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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Institute of Karma Cleansing

 I drove for at least an hour and finally found the place.
I thought to myself....
' This is going to alright!'
Just the kind of place I wanted go to.
And it is in my favorite part of Miami- COCONUT GROVE!!!
The interiors were not at all what I expected.
Very hippy-ish.
And very Coconut I remember it in the 1970's

I am finally greeted by the director of the Institute.
And here he is.
Mr.Bubble himself.
He welcomes me to the 3 days of karma cleansing 
and Mr. Bubble assures me 
that he is confident he can clean up my Karma in the 3 short days that I signed up for.
I am relieved and then he takes me to my quarters for my stay at the Institute 
I am thinking....this a bit lived in. 
This is my bathroom where I will be spending most of my time alone.
And this is where I will meet one on one with Mr.Bubble.
I don't want to leave out design....
This is a close-up of
a chair that I thought was great.
See Below

This chest is COPPER CLAD.
That means that the copper is 
virtually draped over and the secured onto chest.
This place is crazy....( I am trying to keep an open mind here) cozy and 
As I continue exploring the place
I run into this guy. He is waving hello to me.
Why is his bathroom door open???
oooops....another open door.
This is Seth and Danny.
They have been here for 6 weeks.
They say they are not CLEAN ENOUGH YET,
Mr. Bubble thinks 
they need more time to clear up their aura's, 
and their Bad Karma in general.
I guess this is another guest.
They must take just about anyone.
That's right!!!
Mr Bubble's right hand man!!!
(really rough around the edges)
He proceeds to give me literature
and my bottle of 

Have I told you "I AM SCARED?"

And then I see this little kid who keeps saying 
"They will get you like they did me"
"They will get you like they did me"
"They will get you........"
by the time he was finishing his 3rd chant at me 
I was packed,
and jammed into my car 
and speeding home.
I feel perfectly clean-

There is 
I don't need a 
Karma Cleansing. 

I need nothing!!!!!

I can't wait to get back to work!

XXX's     Thoughts on this post?

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  1. I am so loving this home. Not to live in, just to visit. And I really want dresser #1#2#3.

    Anybody have a spare $1000.00?

    xo Jane

  2. You're hilarious Renee!!!
    I think I need my Karma cleansed... that cute little bathroom with the sweet floral painting might be just perfect for it.. as long as Mr Bubble keeps his distance..

    Have a good one!! xxx Julie

  3. oh.. yes.. I want dresser #1,2,3 also!!

  4. i though you might like the copper clad dresser.
    pretty cool eh ?


  5. You are far to creative, hilarious and right, There is NOTHING wrong with your karma. After all, you don't want to be like everyone else. You are fabulous Renee-the-Finberg.

    I gotta tell you, this was one fabulous post.

    Love, xx

  6. Hysterical post! although I am loving that copper clad dresser... :)

    lovely to meet you!



  7. Renee, you child of Deepak Chopra, have completely knocked me out. I'm dying with laughter, this place looks like the Hotel California gone bad. This would CURE anyone! Only a creative genius could come up with this. Just think what those hideous clients missed out on!

  8. OK I am so thinking you could make a quick trip to Target and get a large MR> BUBBLE!!!!! I am sure your Bathroom is a little more comfortable. But what an adventure!!! right!! All in the Memories!!!! Loved the post!

  9. I loved this zany trip. It's sure you wouldn't get your karma cleansed there, but it looks like good wacky fun! You're already destined for nirvana.

  10. There's a saying, it could be worse. Well I am happy you are home safe
    and realize you are fine.
    No one with a wit like yours
    needs karma cleansing, because of that strange couple dreaming they will get the Taj Mahal ON SALE.

  11. My eyes were closing, my head was aching, my throat was sore and I was dragging myself off to bed and then I noticed your post was here.....My eyes are closing, my head is aching, my throat is sore and i am still dragging myself of to bed but I am happy that I know someone who can write a post like this...I am happy I can call that someone friend!
    You go girl I adore you!!!! xx

  12. jules,
    i am so happy you liked it!!!!
    i hope you feel better, like in 30 minutes.
    this sounds like a horrendous flu or something.

    yes. i am your friend.
    i love you girl!!

  13. I love made me realize they are Karma Cleansers too.

  14. I'd love to be able to wash away some Karma with a bubble soak!!! Maybe it'll work if I put some cucumbers on my eyes and surround myself with candles and wine -if doggy can, I can!

    Maya Completely Coastal

  15. That is great Renee;
    I just duid a smudging this morning on my home. It was long overdue, and my ownself was cleansed as well.

