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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Ocean Floor

I am loving this rug.
“Alpha” is an exquisitely handcrafted carpet, bold in simplicity but far-reaching in effect. This eco-conscious rug utilizes surplus wool yarn that would otherwise go to waste. GoodWeave certified and handcrafted in Nepal using a traditional Tibetan knot.
Patterns begin with fragment of a familiar motif into something more abstract. Traditional organic patterns make an appearance, though they seem faded, as if printed on textiles left too long in the sun. The collection is hand-tufted in 100% New Zealand wool and silks, with jute and flax as accents.
I could do a room around this rug in my sleep.

Phoenix by Carini Lang

A small scrap of Ming Dynasty-era textile inspired Phoenix. Re-scaled and re-colored by Joseph Carini in intense hues, the pattern soars from past to future. Carini Lang employs high tensile strength hand spun silk, pure botanical dye and complex Tibetan knot techniques from antiquity to craft this carpet.

The magical textures and colors of the ocean floor create an underwater wonderland. The creatures and plants live together in a beautiful, flowing world that changes with the seasons and tides. The Ocean Floor 10'x12' tapestry is hand-tufted in New Zealand wool, designed by Angela Adams.

I was wondering.....
what do you think of the carpet above?
The ocean floor?

I thought it was really unusual.
Of course I think it would look best 
in a contemporary or a modern setting.
with as little competition as possible.
I think that because 
it would be much less work for me
Blues, purples, and more blues are not 
what I am most comfortable working with
as far as layering goes.
I would end up focusing on the greens.

I would love to see what 
someone else's 'fresh eyes' would do 
with the ocean floor carpet.

i am going to bed now...tomorrow is a retail design day for me XXX's

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  1. Renee,

    I think the ocean floor is a great focal point to start and I'd use blues, mauves and glass add some hand blown glass light fixtures. All to recreate the ocean for an ocean front property. Love it!


  2. bette
    remember when mauve was sneaking in to design in the 70's?
    they called it 'tea rose' ...remember that?
    it is sneaking in again.
    what you have expressed sounds really great.
    i love all the glass!!!


  3. Hi Renee,
    I'm afraid that my input would not be worthy and that you are far more qualified than me and would have much better ideas. I'm a scardy cat when it comes to colour and anything busy !!!! I love the second carpet....quiet and tranquil !! I think that they are all beautiful works of art and my friend, who is an art teacher and a potter, would love the colourful one's. Her home is full of colour and looks's a good thing though that we all love different things, isn't it ?
    Enjoy the weekend Renee. XXXX

  4. I would have trouble doing anything with Ocean Floor as it does n't do a lot for me...Now Phoenix on the other hand I would like as a runner down my deep yellow hall! xx Jules

  5. J'aime ces vestiges du temps qui passe et qui marque de sa trace les objets, les murs, l'âme et le vin... Les effets sont fantastiques et si riches en émotion, j'aime !

  6. All of these are really exquisite, but the ocean floor rug, to me at least, would work best hanging on a wall in a white contemporary setting...having a hard time visualizing it on a floor.

  7. Todos ellos son fantásticos, me gusta pensar que el arte alfombras iguales y son accesibles. Sus ejemplos que expresan perfectamente.
    Pero el karma limpia - yee haw! Love Ya!

  8. zhush

    i have a hard time too.
    but where i work, i start from the floor up.
    and if a client chose this carpet i would be stumped.
    ....for a while anyway.

    thank you for your comment xx

  9. jules....

    it definitely
    would be a pain in my butt
    if i were forced
    to do a room around it.


  10. I've always gravitated towards greens. I've only recently become a fan of certain blues. I love the 3rd rug!

  11. angie,

    the third rugs is to die for.
    i would love to do a room around it.




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