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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Would You Consider This?

Would you ever place an armless banquette/styled sofa in the 'dead space' 
of a living room or family room?

dead space; an area in a room that is too small 
to actually do a seating area ( or anything else really) with regular sofas and chairs.
(depth issues)

I have.
It's a real winning approach to the problem.
Try it. 
It will be worth all your efforts.

Would you consider this solution?
Would you ever use a sofa that styled like a banquette?
-flush against the wall?
*It comes off very 1940's

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  1. Yeah. I think I would, now that I've seen how good it can look. I like the fabric on the other sofa, too.

  2. Wow, what a room. Is this non-committal enough?

  3. One of the best uses of a banquette I've ever seen was in a tiny space no more than 9 feet square, if it was even that big: an odd vestigial interior hallway, the only pathway between two large, airy rooms in a grand apartment in what had formerly been a much grander private house. Rather than use mirrors ar some other sort of tricky effect to try to turn this inconsequential sliver of space into something it wasn't, the owners had used its small size to their advantage by padding & upholstering the wall in dark velvet & putting a fat banquette along the only wall not broken up by a door or not in the main line of traffic between the main rooms.

    At parties, this dim little room, lit only by four sconces with shaded bulbs, was always the most popular spot in the place, because the people sitting in there cheek-by-jowl got to see everyone else close up, and because it was the only place where they could drink their cocktails without having to worry about getting jostled from behind. With a pair of handsome chairs & a small table, the room might have been ornamental, but it would have also been totally unused. Instead, that low, deep banquette made it work.

  4. Anonymous01:00

    i like it. good idea. there is a lot going on in that room yet it feels lively, honey, colorful , up beat. magnaerde - enjoyed your comment. that space sounds lovely.

  5. Interesting Renee;
    I have never thought of doing such a thing. I can totally see where it would work, and be functional.
    Espescially with kids.

  6. magnaverde

    thank you for your contrtibution to my post.
    YOU GET IT!!!!


  7. I just did this at my mom's home. She needed the extra seating for family, and loves it.

  8. You know, you have a very fine point there. Never considered it, but it works, and extra seating.

  9. I am queen of using dead space since have always lived in 50% less space than needed. But, there is something about the sofa color matching the wall so closely and/or maybe it needs a small sofa table behind it on the short wall with lamps and books, etc...

    I felt like it needed to join the room with color from the other pieces instead of almost trying to be invisible. No question, the extra seating is valuable.

  10. Absolutely. I would consider this. When I was apt hunting in Paris that treatment is used as some of the apartments are so old and have been made from larger ones resulting in some pretty challenging floor plans. It is a nice use of space especially if you are trying to do to accomodate more overnite guests...Maryanne :)

  11. I would for sure! I've got a couple "dead" spots that could be better utilized! ;)

  12. Because I like upholstered walls, I enjoyed magnaverde's comments about adding a banquette. I think the look would be quite special. However, being the geek that I am, I think I would be inclined to use this kind of space for built-in bookcases.Once again signaling to the world that I prefer reading to socializing with lots of people. Sick, I know!

  13. I am a huge advocate of armless and banquette seating. The out of the way space that you describe is perfect for such an arrangement... and would create the perfect little "comfort zone"... ~Terri

  14. I sure would! It would be like sitting on a banquette at the Cafe Carlyle!
    xo xo

  15. Dear Renee, glad I found your inspiring blog and YES I would try it. I am rather fearless when it comes to my own interior!

  16. beadboard

    I KNOW!!!!
    the French {and most other euro's} really know how to deal with limited space.


  17. Im happy to try anything as long as its pretty! x

  18. NO, I could find something else like a small desk. I don't like the room at all. Maybe Mamma's having a bad Hair day. LOL
    It looks blah!!!!!!!!!!
    Does nothing for me

  19. I took another look and the room is all dead. Yuck!!!!!!!!!.
    I think you posted that ugly room to ring my bells.
    You can't think that is PRETTY ??
    Make a Library

    Love you

  20. yes i would!

    and i want to go to a party in the room magnaverde describes - i can see it in my mind's eye,and it's fabulous, and magical.


    LOL - my word verification is "potion!"

  21. I love it.. would make a great reading spot.. and love that round ottoman too.. have my eye on one just like that here... have a great weekend.. xx julie

  22. Renee thanks for stopping by again I always enjoy seeing your name on a comment. I will keep pinching! Tee hee

  23. Hi Renee,
    Well, my husband was reading an article the other day that said that, on average, the U.K and Europe have the smallest living spaces in the world so, I think that this sort of seating is a must. It was quite popular in the late '60's, early '70's over here but petered out. I think that it could be making a comeback sometime soon ! XXXX



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