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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Is Why I Do It!!!

Because maybe, 
just maybe I will have the opportunity 
to design a space or two like one of Eric Cohler's. 
I love what he does....
his work is complex ....
and intricate,
yet clean and simple when he needs to be.
And then he does 'WOW' to perfection.

Love. Love. Love.
I Love this even more

Eric Cohler has credentials that would impress anyone.

Have a nice weekend. XXX's

I am hoping that I will too.

But it may depend on how well my presentation goes 
(on Saturday AM)
 with the notorious 'Sidney and Rebecca' on their 
 new winter home.

Eric Cohler
Eric Cohler creates interior designs that infuse traditional forms with the unexpected. Considered one of the country's leading designers, industry magazine editors have dubbed Cohler the "Mixmaster" for his use of contemporary materials, which, juxtaposed with classical elements, give his interiors a jolt of unusual color and texture, as well as great comfort. Since establishing his firm in 1991, House Beautiful has described him as one of the 14 "best of the best" in the "next wave of designers in America," and he is included annually in their "Top 100" issue. His aesthetic is sought after for the country's top showhouses, including the Kips Bay and Hampton Designer Showhouses. Cohler's work often appears in leading domestic and international periodicals, books, and design television shows. Interior design manufacturers have taken notice of Cohler's distinctive design aesthetic, with Visual Comfort carrying his lighting designs, and Lee Jofa premiering a Cohler fabric collection in September 2006. Eric Cohler holds a Masters Degree in Historic Preservation from the Columbia University School of Architecture and a certificate in design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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  1. Renee, just show them these pics, say you & your brother, Eric, worked for hours on their home. These are TDF. That kitchen!!!

  2. I agree, Cohler is extremely talented, combining classical with modern, which to my way of thinking requires the ultimate in creativity. His work inspires me - it's very similar to David Hicks's - another great influence on me.

    Hope you have a productive day with your clients!

  3. Have you survived?!!
    I like this man's work the rooms look as though you could live in them which is often debatable when you see the work of a lot of the top designers!!
    I know when you do our place it will be magnificent!!!!!
    Big hugs to get you through the night but perhaps you need to come and have a stiff drink with me. xx

  4. Beautiful Renee....such style and so 'grown-up', aomething that you would never tire of and has staying power. !!
    ....and that kitchen....WOW !!
    I'm sure that you would make just as good a job.
    Will be thinking of you Saturday morning. Good luck, not that you need it. XXXX

  5. Nice! I have so many framed prints stored away and now I know what to do with them - hang them down to the skirting-board!

  6. yes....i love his work.
    he uses color with the old and the new.
    such a talent!!!

    now, let me get my design hat on and get to work, so that i can deal with the sidney's and rebecca's of the world.

    thank you for your comments and words of encouragement xxx

  7. All gorgeous! Hope your presentation went fantastic!

  8. wait till i tell you what happened Saturday morning with sidney and rebecca...

  9. Renee,

    You always do your best because that's the designer we follow and love who you are....authentic. The art of the potiential client presentation reveals how well we've heard what is and isn't said. No two presentations are the same and we gain more than we realize.

    Looking forward to hearing what this meeting revealed.


  10. I have so been absent from blog land. But I remember your passion for horses and I loved your blog for that and also for the fact....I love fashion and great design. and you are the whole package. My son made it to his first NFR I am spreading the word. I am so excited. Thought you could appreciate!! I also grabbed some of your Horse Wisdom from an old post with your beautiful pictures. I will be in Middleburg virginia for my step daughters wedding so I have a great appreciation for the jumpers and English riding. I hope your have a great day.

  11. Hi There!
    He certainly has talent!!! But my dear, so do you.......I am sure your presentation will go fabulously....... They look like a cute couple.......xo Maryanne

  12. oh i am on pins and needles... how did it go?
    and lovely post... xxxxx

  13. WOW - I'm a new fan too. Especially in love with that "maze" rug in deep navy, but the dining room in chinoiserie style is charming too.
    P.S. I'm hosting a Marc Jacobs jewelry give away this week! I'd love for you to stop by!

  14. Was great to discover your blog and thanks for visiting mine.
    Also for showing the wonderful work of Eric Cohler talented.

    Enjoy the rest of the week



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