you're at Mass, send a little prayer of thanks to the Almighty that you're not married to the guy. Talk about doing a lifetime of penance.
    Millie ^_^

  22. have so many here that love you and have offered great words! I am ready to join you and Red for the egg throwing and party!
    Splend said it right...if there was a charge for the design and a credit back, this might minimize some of this sort of behavior.
    People these days have no's quite sad really.
    love ya Girl...hugs....



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