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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I SPY - Something

And I would Like your thoughts on this matter.
"Hide rugs have been a part of interiors since the beginning of mankind, but they have never been as sleek and seductive until Kyle Bunting came along 10 years ago. His designs and application of hide to architectural panels, wallcoverings and rugs are phenomenal works of art that have worked their way into thousands of projects around the world. "
( that is quite a few dead animals)

Seeking inspiration in his studio outside of Austin, Texas, Kyle and his team of designers are constantly introducing new designs in hide that become more and more intriguing each season. "Reflect", recently introduced in cream, rita and azalea, screams Spring with its bright palette and drastic contrast in color. This is only one of many must-have designs for this season - just don't be surprised when guests walk around the rug instead of over it!"
* did they hear the screams of the animals going to slaughter to become their new hides to work with and be brilliant with?
What oh what will they not come up with to use flesh in different colors to make the hottest new spring rug collection. eh?
Have you seen what has been going on, and produced with synthetics these days????

I know, I know I sound like a hard ass vegetarian, I am not, but I should like to be.

It just seems so 1970's to be using 'skins' to decorate with.

What are your feelings on this?

You can tell me....Am I being too hard?

Go here to know more.

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  2. Hi Renee,

    You are right about the advances that science and manufacturers have made in producing some amazing synthetic materials, and as a designer I think that having options is better for all...

    Having said that...and as a Texan... I have no problem with the real thing. Cattle are part of the landscape here. These animals are raised for the purpose of marketing... and I see no difference in utilizing the hide for the purpose of making shoes, belts, purses, covering sofas,... or making into rugs...then I do for the meat. I can't justify saying that it is OK to put the leather on a French club chair, but not for an area rug...if it is a choice based on principles of one being right and one being wrong, then who is to make the distinguishment? I believe that most people would agree that if an animal were an endangered species, then we would be talking about a different situation all together.

    I really see no difference in using the natural hide of a cow as I would, say for instance, using abalone shells to make a frame for a mirror.

    That's just my 2 cents...

  3. I do not use hides in my designs. There are so many other options out there. It is not necessary.

  4. Hi Renee
    Well call me traditional .. but I like a good old fashioned wool rug.. or a Turkish kilim or two... I don't really like the new designer rugs.. to me rugs should be classic and stand the test or redecorating.. just wish I still had the fabulous room size persian rug we had in our childhood home.. it was my grandmothers.. but years of my father neglecting it sort of 'did it in' haha... Hope you are well.. just saw your last post.. sorry you're feeling weighed down at present.. hang in there.. xxx Julie

  5. Anonymous10:50

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  6. Here's hoping you are bright eyed and bushy tailed today..
    Mamma xxx

  7. Here's hoping you are bright eyed and bushy tailed today..
    Mamma xxx

  8. Here's hoping you are bright eyed and bushy tailed today..
    Mamma xxx



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