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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sidney And Rebecca....just go away...

Wednesday is my Friday, and my Friday went badly.
I just wanted to scream and cry out in frustration when my clients finally left.

At work I was given this older couple who needed to furnish their new Florida winter home.
Might sound like fun. Right?
After spending and hour with them at their home and taking measurements for their floor plans.
We set up an appointment to go over my presentation for their winter place.
I am going to refer to this couple as 'Sidney and Rebecca'.
Well... right before I left their home
we made an appointment to meet and go over the new plans together at 3pm the next day.

Oh Boy.....they decided to go and haggle 
for a car before coming to see me. 
So, between the 3 phones to tell me that they were running late......

I was just waiting....I don't like waiting unless I am not prepared and need the time to get more organized.
But...I was just waiting.

When Sidney and Rebecca finally arrived it wasn't at all what I had planned.
NOTHING when smoothly.
Rebecca was cranky, tired and indecisive
And ditto for Sidney as well..
After all...they just finished   spending money they might not have wanted to part with. And I would represent the same thing to them right about now.

After 40 minutes of 
'NO, that won't work."
'NO, I am too tired, I can't even think,
'NO, we have changed our mind about that layout."
'NO....on and on and on with the 'NO's'

I finally said; "How about you two go home?"
  (or just get the hell out of my face?!!!)
"and we can give this another go on Saturday morning around 10am
when we all are feeling fresh." 

They said 'yes'  and I thought to myself ; 
Oh goody, goody, goody!!!!!!
I can hardly wait!!!

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  1. Good call. The sun will be brighter on Saturday. Guaranteed!

    Just saw your horse post...beautiful!

  2. Oh dear, Renee I know Sidney and Rebecca!

    They came to my old shop often. Sometimes they were a bit younger sometimes they were a bit older but you wait when finally you show them what they want they will haggle with you too!!!!!!!!! that I think about it I could be Rebecca!!!!!!

    Tomorrow will be fine my pet you will sail through it and then have a lovely relaxing Sunday. Hugs Jules

  3. Well, I am glad they went back and returned the new car and went to one of those all you can eat places. They will be back. LOL
    They will bring a camera and then go to 6 more stores, then run to the market for the lady passing out free pizzia samples, rush for Happy hour and eat at the free Buffet with 1 drink.

  4. Nightmare.....maybe you can be sick on Saturday! xv

  5. jules...
    how did you know?
    it is rebecca that is the haggler!!

    she will be back on saturday to bust my 'you know whatz!'

    love you

  6. Best of luck with that one! Hopefully you can enjoy your Friday evening and relax a bit before another encounter with S and R. :)

  7. Oh dear Renee, have we all experienced this!!! I do not like getting off on the wrong foot!

    well this might make you feel better...

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Oh God, tomorrow is Saturday. I'll be thinking of you.

    Good luck.

    xo Jane

  9. jane
    thank you my sweet.
    i am trying to deal with anxiety that i can feel building in my gut.




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