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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I SPY - Fun Wallpaper .....

Gotta' a Kid?
Get Paper!
I was snooping around over at 
Farnworth Design Studio
and found this paper that might be just for kids.
I know I would love to use it in my office 
for past clients....and you know what I mean!!
 hahahahah hehehehe

'Farnworth Design Studio are suppliers of Taylor and Wood.  Designed Frames is a completely interactive wallpaper - you decide what you want it to be - whether you want to put up your youngsters art, paint directly in to a frame, or put up family photos (or client MUG SHOTS) - it's up to you!'

Where could you see using this wallpaper?
Paper is BACK , and is back in a BIG WAY!
Will you be using any wall-coverings this year???

go here for the source

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  1. I keep wanting too...but can't find a great spot!

  2. I've seen this too and think it is just so fun!

    I LOVE wallpaper and the only problem now is the selections are to die for and making choices is so damn hard!

  3. I love some of the pretty papers out there, but am 'afeered'! I know what it takes to take it down. I love this that you have shown for kids room or kids tv room!


  4. it awakes creativity both in kids and adults :)

  5. That is such a cool concept - I would love to do that in the lower level of our house where the kids play. I wish we would be doing wall paper at some point, but Hubby HATES it. We had to remove it in a previous house and he vowed he would never put it up again. (To that I answered, "That's why you hire someone to do that." He wasn't buying it.)

  6. I could see this on one wall in my kitchen..or in my master bath on the wall adjacent to the mirror/cabinet... LOVE it!!

  7. Hi Renee,
    Well, I still have a dining room that is wallpapered from the last time it was in fashion and I still love it!! The rest of our house has been neutralised into creamy white heaven !!
    I am loving this wallpaper....what a great idea and so many ways in which to use it. It is a MUST for your office, that's for sure !!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my PINK post, Renee. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I will send positive thinking your way. Lots of love. XXXX

  8. Anonymous13:22


    I found a post of yours from 2009 via a search engine on Greta Garbo ...
    In NYC, mentioned, Greta would always talk to you, in your walks from work with your dog.

    I was wondering, did Greta seem to be afraid of her fame? That she wished to be normal?

    I'm Swedish by the way, and curious

  9. DJFunkyGrrL,

    it was the late 1970's when i would see miss garbo, and she was pretty relaxed with her fame in nyc.

    but, in nyc you are ALWAYS standing in line at the deli for a sandwich, or buying something at bloomies with a celebrity arms length from you.

    it is so common place ...
    that i am sure that is why some of the most famous of all settle in manhattan.

    i hope that answered your question.
    thanks for visiting me x

  10. renae, ( my evil twin)

    don't be sceaeeeeerd.
    it is easy peasy.

    just pick your fave colors
    and a pattern you have loved forever.

  11. Very fun wallpaper! Had to smile when I read your use for it.

  12. Esta es mi idea de un tablero de dardos bueno para clientes antiguos, desagradable.
    Para todas las edades es muy bueno - Todavía ove ver corkboards y pizarra de pintura hecho demasiado. Love Ya! Just catching up



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