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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My 'Market' Wish Is...

A few pieces that I can use to lighten up 
a very traditional home. 
At work they asked for a 'Market Wish List'
These pieces were on mine.

John Saladino does it to perfection.
He combines the normally heavy and dramatic effect 
of antiques/traditional case-goods 
with the soft modern look of 
waterfall-slip covered sofas, chairs and ottomans

These dining chairs would look just as fabulous with 
a trestle table,
or a Chippendale dining table.
But the effect would be different,
and special, a DESIGNED look.
And that is what most people want when 
they ask for a 'Designer' in a furniture store.

Now... here is the kicker....
the pieces that I am featuring in this post are all from 
Bernhardt Interiors.
Yes, Bernhardt Furniture Industries.
I have a link to their site at the bottom of this post.

I have access to all of theses pieces.
But I do not have them on my showroom floor,
I can not have my clients see-touch-feel them.
And many people need to see the chair 
or sofa that they are considering 
next to the traditional case-goods 
to understand 'the look.' I am trying to achieve for them.

Everyone wants an ottoman/bench for a cocktail table these days.
And if you are too proud to buy a reclining sofa 
(and I hope you are, because if you are that worn out....go to bed)
putting your feet up on a comfy cocktail table-ottoman will do the trick.

What is your opinion 
of the pieces from Bernhardt Interiors ?
Which piece do you think 
would do the best on a selling floor?
Or...which is your favorite?

I am off to work 

Have a great day...and I will catch up on my commenting on thursday & friday

Bernhardt Interiors

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  1. Truly all beautiful pieces. Bernhardt creates magnificent furniture to last the test of time. I would think the Clayton chair would be a good showroom piece but what caught my eye is the Salon Corner chair. It's that gorgeous apple green & the tufting that makes me weak at the knees, which are pretty weak anyway. The Lumiere accent table is another versatile piece I love.

    If I were your client, I'd want to be able to see, feel and sit in furniture that were to be ordered for me too. Who wouldn't? It's just what people do.

    You truly work for imbeciles!

    Thank god they have YOU!! xo xo

  2. Hi Renee,
    Such wonderful pieces....all of them. I'm in the market for a new sofa and have been looking at one's with just the one cushion, very like the Albion that you have shown.I'm fed up with them having to be plumped up all of the time !!
    I also love the sofa in your leather and lace post. Great inspiraton for me.
    Sorry if I've been AWOL....have been a little busy lately ! Hope you are well Renee and not too stressed at work. Lots of love. XXXX

  3. You've picked well. These are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You've picked well. These are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dumbwit Tellher

    thank you for the vote of confidence in me.
    i really do wish they would listen.

    you never may take them out of the stale showroom and into
    and enlightened one.

    as well as making my job much easier.

    love you girl!

  6. jax

    thanks for your comment.
    i adore a sofa with a bench seat (just one cushion)
    Bernhardt does a great job with their upholstery.

    no worries.
    stop by when you can.


  7. Hi Renee
    I love so many things in this post today.. both the Albion and the Garrett sofas have my number.. The Garrett reminds me of my favourite sofa here which retails for about $11000.. hahahaha yeah right.. will be popping out to buy myself one [or two] pronto!! maybe after I win powerball tomorrow night.. to go with my beach house i will also purchase..

    But.. back to your post... I love those lavender hue slip covers too... such a lovely way to brighten up a room!!! and versatile.. can whip them off and change colours as suits the mood..

    Thanks for your sweet comments... hope the working week is not too stressful.. ciao xxx Julie

  8. I have no idea where I would put it and it would not go with anything I have (since when has any of that mattered when I see the piece!!) but
    the green salon corner chair is just plain out there magic!!!!!!

    When you visit Oz you can come and design my house!! xx Jules

  9. That first room photo, the chair on left.Remember I gave you that chair with the zebra upholstery, when you had the cottage in "COCONUT GROVE"
    Some things are great like the bench.

    Love Mamma

  10. Well I'm no help in picking a favorite but I really like the industrial accent table and that funky green corner chair. I'm a touchy feel gal too. I would never buy a piece of furniture online or without seeing it.....but I guess more ppl like me is good for you.

  11. carole
    i adore those 2 pieces as well.


    great minds do think alike

  12. Love the albion sofa.



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