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Friday, May 7, 2010

I was looking for KNOBS & PULLS

for a job I am working on and instead of finding what I was looking for......
I found these knobs and pulls. Some are quite interesting.
At the bottom of each picture is the source.  Here Goes;
As you must know you can put great knobs and pulls on ANYTHING,
and VIOLA you have something fabulous.
And I do mean fabulous.

I have a real thing for keys....
so these are faboo.

Get a load of these....they are sculptures.
And they are costly.

Recycled glass........they come in other colrways.
For all you Napoleon Lovers ...this 'BEE' is for you.
So so French.

This reminds me of 'Silence of the Lambs.'

I have used these on a jobs , but in brushed brass.
They are stupendous in my opinion

Classic - Forever!!!!

I am mental over the tortoise shell's pattern.
I don't know what it is......but I love it.
And of course this is my favorite. 
I have seen versions of this but NEVER done this well.

I would like to know which is your favorite.
And where would you use it?

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  1. I don't know how Icould choose! How on earth will you? So many great ones!

    And...Yes...I did rupholster the chair myself. Fairly easy peasy!

  2. My favorites are the tortoise shell knob, which I'd use on a chest in my non-existant fabulous entry, with actual tortoise shells mounted on the wall behind it. Maybe not too original, but that's what I'd do. Love the birds as well.

  3. Man, that Double D is cool.

    You'll know when you see it.

    Good Luck !!!

  4. Really great hardware, darling one.
    Love the seashell one; probably hang it around my neck. xx's

  5. Here are a few more you might like:

    (I'm tempted by the first two shown, but I'd probably live to regret it.)

  6. These are fantastic - I can't decide which ones I like best! I love the horse bit pulls - I think I would place them on an old dresser that I have. I love the nautical rope pulls. Those would look great in my kitchen.

  7. Ok, I love sooo many!!! Just got some chinese from ebay - pulls and knobs are so much fun!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  8. The keys!! In my bathroom and my kitchen. I think they would look fantastic!!

  9. They are all so unique and fun. Like many things I see, I'm not sure exactly how I'll use it, but I'll buy it and find a place later. I think I'd purchase the double D rings and the bee. Great selection of images.

  10. I like the last one. It Looks like a horse bit. This is a wonderfuul post I was looking for this last year and was hunting for days.
    You have done someone a great favor..

  11. Love the recycled glass....I have spent hours searching for the perfect door knob for a dresser, kitchen , libraries...not an easy task. Thanks to you Renne, i can add more resources to my list.
    Have a great mother's day

  12. Sorry that I've been AWOL, trouble !!
    You are so right about knobs and knockers (if you'll pardon the expression !! haha) You could have a boring old cupboard and, put some new knobs on and it is transformed. .... and, there are so many beautiful ones out there, as you have shown. XXXX

  13. Dear Renee
    Wow.. what a selection.. you have been busy... the keys are fun.. as is the art deco heads.. can't think how to use them as it is nearly 3am!! maybe on a chest of tiny drawers!!

    Well.. have a Happy Mothers Day dear Renee.. xxx Julie

  14. Anonymous18:38

    Love them! Tortoise shell could be my faves but there are a ton of gorgeous choices here!

  15. thank everyone for your comments!

    xx me



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