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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you for all your caring comments.

I am just trying to not use my brain at all, 
unless it is absolutely necessary.
Some 'tedious' stuff has come up at work. 
I must take some crazy and seriously annoying online course for work.
Every time I look at my laptop I am reminded of this 'online course'...
which makes me feel all 'ticked off' inside.

I will be back when this is dealt with.

I think I need to go see my horse tomorrow.
There is nothing like a warm nuzzle,
 and the smell of my horse 
to make me feel 
the way I want to feel 
all the time.


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  1. Renee your a smart lady to go directly to a source that makes life calm itself if for only a bit. A warm nuzzle from your much loved horse sounds like just the ticket. Puts life back to some bit of perspective. Thinking of you as always xxoo

  2. Hey cutie...we wanna go fishing with you. xx's

  3. Go ride into the wild blue yonder! My daughter rides and she is truly not herself if she doesn't get to the barn at least once a week! It's amazing to see her so happy and free! Have fun.

  4. We do need that connection. I am on the computer hours working. Thank goodness for the passions I have. A horse is a wonderful way to nurture oneself.

    Art by Karena

  5. Renee,

    Sounds positive to me. We must stay connected to a source of calm in a world of confusion. Otherwise we'll go crazy. Return to this source often to maintain balance.


  6. Well, Have you checked out the date to come to Maine???
    Looking at July 20 or what?
    I need to get the ticket early.. Hope you are feeling better. Get what ever you have to do behind you. Don't PROCRASTINATE it only makes it worse. I wish I could help you with it..

  7. Renee, go ride and nuzzle your horse then go home, turn that pissed off feeling into good energy and get that course done and behind you. You can do this. Love to you,

  8. yes mom.......
    i WISH, and so do YOU wish -
    you could help with an ONLINE course.

    i love you
    i will check on the tickets

  9. Dear Renee,
    Oh dear....not an 'on-line course' !! That must be quite boring. I think that a visit to see your horse is the best medicine.
    Look after yourself Renee. XXXX

  10. Yep...nuzzle up to your guy! Hee... I did a horse post too!

  11. Sorry to hear your having a hard time. Enjoy visiting your horse!! We'll be here when you get back!

  12. Love most what loves you back.

  13. I grew up riding...and miss it terribly! Haven't been on a horse in 12 years now.

    Yes, to nuzzle up to one of those beautiful creatures...relaxing indeed.

  14. Hi Renée - I hope you turn your frustrations into positive energy like you always seem to do. You've got horse sense! Last weekend, between visits to chateaux, I visited Le Cadre Noir -the French national riding school in Saumur. I was amazed to see the way the magnificent horses wanted contact with the tourists. It was different from anything I had seen before. I understand your being close to your horse. There is something sooo wonderful about bridging the gap between different animal species! Sweet wishes for the weekend.

    Take a look if you like. There's an English version.

  15. Horses always seem to help put things in perspective. Online course????What??????!!!!!!!Think of it as getting a ticket, if you don't think you need it just take it and get it over with...You'll feel better. xoxo Maryanne

  16. hi sweetie...
    i agree with your mom... get thru it as fast as you can and it will be over soon... you and i are so alike... i literally become numb when i have to do certain things (like online BS) but we are all here... and so is your darling horse... and we are all cheering you on... now move to seattle would you? (i wish) xxxxxxxx



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