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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Flowers On My Desk

They are good for the soul.
Some of you know that my boss was extremely hard on me for about 6 months.....
and at around six months at my job I decided to start 
putting in a (very cool) vase on my desk fresh flowers every week. 
This is something I have always done.
So my routine is that on my first day (saturday) of the week 
I go to Whole Foods and pick up a bunch of flowers. I need them
When I am thinking, 
and literally 'glazed over' 
I stare at my gorgeous flowers 
rather that staring into space (which does nothing for me). 
In reminds me that I am worthy.
I am 'gifting' myself.
I need to be surrounded by beauty to feel good about myself.
Just like Dressing well.
Feeding your self esteem is vital.
I started sneaking half of my bunch of flowers into my boss's office six months ago too.
She knows they are from me but we never discuss them.
Since I started working at my company 
I have come to the realization that my boss, 
Laura works harder than any woman I have ever worked with,
And she has 2 children - Need I say more?
I feel that she deserves them. 
I think fresh flowers , 
right about 20 " away from your face does something to you.
I am not completely sure what it is....but it feels so good.
Warm and fuzzy I guess.
Maybe it says to one's soul " Somebody cares" or in my case it says
" I care about me, I deserve these ."
There is a desk in the distance with a plant not fresh flowers.
But I had to post this image because I love it.
Everything about it!!!!!

Things have been very nice at work. Laura has been kind and friendly.
Call it brown nosing if you choose coworkers do.
But it comes from the heart.

How do fresh flowers affect you???

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  1. I am with you on flowers in one's life. I have to have fresh flowers. I see many people that use the artificial in their homes and I cringe. Give me a simple rose in a bud vase and I am a happy girl. There are just certain things I require in my life and flowers is one of those things, then add soft music, fresh air and lots of light and candles and my home feels like MY home. Good for you and keep giving yourself flowers you are right YOU DESERVE!! Happy Wednesday,Kathysue

  2. Even though my business is with silk flowers, I absolutely adore mine fresh from the garden and have many to chose from. All my hydrangeas and old roses are nearing full bloom. True joy!!

  3. I so, so agree with you, Renee! A beautiful bunch of tulips or ranunculus lifts my spirits and makes me feel loved--whether I buy them for myself or they are a gift. A little self-love is important! :) It's a small investment with a big payoff.

    Hope you are having a beautiful week! xo Gigi

  4. I love having fresh flowers around me and treat myself regularly from the grocery store! Most of the time I like to get different varieties of greenery and arange myself. No good deed goes 'done' good girl! Proud of ya. (enjoyed our chat this morning!)

  5. Oooh I am affected by them the same as you. They feed my soul. I NEED to see them. Also why the Hill O' Dread has been really hard to live with. Seeing dirt and weeds really brings my mood down. I am such a visual person!! I think it's great you sneak them in her office. It sounds like it might have been just the thing she needed to make her aware of herself more!! Also what's the old saying?? "You catch more bees with honey?" It's funny that you posted this today- I just spent the last 3 hours at my kids school arranging floral bouquets for the Teachers. It seems like every time there is something at the school that remotely relates to decorating I'm their go to person. As long as they don't ask me to be a member of the "Mom jeans club" I'm good! ;)

  6. Anonymous14:46

    Love your post. Beautiful images. Beautiful thought. Good for you. Extra good for you to share your floral bounty w your busy hard edge boss. You blossom!

  7. I love fresh flowers too.I guess it rubbed off. I Have some forthisia in that tall vase you buught me. Remember the vase 2 feet tall? Next week I get arm loads of Lilacs, the house smells devine for a few weeks.
    Wish you were here to go pick Lilacs.. We could get a lobsta roll.
    Mamma xxxx

  8. Exactly the same way as you. My flower budget is the ONLY thing which will not be cut (no pun intended). xx's

    i agree
    no way will i give up my flowers......i can give up my nails
    never my flowers


  10. gigi

    that is absolutely right.
    it does make me feel loved too....


  11. renae

    i have nothing to say to you except...
    i love you girl!

    talk to you tomorrow xxx

  12. I love fresh flowers!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. You actually inpsired me for that kinda post today. Everybody should understand where we're going with the way we're treating our blue planet and how we can help to make it better.

  13. I cannot live without fresh flowers, and when I am down or stressed at work, the first thing i do is buy flowers for myself and my assistant. Am really glad that you are feeling better and less stressed at work...what a relief it must be. francine

  14. Kindness and compassion is a wonderful thing to have -- do not let your fellow co-workers tell you otherwise, your intentions came from the heart and how can that be wrong -- it is so right.

    I am with you on the flowers they feed my soul.

    Have a good week with sunshine and flowers abounding. . .

  15. joanny

    thank you............
    i just laugh at them at work when they tease me.

    it is definitely from my heart.

    xxx thank you again

  16. Lovely post Renee! I agree with you, I have to have them too, they serve to validate somehow and when you are having an off day they cheer you up!!!!!!That's nice of you to give your boss some too,,, Maryanne xo

  17. So right and so true!

    Love them and I do not think that buying them for yourself is anyway less appropriate!

    A definate treat for the soul as well as the heart!


  18. Whatever it takes dear Renee - JUST DO IT!! In the depths of Winter I scrounge around the garden looking for just a branch or 2 of greenery, I can't bear not to have something alive & breathing (excluding MOTH) in the Living Room.
    Millie ^_^



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