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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing Fancy

It's About That Time Again....
to pack a small bag, and make the drive from Manhattan to 
 for the weekend..
This is a tiny Hampton home that was featured in 
Marie Claire Maison.
I SPY a zebra rug!!!! - love love love it.
You don't need too much of a kitchen 
to have a blast in the Hampton's.
'Nothing Fancy' is just right.
If you haven't seen 'Annie Hall ' (the movie) by now....
you need to.

It seems that odds and ends can make a beautiful summer cottage.
oh..............what fine memories I have.

Do you have a few great 'weekend cottage' memories?

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  1. Fun post, Renee. I'm a big believer in unpretentious cottage living. Not just by necessity, which has something to do with it, but really by choice. We've rented a small seaside cottage for two weeks on Nantucket this summer, right on the beach. More of a shack, really. Surrounded by large, well appointed houses, ours is the scrappy runt of the area. I'd call it "Less than Nothing Fancy". Who needs (or wants) Park Avenue at the shore? Not me!

  2. I hope that you are able to deal with the tedious side of life...with a sense of humor ...I find it always helps me. My best memories of summer cottages are of time spent on a Maine island which my husband's family purchased from an Indian tribe in the late 1600's...white walls, fire roaring, beautiful lupines, peonies, the horses, and the water...there is nothing better to me than swimming in 50 degrees Maine water and then sunning on the singing beach...

  3. Yes, but nothing I could possibly share on day-time Blogland. Ah, the memories!!!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Yes, the zebra rug is fabulous. And I love-love the painting over the fireplace!

  5. Sounds like a dream...enjoy!!!

  6. Such pretty pictures. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! As a child we had a cottage on the beach at Palm Beach (OZ!) Where, during the day bare feet covered in sand were de rigueur. At night we dug for prawns by the light of a lantern, then took them home for dinner. After dinner cards or monopoly were our games of choice. Sun baking on the beach in our oh so daring two piece togs and pretending like mad that we couldn't see the beautiful young life guards sitting 10 feet away! Oh yes I have so many memories!

  8. Hola -- I dream of visiting the Hamptons and stalking Ina Garten. I "keed". I love those red countertops in the kitchen! The "Do Not Disturb" sign is very witty! Speaking of which, I just saw "Annie Hall" AGAIN, on IFC, last week! Yes, it's definitely a must-see movie!
    K a y

  9. Looks like EASY living..

  10. when do we leave? xx

  11. Shall I grab a bottle of red & white? Sounds like a good getaway; with the weekend upon time like the present!

  12. *reggie,
    me too. i love it really super casual, kinda' like when i was at summer camp as a kid.

    so write about it during evening hours. hahahahah

    * thank you ....
    great comments.
    but tell me more stories!!!!


  13. I'm with Pam, when do we leave? I have few cottage memories. Everyone's cottage but my own but no matter being near the ocean or on a lake are memories to cherish.

    Living that style is waging a real appeal on my senses. Small, simple, and cozy.

    Hope you have a decent week ahead my dear. Missing you xx

  14. Renee, I'm certain this little cottage would make most us very happy. It's adorable, especially the sign in the kitchen! xx's



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