  16. I am thinking what a waste of a beautiful home... love the outside, the inside, not so much. It does look like fun though. Thanks for visiting my humble blog, hope to see you again real soon.

  17. I think your karma needs a dogma and not a cleanse at all. I was so NOT a child of the 60s (I was anti-war, anti-bras and anti drugs. Two out of three does not a hippie make). Girlfriend, put on those sexy neutral shoes and kick those cheapskates to the curb.

  18. home before dark

    since tomorrow is saturday - the beginning of my work week.
    i will wear the neutral boots and start kickin' but.

    thank you
    i do have a design dogma,
    and it is time i stuck to it.

    xxx i have missed you

  19. Oh, how funny! You are wildly creative and I can totally appreciate the efforts it took to put such a great post together :) Glad I stopped by! Have a great and karma both :)

  20. Dear Renee,
    Your chakra's are all in the right place and working perfectly. I thought that this might have been a dream.....or nightmare.
    Just have a candlelit bath and a glass of wine and you will be yourself again.
    Great post that had me giggling. I want that 1st, 2nd, 3rd chest of drawers !! XXXX

  21. FUN post!!! Hmmmm... I don't think a place like that would cleanse ones karma... I think you could dirty it up quite a bit!!! OVER stimulus!!! FUN FUN FUN post!!!!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  22. Hi Renee,

    What a fun post and so glad that you are back home safely.
    That would have been all a bit much!
    Laughed at the Bathe in ocean of soapsuds, with bubbles and splash like a miniature surf... goodness me.
    I like the 1,2 3 dresser and the chair.

    Happy weekend

  23. I just happened to come across your blog for the first time and I am on the floor with laughter! You certainly know how to tell a story(I also read your prior post). What an adventure. I will be coming back for more. And I adore the copper clad dresser! I don't know why but a bubble bath and a glass of wine sound really great right now! Fabulous post.

  24. Renee,

    There's no place like home repeat 3 times. Then head over to your tub put on a meditation cd and escape.

    Work wonders behind close doors in a bubble filled tub you can travel the world and be free. Wash the karma down the drain...poof...gone!


  25. Your Karma's just fine gorgeous!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. You need to get on a plane, I've found the best Aussie bloke for you!

  26. millie
    my bags are packed.
    i need a bloke.
    there are no good ones here for sure.


  27. as i was reading this post, i kept saying..."keep your karma, keep your karma..."... and I am so glad that you did!!! Karma is a good thing!!!! imagine if you didn't have karma...wouldn't life be boring!?? I think so!

  28. ivy lane,

    thank my love for the sweet comment.
    now.....let's see how my work week goes.

  29. Oh Renee...I'm so happy today was my day to visit you from TD. Reading and thinking...I know that couple!! Then thinking this place looks like an Anthropologie catalog!!!! Then the bathing beauties began...thank you for the most sincere laugh I've had in a long time.

    Keep you's 24kt!!!

    Sorry about the missing bloke...the situation is no better here in OK. One date then my karma tells me "You ain't THAT lonely...hell you ain't lonely at ALL!!!

    Blessings & Health
    Deborah..Fuzzy, Sage & Sofia

  30. What a riot! You're so creative. Hugs to you.

  31. Girlie Girl....your brain is crazy! Love it though!
    Miss ya!

  32. Karma Shwarma.... EEEWWW! the "decor " would make me have to go seek Karma after the Karma place!!!!!!You are hysterical... You don't need this.... You need to check into your local Four Seasons hotel and use your former clients charge card and chalk it up to consulting fees!!!!! Oh and the 123 chest is Aidan Gray......Maryanne xo

  33. moondiva

    yes indeed.....
    the 'bloke thing',
    is not all it is cracked up to be.

    thanks for your comment xx

  34. That was such an entertaining read...

    funny and so cool...

    Me too wouldn't dare to stay in there alone:)

  35. L.O.L. Thanks for handling such a challenging situation with humor. Honestly... the hardest part of the design/decor business isn't the design/decor, it's getting people TO PAY. Like their homes should just be gorgeous FOR FREE. You know what for free looks like Mr. No Pay? The shit you have now. Thank you.

  36. don't touch your karma , Renee.
    No cleansing required.

  37. sanity fair

    'getting them to pay'
    you are not kidding!!
    i just got another job in palm beach....
    they told me they are cheap but don't want crap.
    huh huh huh

    i guess i will have to pull something out of my (arss)magic hat for them!!!




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