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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Andi's Is Graduating Tomorrow And.....

the party is over.
But.... I am so proud of her!!!!
After Graduation she will be finishing up a commitment
at a summer camp this summer.
She loves being a counselor.
And then it is off to The Peace Core.
I am terribly proud of her.

During the height of the 1920s land boom, thousands of copies of this poster envisioning the future University of Miami campus were sent around the country to attract new residents to the new Miami sub-division of Coral Gables. 
University until very recently has been considered a party school.
In my life, when I was in High School on Miami Beach.....
That is where we went to get into trouble.
Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove are all just about 20 minutes from one another.

Miami Beach today. *above
Andi and her friends spent plenty of Thursday nights there.

Miami Beach in the OLD DAYS.

Erl Roman and Students, Fishing Class, 1949
-early classes at University of Miami. 

The beloved 'CANES.'

Andi lived off campus and just down the street from the University.
In my favorite little town in the Miami area.
Coconut Grove.
The best, and the most beautiful little Village.
I would move back there for sure, you can walk to everything.
...I lived there for a year in the 70's.

More Grove...and just 1 block from whered Andi lives.

Greenstreet Cafe on Commadore Plaza.  Andi would walk to breakfast here.

This is the view from where I grew up.
Not bad. Eh?

I am taking today, 
tomorrow (to attend the Graduation), 
and Saturday off for this amazing event.

Love to you all.  xx's


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  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation and cheers to her for joining the Peace Corps. What a great path she has chosen!

  2. YAY for Andi....a hearty congratulations and all the best in the Corps. I know you are proud Renee, UofM is a tough school...well done!
    Enjoy every moment.
    love and hugs!

  3. Congrats to Andi!!! And you Mama mia!

  4. How marvelous! How exciting for Andi to start her life in such a selfless way, giving to others first. May goodness and joy be her constant companions, and nothing but happiness her way.

  5. Renee... you and I have many similarities... my daughter is graduating on Saturday.

    It is a bitter-sweet time to see them move on and further away from the nest. It has all gone by so terribly fast!

    Here's to the next generation!

  6. That's fantastic!! You should be proud of her- she sounds amazing!! Oh and NO NOT A BAD VIEW! ;)

  7. congrats to your daughter...and congrats to you too for all the hard work you've put in supporting her choices...

    all the best to her in the peace corps...

    the irish army are a peace keeping force and i believe they work with the peace corps regularly so she's sure to end up working alongside them at some point or other...she could meet worse men and women...ha ha

    all the best and congrats again...

  8. I know how proud you must be, and absolutely wonderful she's going into the Peace Corps...this is great; what an adventure for her.
    Have a lovely weekend, Renee.

  9. Congratulations to your gorgeous Andi....Don't cry too hard tomorrow, Renee, xv.

  10. Renee,I hope the day is beautiful for you and all goes well.. Mamma

  11. Just had to write you a note after reading the one just above me!

    Am thinking of you and Andi (and Henry).

    I hope that the road ahead for Andi will be plentiful with opportunities that she will be able to see and grow from. And you know I wish you the same as well.

  12. What a great day you'll have. And what a beautiful, and caring daughter you have. You must be a wonderful mother, dramatic, but wonderful.

    All best wishes and congratulations to all of you.

  13. Congratulations to Andi on her graduation. Best of luck in everything she does.

  14. Dear Renee,
    Sorry that I've been AWOL. I've had computer trouble !
    Many congratulations to your beautiful daughter, Andi. You must be so proud of her. You will have a wonderful time . We loved it when ours graduated. I hope that Andi is feeling better now. I'm sure that everyday feels much more positive for her, especially looking fprward to this weekend.
    Have a wonderfulfew days and ebjoy your time with your daughter and time off of work, Renee and send many congratulations to Andi from Jackie in England. XXXX

  15. Congrats to you and to Andi!
    A huge accomplishment for both of you!
    I am a year behind you; so I can really appreciate all the work, time and effoert it takes to get to the end of the high school line.

    Hope the end is a good one, sad but full of hope and promise!

  16. Congratulations. Enjoy this most wonderful occasion to the fullest. And all the best to the new graduate.

  17. Congratulations to your beautiful Andi! Thanks for the great tour, too. I love Miami. Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

  18. Congrats for Andi!!! That little town she lived (lives?) in was adorable!!

    I think I need to go to Miami one day!!


  19. a tearful, joyus time, Andi is as beautiful as her Mother. enjoy, take lots of kleenex, later have a glass (or three) of great wine. Congrats to both of you. Job well done.

  20. congrats! she is so beautiful and so accomplished. i know you are proud.
    good luck on your time off. hope everything is alright.

  21. Such an auspicious occasion for both Mama & Baby! Congratulations to you both, now let's PARTEE!!!!
    Millie ^_^

  22. Sending a huge congratulations to Andi and to you her sweet 'mamma'. She graduated one week after my son Marcus & I know the over-whelming feeling of pride & joy you are having. I felt like a 'goof-ball' in the stands grinning from ear to ear but I didn't care. I just kept thinking..'soak it all in'! What a terrific University (don't dare show my daughter Em, she won't want to get on that plane to Washington State Univ. come Aug.)and what amazing memories you both must have? Seriously how does anyone get any studying done? I'm proud of you both. Andi will have a life of fulfillment, self-pride and incredible experiences. You did good mom!
    Much love,



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